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Lendor refuses to refinence or Modify our loan % or terms. Why?
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Latest reply by Joe Cafiero
February 08 2011
Ask our community for mortgage advice
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Latest reply by Mark Nehs, Wisconsin
February 03 2011
I paid off my home doesnt show on my score
Will anyone offer me a loan with a recent bankruptcy
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Latest answer by Jason Opland
January 31 2011
can we qualify for a mortgage with my husband score under 600 and my score above 760?
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Latest reply by Jay Armbruster
January 28 2011
Are there different criterias for getting a loan for a home than a manufactured home?
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Latest answer by Thomas Hall
January 26 2011
What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-XWNVVVJ
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Latest answer by Dale Doughty
January 26 2011
my husband has a 563 and his the one who works but i have a 609 is there any way we can get a loan
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Latest answer by Jeff Trevarthen
January 26 2011
how long do i have to wait to purchase after having a bk discharge 1yr ago
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Latest answer by Tara Talbot
January 26 2011
Rcnt college grad looking to buy 50K condo. No credit history but have a 10% dpst. Advice on lender?
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Latest answer by wayne lancaster
January 25 2011
584 mid score. all debt paid off. need to move in 60 days!how do we get score raised?
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Latest answer by Andrew Adams
January 25 2011
Need advice for obtaining a mortage to buy a home but have poor credit but have 75% done
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Latest answer by Robyn The Realtor
January 25 2011
What is the best way to change things on my credit report to improve my credit score?
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Latest answer by Robyn The Realtor
January 25 2011
Short sale approval due to job change
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Latest reply by Jerry Current
January 25 2011
Hi - I have a Fico score of 641 and looking to get a mortgage of 190,000.
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Latest answer by Samuel Falvo
January 24 2011
Buyer has half down & bad credit. gotta be able to do something...right?
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Latest answer by Rhett Laufenburger
January 23 2011
Join Application - What does the lower middle score mean? What score would be required?
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Latest answer by john topa
January 20 2011
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