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120 E 87th St New York, NY 10128

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt R20J04/09/15$2,600For Rent     1.0 ba525 sqft$4.95+ /sqft
Apt P6J05/22/15$2,695For Rent     1.0 ba600 sqft$4.49+ /sqft
Apt R8L10/21/14$2,950For Rent     1.0 ba450 sqft$6.56+ /sqft
Apt R8I05/01/15$3,500For Rent     1.0 ba775 sqft$4.52+ /sqft
Apt R8N05/20/15$4,200For Rent     1.0 ba863 sqft$4.87+ /sqft
Apt R6D04/28/15$1,050,000For Sale     1.0 ba748 sqft$1404+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt R10K12/08/12$562,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba506 sqft$1112+ /sqft
Apt R14I04/02/14$815,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba567 sqft$1437+ /sqft
Apt P10E--$629,127Off Market     1.0 ba433 sqft$1453+ /sqft
Apt P10F--$636,928Off Market     1.0 ba458 sqft$1391+ /sqft
Apt P12G--$749,184Off Market     1.0 ba449 sqft$1669+ /sqft
Apt R8M--$750,484Off Market     1.0 ba450 sqft$1668+ /sqft
Apt R16K--$793,366Off Market     1.0 ba504 sqft$1574+ /sqft
Apt R10J--$809,759Off Market     1.0 ba520 sqft$1557+ /sqft
Apt R18J--$819,112Off Market     1.0 ba506 sqft$1619+ /sqft
Apt P8G--$819,961Off Market     1.0 ba541 sqft$1516+ /sqft
Apt R8Q--$831,725Off Market     1.0 ba550 sqft$1512+ /sqft
Apt P16F--$839,001Off Market     1.0 ba458 sqft$1832+ /sqft
Apt R6C06/18/13$750,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba735 sqft$1020+ /sqft
Apt R4N10/25/12$999,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba759 sqft$1316+ /sqft
Apt P12B09/30/13$1,200,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba786 sqft$1527+ /sqft
Apt R20H06/21/13$2,750,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba856 sqft$3213+ /sqft
Apt P8I--$1,003,091Off Market     1.0 ba774 sqft$1296+ /sqft
Apt R6N--$1,072,207Off Market     1.0 ba863 sqft$1242+ /sqft
Apt R14H--$1,089,407Off Market     1.0 ba847 sqft$1286+ /sqft
Apt R16B--$1,124,110Off Market     1.0 ba827 sqft$1359+ /sqft
Apt R10H--$1,157,776Off Market     1.0 ba900 sqft$1286+ /sqft
Apt R16H--$1,161,450Off Market     1.0 ba856 sqft$1357+ /sqft
Apt R10A04/02/15$2,995,000Pending     2.0 ba1,531 sqft$1956+ /sqft
Apt R20A08/01/14$796,666Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,550 sqft$514+ /sqft
Apt P14C08/01/13$1,460,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,110 sqft$1315+ /sqft
Apt R20D09/05/13$1,800,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,165 sqft$1545+ /sqft
Apt R14A11/20/12$2,200,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,540 sqft$1429+ /sqft
Apt R12D09/02/14$2,300,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,210 sqft$1901+ /sqft
Apt R14F--$1,585,518Off Market     2.0 ba997 sqft$1590+ /sqft
Apt P12C--$1,614,753Off Market     2.0 ba1,100 sqft$1468+ /sqft
Apt R12C--$1,775,267Off Market     2.0 ba1,200 sqft$1479+ /sqft
Apt R14C--$1,792,253Off Market     2.0 ba1,197 sqft$1497+ /sqft
Apt R20C--$1,856,613Off Market     2.0 ba1,197 sqft$1551+ /sqft
Apt R26B--$2,611,748Off Market     2.0 ba1,450 sqft$1801+ /sqft
Apt P26C10/17/13$2,830,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,402 sqft$2019+ /sqft
Apt R20G12/18/13$2,850,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,735 sqft$1643+ /sqft
Apt R18C10/09/12$3,750,000Recently Sold     3.0 ba2,000 sqft$1875+ /sqft
Apt R24A11/14/14$4,395,000Recently Sold     3.0 ba2,100 sqft$2093+ /sqft
Apt P28C--$2,283,498Off Market     2.0 ba1,402 sqft$1629+ /sqft
Apt P4E--$2,693,712Off Market     2.0 ba1,750 sqft$1539+ /sqft
Apt R8A--$2,724,599Off Market     3.0 ba1,400 sqft$1946+ /sqft
Apt P4A--$4,432,656Off Market     4.0 ba1,978 sqft$2241+ /sqft
Apt R22A--$4,866,335Off Market     3.0 ba2,102 sqft$2315+ /sqft
Apt P16D----Off Market     3.0 ba1,925 sqft--+ /sqft
# RPH2B--$6,659,474Off Market     -- ba2,595 sqft$2566+ /sqft
Apt R6L01/15/13$499,000Recently Sold     -- ba401 sqft$1244+ /sqft
Apt P8H06/05/12$630,000Recently Sold     -- ba542 sqft$1162+ /sqft
Apt P14G09/10/13$785,000Recently Sold     -- ba449 sqft$1748+ /sqft
Apt P14B10/02/12$790,000Recently Sold     -- ba786 sqft$1005+ /sqft
Apt R18K06/04/13$880,000Recently Sold     -- ba504 sqft$1746+ /sqft
Apt R6E06/26/13$915,000Recently Sold     -- ba797 sqft$1148+ /sqft
Apt R6A11/07/13$1,839,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,409 sqft$1305+ /sqft
Apt P8B09/07/12$1,875,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,438 sqft$1304+ /sqft
Apt P6B09/30/14$2,220,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,438 sqft$1544+ /sqft
Apt P4B09/30/14$2,220,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,438 sqft$1544+ /sqft
Apt P24C08/24/12$2,350,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,402 sqft$1676+ /sqft
Apt P28A06/21/13$2,750,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,746 sqft$1575+ /sqft
# RPH1C07/15/14$2,900,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,369 sqft$2118+ /sqft
Apt R12E09/17/12$3,450,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,872 sqft$1843+ /sqft
Apt P8A07/23/13$3,575,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,990 sqft$1796+ /sqft
Apt R18B10/09/12$3,750,000Recently Sold     -- ba826 sqft$4540+ /sqft
Apt P6K06/23/14$4,300,000Recently Sold     -- ba515 sqft$8350+ /sqft
Apt P6A06/23/14$4,300,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,990 sqft$2161+ /sqft
Apt R12K08/15/12$4,600,000Recently Sold     -- ba504 sqft$9127+ /sqft
Apt R12L08/15/12$4,600,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,896 sqft$2426+ /sqft
Apt P26B06/08/12$6,250,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,272 sqft$4914+ /sqft
Apt P26A06/08/12$6,250,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,746 sqft$3580+ /sqft
# RPH1A07/14/14$10,600,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,081 sqft$9806+ /sqft
# RPH1B07/14/14$10,600,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,572 sqft$6743+ /sqft
Apt P10G--$631,040Off Market     -- ba449 sqft$1405+ /sqft
Apt P16G--$633,042Off Market     -- ba449 sqft$1410+ /sqft
Apt P18G--$638,791Off Market     -- ba449 sqft$1423+ /sqft
Apt R20I--$639,233Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$1453+ /sqft
Apt P12F--$640,428Off Market     -- ba458 sqft$1398+ /sqft
Apt P14F--$641,415Off Market     -- ba458 sqft$1400+ /sqft
Apt P20G--$641,532Off Market     -- ba449 sqft$1429+ /sqft
Apt P12E--$648,662Off Market     -- ba462 sqft$1404+ /sqft
Apt P14E--$648,771Off Market     -- ba462 sqft$1404+ /sqft
Apt P18F--$649,361Off Market     -- ba458 sqft$1418+ /sqft
Apt P16E--$651,093Off Market     -- ba462 sqft$1409+ /sqft
Apt P20F--$651,277Off Market     -- ba458 sqft$1422+ /sqft
Apt P18E--$653,560Off Market     -- ba462 sqft$1415+ /sqft
Apt P20E--$656,578Off Market     -- ba462 sqft$1421+ /sqft
Apt R14J--$677,295Off Market     1.0 ba506 sqft$1339+ /sqft
Apt P4K--$686,695Off Market     -- ba515 sqft$1333+ /sqft
Apt P8K--$687,663Off Market     -- ba515 sqft$1335+ /sqft
Apt R8P--$697,596Off Market     -- ba524 sqft$1331+ /sqft
Apt R12J--$706,704Off Market     -- ba536 sqft$1318+ /sqft
Apt P6H--$711,258Off Market     -- ba542 sqft$1312+ /sqft
Apt R16J--$720,102Off Market     -- ba536 sqft$1343+ /sqft
Apt P8F--$756,943Off Market     -- ba573 sqft$1321+ /sqft
Apt R8O--$763,803Off Market     -- ba568 sqft$1345+ /sqft
Apt R6K--$765,863Off Market     -- ba565 sqft$1356+ /sqft
Apt R10I--$765,925Off Market     -- ba563 sqft$1360+ /sqft
Apt P4G--$766,955Off Market     -- ba571 sqft$1343+ /sqft
Apt R12I--$768,310Off Market     -- ba563 sqft$1365+ /sqft
Apt R8K--$773,981Off Market     -- ba565 sqft$1370+ /sqft
Apt R18I--$776,975Off Market     -- ba563 sqft$1380+ /sqft
Apt R16I--$778,942Off Market     -- ba563 sqft$1384+ /sqft
Apt P4H--$815,900Off Market     -- ba619 sqft$1318+ /sqft
Apt R6J--$827,461Off Market     -- ba618 sqft$1339+ /sqft
Apt R8J--$833,988Off Market     -- ba618 sqft$1349+ /sqft
Apt R8H--$866,625Off Market     -- ba640 sqft$1354+ /sqft
Apt R4L--$964,394Off Market     -- ba736 sqft$1310+ /sqft
Apt R6B--$972,604Off Market     -- ba739 sqft$1316+ /sqft
Apt R8B--$976,337Off Market     -- ba739 sqft$1321+ /sqft
Apt R8D--$997,164Off Market     -- ba760 sqft$1312+ /sqft
Apt P4I--$1,018,696Off Market     -- ba774 sqft$1316+ /sqft
Apt R8E--$1,024,340Off Market     -- ba774 sqft$1323+ /sqft
Apt R4M--$1,027,088Off Market     -- ba779 sqft$1318+ /sqft
Apt R8C--$1,034,517Off Market     -- ba779 sqft$1328+ /sqft
Apt R6F--$1,046,545Off Market     -- ba794 sqft$1318+ /sqft
Apt P16B--$1,058,663Off Market     -- ba786 sqft$1347+ /sqft
Apt R12B--$1,080,385Off Market     -- ba826 sqft$1308+ /sqft
Apt R10B--$1,081,232Off Market     -- ba826 sqft$1309+ /sqft
Apt R14B--$1,085,799Off Market     -- ba826 sqft$1315+ /sqft
Apt P10B--$1,087,644Off Market     -- ba786 sqft$1384+ /sqft
Apt R12H--$1,096,561Off Market     -- ba856 sqft$1281+ /sqft
Apt R18H--$1,107,499Off Market     -- ba856 sqft$1294+ /sqft
Apt R20B--$1,115,612Off Market     -- ba826 sqft$1351+ /sqft
Apt R22E--$1,177,471Off Market     -- ba941 sqft$1251+ /sqft
Apt R24E--$1,180,145Off Market     -- ba941 sqft$1254+ /sqft
Apt R26E--$1,208,347Off Market     -- ba941 sqft$1284+ /sqft
Apt R28E--$1,256,495Off Market     -- ba941 sqft$1335+ /sqft
Apt R24C--$1,258,297Off Market     -- ba969 sqft$1299+ /sqft
Apt R28C--$1,282,115Off Market     -- ba969 sqft$1323+ /sqft
Apt R22C--$1,316,944Off Market     -- ba969 sqft$1359+ /sqft
Apt R26C--$1,324,286Off Market     -- ba969 sqft$1367+ /sqft
Apt R10F--$1,389,664Off Market     -- ba997 sqft$1394+ /sqft
Apt P6D--$1,484,699Off Market     -- ba1,067 sqft$1391+ /sqft
Apt R16F--$1,528,277Off Market     -- ba997 sqft$1533+ /sqft
Apt R20F--$1,537,747Off Market     -- ba997 sqft$1542+ /sqft
Apt P16C--$1,646,519Off Market     -- ba1,110 sqft$1483+ /sqft
Apt R10C--$1,691,924Off Market     -- ba1,197 sqft$1413+ /sqft
Apt P10C--$1,706,708Off Market     -- ba1,110 sqft$1538+ /sqft
Apt P18C--$1,710,347Off Market     -- ba1,132 sqft$1511+ /sqft
Apt R10D--$1,723,046Off Market     -- ba1,210 sqft$1424+ /sqft
Apt P20C--$1,749,945Off Market     -- ba1,132 sqft$1546+ /sqft
Apt R14D--$1,761,369Off Market     -- ba1,210 sqft$1456+ /sqft
Apt R16C--$1,817,483Off Market     -- ba1,197 sqft$1518+ /sqft
Apt R18D--$1,839,874Off Market     -- ba1,210 sqft$1521+ /sqft
Apt R16D--$1,946,638Off Market     -- ba1,210 sqft$1609+ /sqft
Apt P22B--$2,145,857Off Market     -- ba1,272 sqft$1687+ /sqft
Apt P24B--$2,159,896Off Market     -- ba1,272 sqft$1698+ /sqft
Apt R4F--$2,188,028Off Market     -- ba1,393 sqft$1571+ /sqft
Apt P28B--$2,199,118Off Market     -- ba1,272 sqft$1729+ /sqft
Apt R6G--$2,232,969Off Market     -- ba1,421 sqft$1571+ /sqft
Apt R8G--$2,239,509Off Market     -- ba1,421 sqft$1576+ /sqft
Apt P22C--$2,299,496Off Market     -- ba1,402 sqft$1640+ /sqft
# PPH2B--$2,397,224Off Market     -- ba1,337 sqft$1793+ /sqft
Apt P6E--$2,411,060Off Market     -- ba1,440 sqft$1674+ /sqft
Apt P8E--$2,419,960Off Market     -- ba1,440 sqft$1681+ /sqft
Apt P4C--$2,518,780Off Market     -- ba1,483 sqft$1698+ /sqft
Apt R16A--$2,709,768Off Market     -- ba1,550 sqft$1748+ /sqft
Apt R18A--$2,714,480Off Market     -- ba1,550 sqft$1751+ /sqft
Apt R6O--$2,782,263Off Market     -- ba1,639 sqft$1698+ /sqft
Apt R10G--$2,817,594Off Market     -- ba1,628 sqft$1731+ /sqft
Apt R12G--$2,836,738Off Market     -- ba1,628 sqft$1742+ /sqft
Apt R24B--$2,839,270Off Market     -- ba1,452 sqft$1955+ /sqft
Apt R14G--$2,881,423Off Market     -- ba1,628 sqft$1770+ /sqft
Apt R16G--$2,928,954Off Market     -- ba1,628 sqft$1799+ /sqft
Apt R28B--$2,964,334Off Market     -- ba1,452 sqft$2042+ /sqft
Apt R18G--$2,965,724Off Market     -- ba1,628 sqft$1822+ /sqft
Apt R24D--$3,067,325Off Market     -- ba1,831 sqft$1675+ /sqft
Apt R14L--$3,163,885Off Market     -- ba1,896 sqft$1669+ /sqft
Apt R22B--$3,178,081Off Market     -- ba1,452 sqft$2189+ /sqft
Apt R26D--$3,188,838Off Market     -- ba1,831 sqft$1742+ /sqft
Apt R28D--$3,197,885Off Market     -- ba1,831 sqft$1747+ /sqft
Apt R22D--$3,198,253Off Market     -- ba1,831 sqft$1747+ /sqft
Apt R18L--$3,208,598Off Market     -- ba1,896 sqft$1692+ /sqft
Apt R10L--$3,227,943Off Market     -- ba1,896 sqft$1703+ /sqft
Apt P12D--$3,271,904Off Market     -- ba1,925 sqft$1700+ /sqft
Apt P14D--$3,299,111Off Market     -- ba1,925 sqft$1714+ /sqft
Apt P18D--$3,383,950Off Market     -- ba1,925 sqft$1758+ /sqft
Apt P12A--$3,410,799Off Market     -- ba1,912 sqft$1784+ /sqft
Apt R10E--$3,469,293Off Market     -- ba1,872 sqft$1853+ /sqft
Apt P18A--$3,476,255Off Market     -- ba1,912 sqft$1818+ /sqft
Apt P20D--$3,513,627Off Market     -- ba1,925 sqft$1825+ /sqft
Apt P10A--$3,544,661Off Market     -- ba1,917 sqft$1849+ /sqft
Apt P20A--$3,549,751Off Market     -- ba1,912 sqft$1857+ /sqft
Apt R18E--$3,619,729Off Market     -- ba1,872 sqft$1934+ /sqft
Apt P22A--$3,628,284Off Market     -- ba1,746 sqft$2078+ /sqft
Apt R20E--$3,641,697Off Market     -- ba1,872 sqft$1945+ /sqft
Apt P16A--$3,648,003Off Market     -- ba1,912 sqft$1908+ /sqft
Apt R20L--$4,379,467Off Market     -- ba2,058 sqft$2128+ /sqft
Apt R28A--$5,000,959Off Market     -- ba2,102 sqft$2379+ /sqft
Apt R26A--$5,009,412Off Market     -- ba2,102 sqft$2383+ /sqft
# RPH2A--$6,771,933Off Market     -- ba2,537 sqft$2669+ /sqft
# PPH1A--$9,513,292Off Market     -- ba3,579 sqft$2658+ /sqft
Apt P8C--$10,269,505Off Market     -- ba4,435 sqft$2316+ /sqft
# 4PG----Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft


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