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About This School

Smith Elementary School is a public elementary school in Austin. The principal of Smith Elementary School is Mrs Frances Maldonado, whose e-mail is 690 children attend Smith Elementary School and are mostly Hispanic; Black, non-Hispanic; and White, non-Hispanic. 41% of the Smith Elementary School students have "limited English proficiency." 86% of the 690 students here are classified as "economically disadvantaged", and 92% are paying reduced lunch prices. The student to teacher ratio at Smith Elementary School is 14:1. Widen Elementary School is one of the nearest elementary schools.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Arts

    • Band
    • Chorus
    • Drawing painting
  • Languages Taught

    • Spanish
  • Sports

    • P.E. classes

Student Ethnicities

Ethnicity School District
Hispanic 88% 79%
Black, non-Hispanic 8% 12%
White, non-Hispanic 3% 8%
Asian/Pacific Islander 2% 0.9%
Asian 0.6% %
Native American or Native Alaskan 0.4% 0.3%
Multiracial 0.1% %
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander 0% %

Student Subgroups

Subgroup School District
Students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch program 92% 81%
Limited English proficiency 41% 28%
Economically disadvantaged 86% 79%

Community Rating & Reviews

  • (1 year ago)

    First off the office staff is not very welcoming. The school does not make you feel welcome at all. I understand that there are security measures to follow but not being able to walk your child to class is ridiculous and the way they have the pick up set up is terrible. Basically all the parents wait in a small area at the front and wait for the childs name to be called to go home. This can take a while because sometimes the teachers dont have the children in the lunch room when they are calling names already. Also the lunch monitors are extremely rude and yelll constantly at the children. There are better ways to communicate with them. The menu itself is terrible but that is a different topic. Overall we have been happy with the teacher and academics but not feeling welcome is sad. AISD is not the best but at least when we volunteered or visited the schools the staff was always friendly and encouraging. Also they are always late to send out notifications. Everything seems to be last minute for them such as events and they do not seem organized at all.

  • (1 year ago)

    Friendly On top of things as best as possible organized and has been very helpful for my child who struggles a bit. I feel that my child is safe. Is the school perfect no. But I can tell you from switching my child from another school in Del Valle this school is WAY better then the others. REMEMBER we are in TX. GOP controls so there is a lot of lacking of good resources to help our teachers and other staff members; especially on East side.

  • (1 year ago)

    Within the first two weeks of kinder they lost track of our child. A teacher instructed our daughter to ride the bus even though she was given a sign to wear around her neck that says parent pick up. They only allow parents three days to help walk their child to class. Most kids where crying the first week as parent were made to stand and watch their child being ushered by some school rep they've barely been introduced to. Horrible communication about upcoming events they send notices out the day before or the day of parent involved school events. They performed without any notice an emergency drill in reaction to sandy hook our daughter said she was scared that somebody had hurt us and she was confused on what was happening.

  • (1 year ago)

    The teachers are great.... the resource teachers are awesome... what I hate about Smith Elementary is that they yell at the kids and use the whistle in the cafeteria if it gets too loud.... they rush the kids to eat and if they forget their milk or something they wont let them return and get it... they serve pizza most of the time and chocolate milk should be completely removed ... they shoud concentrate on teaching social and behavioral skills instead of making them act like if they are in the army.... No parents can be walking in the halls or much less in the calssrooms... I understand its safety but they are really strict and it almost feels they are hiding something....

  • (5 years ago)

    Smith Elementary is the best place to learn. My kids love it and I do to. Mr. T is a great principal and all the teachers there.They take the time to greet you at the front door and remember ur names or ur childs name....I love it...

  • (6 years ago)

    Smith Elementary has been a fantastic place for my student and the staff is very skilled at both teaching and attending to student's needs. This includes discipline and extra help. The teachers are caring and there are always family activities at school. The faculty and staff have always been polite and very concerned with the students in the school. There have a been a few occasions when I have needed to talk with a teacher but that has been because my son wasn't doing his work and they wanted to help get him on track at school and at home. The teachers believe in getting parents involved. I can't thank them enough for how much they have helped my son grow over the past few years and am sad that he will not be able to finish his sixth grade year at Smith. This was the perfect school for my child.

  • (6 years ago)

    This school stinks. Do not take your children to this school. I'm switching schools next year. It's staff has poor people skills and extremely poor teaching skills.

  • (6 years ago)

    I can be the first person to tell you that I was very sceptical and scared of placing my son into this school because of the reputation of Del Valle Schools. But once I was there...I was greeted with a smile by the friendly faculty. They were very helpful with all of the questions that I had. I know that my son will be a success at this school because it seems like there are great supporters right there to help him. All I have to say is to not judge this school before you go visit it!

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