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Considering Strategic Default...Not on loan, will my credit be affected?
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Latest answer by Bruce Slaton
December 08 2010
How will my credit score be affected if I foreclose on two inv. prop. but keep paying primary home?
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Latest answer by Justin Ruzicka
December 06 2010
Family buying a house for you
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Latest answer by Annette Levinson
December 03 2010
is it possible to obtain a loan for a foreclosure property with a bankruptcy discharge last december
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Latest answer by NeedinFHA
December 03 2010
What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-KKGGMDJ
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Latest answer by Spencer Valerio
December 01 2010
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Latest reply by Annette Levinson
December 01 2010
i turned in my old car after 2yrs.the transmiision went out.they wrought it off as a charge 0ff a
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Latest reply by wetdawgs
November 29 2010
How to read a credit report.
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Latest reply by Jason Hall
November 18 2010
Non FHA loan on a Condo under 50000 with a medium score of 631
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Latest answer by Annette Levinson
November 16 2010
olds debts really fall out of your record after 7 years?
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Latest answer by mikedukats
November 15 2010
I have a poor credit score and a private mortgage on a mobile home - any hope of refinancing?
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Latest answer by Michael Marsman
November 12 2010
Does a bad credit score has any impact on mortgages.
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Latest answer by Taria Lewis
November 10 2010
i recently got a secured card to help my credit (200$ limit) i have some extra money so
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Latest answer by Robert Spinosa
November 09 2010
My mortgage was transferred by the company to 5 diff lenders during loan. Can all claim on creditre?
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Latest answer by sunnyview
November 09 2010
4 year old collection now a charge-off
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Latest answer by mrsruebel
November 08 2010
Va Loan
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Latest answer by mymortgagebrokerjoe
November 08 2010
How do I get a credit report, I live in Canada but want to buy in San Diego, Lived there 3 years ago
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Latest answer by John Stokrp
November 07 2010
What can I do to get more (or better) quotes for my loan request ZR-CQBWPFM
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Latest answer by Phil
November 05 2010
Anyone in Texas refinancies a low credit score applicant?
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Latest answer by Darrin Gilliam
November 02 2010