Zillow Advice: Home Ownership - What is the asking price of this unit http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/What-is-the-asking-price-of-this-unit/342075/ Zillow Advice | Zillow Real Estate I saw it advertised before ... http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/What-is-the-asking-price-of-this-unit/342075/ <p>I saw it advertised before the bank got it list for 19,900.&nbsp;&nbsp; There were issues with th property...no clear title.<br/><br/>I own the property next to it.<br/><br/>Again what is asking price?</p> Mon, 12 Apr 2010 14:05:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/What-is-the-asking-price-of-this-unit/342075/ 2010-04-12T14:05:00Z I may buy this as part of ... http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/What-is-the-asking-price-of-this-unit/342075/ I may buy this as part of a bulk REO package. I'd be open to offers.<br/>303-289-6100 Alan Fri, 09 Apr 2010 16:34:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/What-is-the-asking-price-of-this-unit/342075/ 2010-04-09T16:34:00Z