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our mortgage company is now saying my wife is not on the mortgage. how can this be?
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Latest answer by Aaron Herstein
1 day ago
I need help with a Va loan with not so good credit
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Latest answer by Lowell Sterling
2 days ago
What happens when ARM rate is about to reset
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Latest answer by Justin Sheftell
6 days ago
Ocwen - Worst bank to deal with for loan modification
Latest reply by Victor Mendoza
6 days ago
Ocwen denied mod, please help us!
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Latest answer by Victor Mendoza
6 days ago
Ocwen Loan modification help- do i take it or not??
Latest answer by Victor Mendoza
6 days ago
Ocwen denied my Loan modification
Latest reply by Paul Mondello
6 days ago
Who is an expert on Loan Modifications? Especially with Ocwen.
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Latest answer by rodneyacoff
September 23
I got a letter from a company called Loan Payment Administration, Xenia, OH saying that by making my
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Latest answer by Kristeen Smith
September 18
preapproval for a mortage
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Latest answer by Yee Ng
September 17
Separating primary homes
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Latest answer by Jennifer Ashley
September 17
How long should I wait to buy again after loan modification?
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Latest answer by Casey Lown
September 15
Short payoff on second lien
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Latest answer by Crystal Bond
September 12
Does the abilty to repay affects an existing loan , now doing a modification with a ballon amount
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Latest answer by JRM & Associate
September 11
I thought that i was in a forebearancevplan but found out i am in a repaymet plan
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Latest answer by JRM & Associate
September 11
Financial instrument for lease
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Latest answer by karenbalayan733
September 08
VA Loan under water?
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Latest answer by daley george
August 24
PMI Question - Wells Fargo stating 75% LTV before PMI removal
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Latest reply by Norm D Plume
August 21
Question about HARP
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Latest answer by James Stachyra
August 15
Sale Date Was 25 JULY 14 - Any Options?
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Latest answer by Fadi Michael Berni
August 13
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