Zillow Advice RSS: Question-Discussion-Guide,Home Buying,Springfield- IL http://www.zillow.com/advice/Springfield-IL/home-buying/question-discussion-guide/ Zillow Advice search results | Zillow Real Estate first time buyer http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/first-time-buyer/581424/ My husband and I are thinking in buying a house. We both make around 100,000 a year. His credit score is 617 and mine is 627. We started saving no lone ago, so we only have around $ 3,000. I would like to know if there are options for us? &nbsp;should we save more money? How can we boost our credit in a short time? &nbsp;We do not have a lot of debt.............between a car loan and some student loans we owe around 20,000.&nbsp;<br \><br \>5 replies Fri, 03 Apr 2015 02:53:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/first-time-buyer/581424/ 2015-04-03T02:53:00Z What is the process if I would like to build a house? http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/What-is-the-process-if-I-would-like-to-build-a-house/502200/ There are plenty of lots around our desire area. &nbsp;The homes are a bit pricey but I thought that maybe if we built a house instead of buying one already there could be cheaper. &nbsp;My husband has some construction experience but the reality is that I don't even know where to start. &nbsp;Do we buy the lot that we want and then talk to a bank about building? how is the construction financed? &nbsp;Any help will be greatly appreciate it.<br \><br \>7 replies Tue, 16 Jul 2013 18:26:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/What-is-the-process-if-I-would-like-to-build-a-house/502200/ 2013-07-16T18:26:00Z Is it legal for a contractor to give us a rebate on the house that we build? http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/Is-it-legal-for-a-contractor-to-give-us-a-rebate-on-the-house-that-we-build/489777/ We are building a house that we would like to purchase for $100,000 and get a $10,000 rebate from our contractor that is building the home. &nbsp;Is that legal?<br \><br \>4 replies Sat, 27 Apr 2013 13:04:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/Is-it-legal-for-a-contractor-to-give-us-a-rebate-on-the-house-that-we-build/489777/ 2013-04-27T13:04:00Z How can I trust the listings when they contain inaccurate data? http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/How-can-I-trust-the-listings-when-they-contain-inaccurate-data/430194/ We were looking at listings for a possible move and looked up our house for your estimates. We discovered our entire subdivision is listed in the wrong school district. This was a huge selling point when we purchased. If I looked at my house in your listings now I would not have even considered it.<br \><br \>4 replies Sat, 28 Jan 2012 16:47:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/How-can-I-trust-the-listings-when-they-contain-inaccurate-data/430194/ 2012-01-28T16:47:00Z I"m looking to buy my first home. Is it uncool to contact more than one realtor? http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/I-m-looking-to-buy-my-first-home-Is-it-uncool-to-contact-more-than-one-realtor/395268/ I want to be professional and polite. However I also want to get the best&nbsp;opportunity. I am unaware of the proper etiquette.&nbsp;<br \><br \>23 replies Fri, 15 Apr 2011 21:37:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/I-m-looking-to-buy-my-first-home-Is-it-uncool-to-contact-more-than-one-realtor/395268/ 2011-04-15T21:37:00Z I want to buy a duplex both sides http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/I-want-to-buy-a-duplex-both-sides/353898/ I don't even know if I worded thit correctly.&nbsp; I try to bring up <br/>Zillow.com to look for property.,but nothing comes up but, single families or <br/>individual duplex for sale. I'm looking to buy,&nbsp; the whole duplex but, <br/>I want to look on Zillow first. <br/>Definitely I want 62704 or around that area.<br \><br \>4 replies Mon, 14 Jun 2010 21:50:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/I-want-to-buy-a-duplex-both-sides/353898/ 2010-06-14T21:50:00Z