Buying a Foreclosure

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Does Hubzu accept VA financing and will the property be approved it it needs work?
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Latest answer by Karen Hoette
5 days ago
Is there a chance that the bank will negotiate with me regarding repairs on a short sale?
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Latest answer by The LaPeer Team
6 days ago
Conventional financing for fixer upper foreclosure
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Latest answer by Jeanne Burston
6 days ago
How do I get to the foreclosure homes
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Latest answer by Jenifer Lower
6 days ago
First time home buyer with a lean
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Latest answer by George Raymondo
6 days ago
how do I buy a house off of zillow ?
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Latest answer by Craig White
July 20
Foreclosure closing delayed due to title issues?
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Latest answer by James Ryan
July 19
What sort of things do you need to be aware of when looking at a forclosure?
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Latest answer by Janet Leigh Scott
July 17
What is the difference between asking price and Zillow predicts price on a foreclosure
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July 16 and williams and williams auctions--what has been your experience?
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July 16
I saw a house for auction and then it never happened, how do I know if it was sold?
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July 16
is now a god time to buy a home in the east bay.?
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July 15
how do i buy foreclosure home
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July 15
Foreclosure auction
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July 15
Is it possible to buy a mobile/manufactured home without paying lot rent in Delaware?
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July 15
house of interest is in pre-foreclosure
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July 14
A foreclosure not up for sale yet --how do you make offer
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July 14