Zillow Advice: Buying Process - Buying in interstate area http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/Buying-in-interstate-area/493061/ Zillow Advice | Zillow Real Estate Find comparables with similar ... http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/Buying-in-interstate-area/493061/ Find comparables with similar location issues.  Make sure your property aligns with those properties in value.  If you are not over paying and it doesn't bother you...no worries.  Thu, 23 May 2013 01:35:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/Buying-in-interstate-area/493061/ 2013-05-23T01:35:00Z Yes and no. Just like you ... http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/Buying-in-interstate-area/493061/ Yes and no. Just like you some buyers might not be bothered by it. However, it is not necessarily a positive factor of the home. I always tell my clients when they are thinking of resell that people will have the same concerns as they do. If you don't like it-others won't either. And in this situation that is not something you can change or update. A house like this will also most likely sell for a little less compared to other homes in the neighborhood who aren't as close to the Interstate. Make sure to have an agent do a comparative market analysis of similar homes in the area that have sold so you know you aren't overpaying. Good luck to you! Wed, 22 May 2013 17:15:00 GMT http://www.zillow.com/advice-thread/Buying-in-interstate-area/493061/ 2013-05-22T17:15:00Z