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We sold our house last July, but I can't change owner details now.
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Latest answer by Naima Sumner
June 21 2010
Is it OK to buy a home with EXPANSIVE SOIL LIFTTING of the house perimeter, what do you suggest
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Latest answer by Dennis Smith
May 29 2010
grass line beetwen 2 drive ways
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Latest reply by Gary Brey
May 07 2010
WHat are the HOA fees on this home.
Gotten black mold from the people behind my house. Contacted the Realtor but the house was just sold
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Latest answer by garymunson
April 02 2010
i've never had a septic system before. How do know if it is full and how to maintain it?
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Latest answer by garymunson
April 02 2010
Why won't the Crystal Falls Association enforce CC&R's to improve look of the neighborhood?
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Latest answer by Jeff Konstant
April 02 2010
Is it possible to get a copy of a house blueprint, drawing, and design?
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Latest reply by garymunson
April 02 2010
Can you please remove this duplicate listing: Zillow Home ID 2140321209.
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Latest answer by Ice L.
March 29 2010
I did not get any quotes on my loan request (738312). Can someone help me figure out why?
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Latest answer by wetdawgs
March 11 2010
Decided not to buy home
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Latest reply by happyrentor
March 03 2010
"Certified House Minder"?
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Latest answer by Jon Satterthwaite
February 26 2010
Get wax out of carpet
Finished basement has wet carpet after heavy rain...soaked through carpet pad
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Latest answer by Frank Festa
February 01 2010
How can I trace permits for work done on this property?
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Latest answer by Connie Wildasinn
January 31 2010
Can someone recommend a Home Warranty Company they are happy with?
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Latest answer by Jan Brown
January 26 2010