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What lenders in the Philadelphia area will work with a credit score of just above 600?
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Latest answer by Sonny Tran
13 hours ago
how can I prove i was a victim of predatory lending.(given a mortgage with NO INCOME)
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Latest answer by CarolTylerMayo
1 day ago
va loans how do they work i am a 100% disable veteran
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Latest answer by Brandon Dinsbach
2 days ago
Can I qualify for FHA loan even my wife credit score is not good?
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Latest answer by Smita Patel
6 days ago
My credit score is 606. Can I still get approved for a mortgage loan?
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Latest answer by Brian Marchica
6 days ago
Paying off collection accounts to improve score
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Latest answer by wayne lancaster
6 days ago
Money down, good job history & bad credit
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Latest answer by Brandon Brown
July 15
Mortgage after bankruptcy
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Latest answer by Joseph Metzler
July 10
need help w/ mortgage approval
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Latest answer by Joan Lorberbaum Moore
July 09
credit cards that approve a 572 score so i can raise my score for a home purchase
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Latest answer by Jason Hall
July 09
WV VA Loan for manufactured home with bad credit score?
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Latest answer by Blake Nuttall
July 08
The girlfriend and I are looking to buy a home sometime in September.
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Latest answer by Renee Guidaboni
July 07
can we get fha loan with under 620 credit score
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Latest answer by Joy Lionheart
July 07
Are there any lenders out there that can do a a conventional loan with 5% down with less than a 680
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Latest answer by Randy Yates
July 07
How are spouses FICO scores averaged?
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Latest answer by James Walder
July 05
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Latest answer by wetdawgs
July 01
My credit score is a 611 and I need a 640 to get a loan. Any advice?
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Latest answer by Bert Pope
June 30
Can I get a home loan with a 565 credit score in Vermont?
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Latest answer by wetdawgs
June 30
Can I buy a house with no credit if I plan on paying in full?
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Latest answer by Tyson Rondeau
June 28
how can improve my credit score i have bad credit
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Latest answer by Tyson Rondeau
June 28