Buying a Foreclosure in Virginia Beach

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inquiring about a foreclosure
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Latest answer by Frank LLosa
June 05
Can I get more information on 3121 Swainsons Ln Virginia beach VA
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Latest answer by Kelly Smith
February 19
Can Mother & Daughter combine resources and buy house for $375K without tax consequences?
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February 01
condos for sale at the beach
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October 26 2013
Can an agent show a vacant, foreclosed, lockbox home w/o seller's agent permission?
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Latest answer by Larry Eul
September 01 2013
Is it true there are loans designed for teachers?
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June 20 2013
how to find out if a home has been sold at action
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March 25 2013
what if you have bad credit and no money to put down, can you buy a foreclosed home?
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December 14 2012
How can I find homes that are forclosed by the Banks
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January 10 2012
this house is run down.
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January 07 2010