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I'm separating from my husband but want to buy before the divorce. Must his name be on the deed?
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Latest answer by Jennifer Flinchum
June 13 2013
how do i go about getting to rent to own?
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Latest answer by Josh Barnett
June 12 2013
Would a rent to own work for my needs?
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Latest answer by Johnnie Morine
June 10 2013
If I buy a house now in this market and sell in 10 years, will I just break even? Is it the same as
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June 08 2013
First Time
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June 06 2013
how about rent to own homes
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June 06 2013
Would like to buy a house and rent it,who do I need to contact?
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Latest answer by Pacita Dimacali
June 14 2013
My landlord recently purchased my home... how do I find the public record of this sale?
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Latest answer by JStewart331
June 05 2013
Buy or Rent?
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Latest answer by Gabriele Kapp-Werba Realty Sales Team
June 13 2013
25 yrs old, Rent or Buy - Chicago, IL
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June 20 2013
Using Equity to purchase new home
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Latest answer by Allison Ruvo
June 03 2013
24 years old. Rent or Buy?
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June 03 2013
Rent or Buy?
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Latest answer by Carlos Gonzalez
June 02 2013
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June 01 2013
Buying vs. Renting in Oak Harbor, WA
how do you qualify for a Lease to Own and what is it exactly?
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May 23 2013
I filed bankruptcy 2003 with a credit score in mid 700 and might have some VA loan. Can you help me
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June 03 2013
Mortgage Rates