Turn Your Kid's Extracurriculars into Real Estate Leads

Turn Your Kid's Activities into Real Estate Leads
Photo credit: Jack Pearce via Flickr

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably had frequent opportunities to sponsor your children’s extracurricular activities. It seems there is always someone, somewhere, looking for sponsors or funding.

How can you take advantage of these opportunities and expand your sphere of influence (SOI) through your kid’s activities? Read on for some suggestions.

Team sponsorship

Team sponsorship is a popular way to get exposure to your business — think local Little League team. Generally this means writing a check to pay for uniforms and equipment. In return, your business name/logo is printed on the team uniforms and caps. While this is quick and easy, it might be the least effective method to generate real estate leads.

Take team sponsorship to the next level. Consider volunteering. Coaching a Little League team is an obvious way to get involved, but it does require a time commitment that not everyone can make. Instead, try these:

  • Volunteer to bring the snacks
  • Host a post-game gathering
  • Transport players and equipment to games
  • Take photographs and build a photo timeline on Facebook, Pinterest, or Flickr

School activities

Does your local elementary, junior high or high school have a music and performing arts department? Those folks are almost always desperate for sponsors, volunteers and funding. Concerts and music competitions usually need volunteers. And the drama department will likely need help with set construction, program design and printing, and marketing.

School fundraising events are another possibility. Volunteer your expertise in marketing to help event organizers promote the event. Or consider these school activities:

  • Math competitions
  • Science fairs
  • Clubs
  • Choir
  • Debate
  • Cheerleading

Other activities

Look outside school-based activities for children’s extracurricular activities in the community, such as these:

  • Select soccer clubs
  • Ballet or dance studios
  • Boy Scout troops
  • Girl Scout troops
  • Boys & Girls Club programs

Consistency is key

With traditional lead-generation techniques — newsletters, just listed and just sold postcards, door knocking  — consistency is the key. You can’t expect to send one newsletter and have the phone ring. The same is true for your kid’s activities. You can’t volunteer for one event and expect the contacts to come rolling in. You need to sponsor or volunteer season after season, and year after year, to see results. It’s the repeated exposure that makes sponsoring and volunteering effective.

Don’t sell

Don’t get involved in your children’s extracurricular activities for the sole purpose of lead generation. Consumers are smart. They can see through sponsorships that aren’t genuine. As with most branding and marketing efforts, the soft sell usually works better than the hard sell. Sponsor for the right reasons — helping the kids — and your business is bound to increase.