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When will Zillow change the listing of my home from "apartment" to "villa"?
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October 28 2013
Just discover Zillow...wish I discovered this in 2006, should I sell the house now or just wait..
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October 28 2013
how to I remove my Make Me Move listing
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July 19 2013
What is the value of my home
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June 11 2013
  • Asked by sjgood
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  • June 11 2013
FSBO: I signed a contract with my buyer with says that I am paying my closing cost and he is paying
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October 08 2012
Where do you get your information?
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June 23 2012
"new" values
  • Posted by calemaine
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  • July 07 2011
how to post my home in make me move section?
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September 06 2010
Can I sale property bought in short sale before a year of living in it?
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July 12 2009
how do I find out the zillow value of my home?
  • Asked by babyclaytonmom
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  • December 24 2008