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I am been approved for FHA with 3.5% down. I use cash for rent?
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August 15
want to either sell or rent our house and buy a cheaper house
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August 11
How long does the Wells Fargo Pre-Approval loan process take?
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August 04
USDA loan process
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August 01
Hard Money Loans No Longer Available to Consumers
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May 21
Mortgage with 1 year Tax return and less than two years work history
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April 11
Self-Employed Borrowers Still Need Stated Income Loans
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March 20
Mortgage Options with BK Discharge 5 Yrs) Foreclosure 16 months old & 20% down
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February 13
When and how can some one who short-sold a home buy again?
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January 24
Hard Money Lenders Help Those With Bankruptcy and Foreclosure
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January 22
Mortgage Approval after Foreclosure and BK with 2nd Mortgage
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January 09
Question on acquiring a new home mortgage after a forced Short Sale
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December 24 2013
Why the 4506T ... I'm not self employed!
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December 10 2013
HOA Litigation (Texas), seller realtor said not a problem??
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November 27 2013
Approved for a loan while being on probation at my job..
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November 15 2013
second fha loan
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November 04 2013
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November 04 2013
how to find a hard money mortgage lender in oklahoma
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October 29 2013
Payment plans and mortgage approval?
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October 29 2013
Does potential rental income figure into DTI when tring to qualify for second home mortage?
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October 26 2013