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Scams and Fraud
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October 14 2010
  • Posted by Russ Hatfield Jr.
  • In Home Buying
  • March 17 2010
Bypass the Buyers Agent and Win!!!
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4 hours ago
Auction.com and williams and williams auctions--what has been your experience?
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9 hours ago
Buyer Agent Commission Rebate
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Latest reply by Richard Rosa
2 days ago
20 minutes drive worth 100K ?
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Latest reply by David Hakimi
2 days ago
Real Estate Myth: A Cash Offer Trumps All
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3 days ago
Multi family home
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3 days ago
  • Posted by alexalvarez213
  • In Investing
  • October 22 2013
Commission on new construction?
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4 days ago
How can you obtain a clue report as a buyer?
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5 days ago
Going Direct To Listing Agent? Think again!
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6 days ago
Buyer's agent role in new-construction purchase
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Latest reply by Kim Bregman
August 22
I have two questions
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Latest reply by Lenny & Barbara, The Harris Team
August 20
Zillow sucks!! listings are not up to date.
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August 20
Has the market started climbing again?
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August 20
Buyer: Would you buy a property from a For Sale by Owner?
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August 17
  • Posted by Zenobia Carter
  • In Home Buying
  • February 19 2008
Should we invest in rental homes in Memphis?
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August 17
WIsh I could buy a house in Johns Creek
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August 15
Can the seller keep the earnest money after inspection?
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August 13
Is it normal to hate Realtors®?
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August 13
Polybutylene pipes - found during a home inspection
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August 09