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Cost of Staining Wood Shingles
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23 hours ago
Is 118 pochin Place Hampton,VA. a section 8 rental house?
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April 08
Zestimate is significantly below the appraised value!
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March 27
how do i cancel my account
Latest answer by RizaB
March 26
How can I find the original floor plans of my house?
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March 13
Cost to furnish a 4000 square foot home with "Pottery Barn" grade furniture?
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February 22
230 Kilo Power Lines being built within 200 ft of my home - Do I have any rights to stop it?
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February 20
Pre-fab tub/shower surround or tiled walls?
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February 20
my home is not shown on zillow
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February 15
How can I delete an old photo
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January 27
Provided bad roof inspection during buying processe
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January 15
How much value does a boat dock add to a home?
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January 08
Wood Floors Vs. Tile in Kitchen
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December 01 2013
how can i remove my home from this website?
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November 19 2013
Town Home HOA FEES, is there a way to opt out of them..
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November 10 2013
change address
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October 23 2013
Can anyone recommend a Home insurance Company for a home that's at the 5th block from the ocean? tha
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October 15 2013
Accurate Sq. Ft.
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September 25 2013
I saw this house
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September 25 2013
Mortgage Rates
Homes for Sale
  1. 1135 Greenwood Rd, Greenwood, DE Home For Sale
    1135 Greenwood Rd, Greenwood, DE 19950

     For Sale: $159,900

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: 2300
    • Baths: 3.0
    • Lot: 87120
  2. 6 W Walnut St, Alexandria, VA Home For Sale
    6 W Walnut St, Alexandria, VA 22301

     For Sale: $888,000

    • Beds: 3
    • Sqft: 1548
    • Baths: 2.0
    • Lot: 3999
  3. 3441 Tewkesbury Rd, Abingdon, MD Home For Sale
    3441 Tewkesbury Rd, Abingdon, MD 21009

     For Sale: $349,700

    • Beds: 4
    • Sqft: 2452
    • Baths: 2.5
    • Lot: 8120