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I'm 22 - can I buy a duplex or quadplex?
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Latest answer by CarlLarson
July 23
Andy Hayes Oregon - Procedure and Planning to Invest in a Residential Property?
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Latest answer by Stephen FitzMaurice
July 23
  • Asked by andyhayesoregon
  • In Investing
  • July 23
how do i search for income properties? thanks geoff
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Latest answer by Sofronio C
July 22
what is the COMPS for 60 Iron Horse Ln, Walnut Creek, CA 94597
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Latest answer by Hannah Tai
July 21
Round Rock Investment Property
Uk resident seeking buy to let investment/holiday home
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Latest answer by Weimin Tan
July 20
Looking to buy a home to rent out, but still want to profit off of short term hold.
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July 19
Where is the highest quality apartment properties in New York to be close to technology startups?
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July 18
  • Asked by andrewcantos
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  • January 14
What do you see as the top ten emerging investment markets?
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July 17
I am looking to buy a home in Phoenix area to rent out, NOT rehab and flip.
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July 17
looking for a reasonably priced fixer upper. Definitely want Craftsman style home. What is available
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July 16
  • Asked by user3960913
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  • June 18 2013
Planning to buy an investment property what the APR on an investment property loan
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July 16
  • Asked by zuser20140526192635935
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  • July 15
Hi, I would like to ask about buying land for investment.
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July 11
want to buy home that i can sell in 5-10 yrs for profit.
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July 10
Investment property in Orlando, FL region
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Latest answer by Julie Wright
July 09
Are there any pre-tax savings account for first time home buyers?
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Latest answer by Johnny Yankoviak
July 09
Where to spend $250,000
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Latest answer by Sam Shueh
July 07
Need first time investment advice
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July 07
  • Asked by michael fitzgerald
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  • July 06
Real Estate Agents near Fairfax, VA
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July 05
  • Asked by zuser20140518091217587
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  • May 20