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What do I need to show that an investment property is a primary residence for refinance?
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3 hours ago
Indiana FHA Lender with no Overlays
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6 hours ago
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  • 6 hours ago
who can refinances a mobile homes on owned land that has a separate garage
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7 hours ago
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  • 10 hours ago
Advice? Post Short Sale by 3+ yrs. how will post Aug. 16 changes affect me?
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9 hours ago
Consufsed about how to deal with credit report for refinancing
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9 hours ago
Foreign national looking for a cash-out re-fi on investment properties in Las Vegas, NV
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10 hours ago
  • Asked by user49092231
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  • July 07 2013
Can someone provide the pros and cons of single pay mortgage insurance in regards to refinancing?
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15 hours ago
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  • 18 hours ago
how can i get a good mortgage attorney?
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17 hours ago
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  • 19 hours ago
How does the non borrowing spouse bad credit score affect the loan application?
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17 hours ago
Can I refinance a manufactured home w/mortgage discharged in Ch.7 BK?
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18 hours ago
FHA Cash out Refi for debt consolidation
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18 hours ago
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  • 4 days ago
Are VA loans eligible for HARP refinance loans?
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19 hours ago
Does it matter who you refinance with?
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1 day ago
Any luck with Hudson City Savings Bank Loan Mod?
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1 day ago
refinance after purchase
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1 day ago
Refi with 650-670 and a few other variables
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1 day ago
I am looking for a 10 yr interest only loan in CA. How can I research banks that offer this loan?
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2 days ago
Anyone have experience or feedback on Quicken Loans Refi?
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2 days ago
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  • April 12 2012
Refinance, sell, or do nothing.
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2 days ago
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