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All In One Loan in LA, under $400k
I am new to California ( in LA area ) and looking for a low downpayment jumbo loan option
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Latest answer by Jeremy Harrison
May 04
Cal Vet or VA Home Loan - Which is better for a first time home buyer?
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Latest answer by mxcowboy
February 06
Family Opportunity Mortgage to purchase BMR unit?
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Latest answer by John Moran
January 28
1st time home buyer should do FHA or convention loan?
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Latest answer by Greg Cowart
January 21
Hello, is there any loans these days with 10% down with no mortgage insurance?
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Latest answer by Luis Gutierrez
October 01 2013
Down Payment Grant to Teacher with Seller Financing
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Latest answer by Shane Butehorn
July 25 2013
First Time Buyer
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Latest answer by Victor Emmel
July 03 2013
Where can I get a 5% conventional loan? Is 5% conventional better than FHA?
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Latest answer by George Raymondo
June 01 2013
What financing options do I have for land + new construction?
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Latest reply by Jason Muse
April 17 2013
I was approved for a home loan modification however it was only lowered$200,what can we do?stillhigh
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Latest answer by Salma Ahmad
August 26 2011
bought a home, 6 months they rasied the taxes, what shall i do, not able to afford
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Latest answer by Shannon Thomas
March 09 2011
i own a few empty lots (all paid off) i was wondering if any bank will loan me money
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Latest reply by Endre Barath
July 23 2010
Home Equity Loan vs. Conventional Loan?
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Latest answer by Rudi Hofmann
June 08 2010
Any lender who specializes in mortgage for foreign nationals in los angeles?
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Latest answer by ACI Broker
May 21 2009
Is anyone offering a VA "Jumbo" or "Super-Max" loans in LA?
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Latest reply by ChasRamp
April 29 2009