Zillow Advice RSS: Question-Discussion-Guide,Refinance,Plymouth Township- MI http://www.zillow.com/advice/Plymouth-Township-MI/mortgage-refinance/question-discussion-guide/ Zillow Advice search results | Zillow Real Estate appraisal too low to refinance http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/appraisal-too-low-to-refinance/440612/ I just got my house appraised for a VA refinance. The appraisal came in 30k lower than what we needed. When looking over the report, I noticed the median sale price for comps in my area is right where we expected to be. So why is my house (which is a nice updated home) worth 30k less than the average comp? We had a house few doors down sell for 23k more than our appraisal and it's smaller than our house and not updated?! Why is this happening? What can I do? We appealed the appraisal with comp listings but, I feel like we won't win. I am beside myself for wasting the money on the appraisal!<br \><br \>10 replies Fri, 27 Apr 2012 15:43:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/appraisal-too-low-to-refinance/440612/ 2012-04-27T15:43:00Z