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The Ultimate Agent Guide to Successful Farming

Unless you are well established in an area—and can rely on nothing but referrals from past clients—you’ll need to prospect for leads. With electronic and traditional farming, you can expand your business and become a more successful agent.

Crafting a Pitch: How to Win a Client in 30 Seconds

When you focus on delivering a unique message, offering a standout value proposition, and conveying confidence and enthusiasm, your 30-second elevator pitch can become a powerful networking and lead generation tool.

The Definitive Guide to Handling First-Time Home Buyers

First-timers often don’t know where to begin or what to expect in the home buying process. A savvy and patient real estate agent can have a huge impact on these buyers and reap the benefits of referrals for future business.

7 Ways to Get More Contacts From Agent Finder

The needs of buyers and sellers are as diverse as the homes they’re engaged with. Agent Finder helps you showcase your diverse skills so that contacts seeking that particular set of talents find you quickly and easily.

Top Agents Share Top Tips

Whether you’re just starting out in real estate or you’ve been around the block a few times, these pearls of wisdom from Zillow’s top agents can come in handy at any stage of your career.

Open Houses: 5 Ways to Drive Traffic

Attracting open house attendees takes more than just putting a sign on the curb and attaching balloons to it. A well-attended open house takes a lot of thought, preparation and communication.

7 Ways to Get More Real Estate Leads From Zillow

The savviest real estate agents make it easy for consumers find them and engage instantly. Your agent profile on Zillow is a powerful tool that can help your current lead generation efforts be even more effective.

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