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June 19
  • Posted by AndreaSmolin
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  • May 22 2012
Zillow Mortgage Education Center
  • Asked by AndreaSmolin
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  • June 07 2013
Can I get a conventional loan if its exactly 4 years to-the-day after my bankruptcy?
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0 minutes ago
Does the current HARP program have any loan-to-value requirement?
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7 minutes ago
  • Asked by janet leavens1
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  • 4 hours ago
how long after a chapter 7 can you refinance a house
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11 minutes ago
  • Asked by crazycarman
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  • 23 minutes ago
Rates on the move again!
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15 minutes ago
Can we get a VA loan with this scenario?
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18 minutes ago
  • Asked by mmckean8
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  • 1 hour 51 minutes ago
When is a REVERSE MORTGAGE the rightthing to do?
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20 minutes ago
Help, I hate my home and want to sell it (bought with FHA in Miami less than a month ago)
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35 minutes ago
  • Asked by newfrontalex
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  • December 01 2013
Conventional Loan after Foreclosure - GA
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49 minutes ago
First Time Home Buyer, Need Advice
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51 minutes ago
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  • 2 days ago
how does fha determine the mip proration on a payoff.
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1 hour 48 minutes ago
Help finding lender than can use IBR student loan payments
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1 hour 50 minutes ago
  • Asked by thewallaces777
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  • 3 days ago
Can we count my wife's part time income?
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2 hours ago
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  • 13 hours ago
Construction Loan / 625 score
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2 hours ago
Ocwen denied my Loan modification
Latest reply by user88726307
2 hours ago
Pre-approved but NO down payment.
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2 hours ago
Looking for the latest on Jumbo Mortgage in FL for $730k purchase price
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2 hours ago
How much home can i afford?
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3 hours ago