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March 17
  • Posted by AndreaSmolin
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  • May 22 2012
Zillow Mortgage Education Center
  • Asked by AndreaSmolin
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  • June 07 2013
$3.3K closing cost for a $60K construction loan, is that a lot?
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2 minutes ago
  • Asked by EnlistedinDC
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  • 15 hours ago
Refinance after Chapter 13 Discharge
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7 minutes ago
80-10-10 in Maryland
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9 minutes ago
  • Asked by GalwayMcveigh
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  • 2 hours ago
pre foreclosure refinance
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10 minutes ago
  • Asked by bbars
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  • 1 hour 6 minutes ago
What if my credit score goes up before close?
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11 minutes ago
Seller Disclosures in MA
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40 minutes ago
  • Asked by user524933
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  • 44 minutes ago
Can I get some help with rental or home sale?
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42 minutes ago
  • Asked by LedaCarvalho
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  • 1 hour 14 minutes ago
Mortgage Assumption and State Tax Stamp
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1 hour 3 minutes ago
What banks are better to go through for a cash out refinance?
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2 hours ago
We Need a lender or a portfolio loan?
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2 hours ago
  • Asked by pgme1117
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  • 15 hours ago
Obtaining a Mortgage 1 year after bankruptcy discharge...advice please :)
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2 hours ago
We have a house we want to purchase and finance- had a short sale 3/11/13.
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2 hours ago
  • Asked by pgme1117
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  • 15 hours ago
need help in GA.
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3 hours ago
  • Posted by mem400
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  • December 13 2007
Rates on the move again!
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6 hours ago
Can I have two VA loan at once?
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10 hours ago
New credit card before closing?
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12 hours ago
  • Asked by user7668715
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  • 17 hours ago