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145 Pinckney St Boston, MA 02114


  • Year Built: 1952
  • Unit Count: 219


  • Heating Type: Other
  • Exterior Material: Brick

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 32710/02/13$180,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba570 sqft$316+ /sqft
Apt 31208/27/12$372,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba530 sqft$703+ /sqft
Apt 72607/03/13$405,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba565 sqft$717+ /sqft
Apt 113--$406,265Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$874+ /sqft
Apt 413--$413,279Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$889+ /sqft
Apt 112--$458,196Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$865+ /sqft
Apt 516----Off Market     1.0 ba455 sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 50311/15/12$1Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$0.00+ /sqft
Apt 31712/20/13$175,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba650 sqft$269+ /sqft
Apt 10610/31/14$300,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$480+ /sqft
Apt 10807/03/13$325,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba525 sqft$619+ /sqft
Apt 63207/24/13$336,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$538+ /sqft
Apt 41206/09/14$412,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba530 sqft$777+ /sqft
Apt 20204/24/13$425,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba610 sqft$697+ /sqft
Apt 53508/28/13$440,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba690 sqft$638+ /sqft
Apt 50407/31/14$500,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$800+ /sqft
Apt 23410/21/13$525,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba645 sqft$814+ /sqft
Apt 40305/30/14$545,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$872+ /sqft
Apt 50705/01/13$572,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$916+ /sqft
Apt 71912/10/13$600,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba640 sqft$938+ /sqft
Apt 52903/31/14$636,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba750 sqft$848+ /sqft
Apt 23501/05/15$649,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba690 sqft$941+ /sqft
Apt 30706/10/14$695,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$1112+ /sqft
Apt 60603/13/14$700,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$1120+ /sqft
Apt 70512/01/14$880,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$1408+ /sqft
Apt 208--$451,963Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$861+ /sqft
Apt 318--$452,924Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$855+ /sqft
Apt 534--$452,953Off Market     1.0 ba534 sqft$848+ /sqft
Apt 130--$455,103Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$859+ /sqft
Apt 418--$455,627Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$860+ /sqft
Apt 618--$456,326Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$861+ /sqft
Apt 230--$458,179Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$864+ /sqft
Apt 408--$458,249Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$873+ /sqft
Apt 508--$461,584Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$879+ /sqft
Apt 518--$463,073Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$874+ /sqft
Apt 122--$467,356Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$835+ /sqft
Apt 124--$469,395Off Market     1.0 ba575 sqft$816+ /sqft
Apt 621--$469,788Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$895+ /sqft
Apt 422--$474,941Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$848+ /sqft
Apt 630--$476,680Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$899+ /sqft
Apt 718--$476,680Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$899+ /sqft
Apt 222--$477,930Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$853+ /sqft
Apt 308--$484,282Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$757+ /sqft
Apt 218--$485,193Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$915+ /sqft
Apt 426--$490,522Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$868+ /sqft
Apt 430--$490,653Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$926+ /sqft
Apt 530--$493,081Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$930+ /sqft
Apt 102--$499,030Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$818+ /sqft
Apt 313--$502,656Off Market     1.0 ba900 sqft$559+ /sqft
Apt 620--$505,318Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$902+ /sqft
Apt 525--$509,267Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$893+ /sqft
Apt 330--$512,743Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$967+ /sqft
Apt 203--$513,554Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$822+ /sqft
Apt 332--$517,815Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$829+ /sqft
Apt 104--$520,197Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$832+ /sqft
Apt 608--$523,461Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$997+ /sqft
Apt 424--$525,019Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$929+ /sqft
Apt 624--$527,185Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$925+ /sqft
Apt 109--$529,947Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$848+ /sqft
Apt 323--$531,936Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$933+ /sqft
Apt 304--$538,108Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$861+ /sqft
Apt 205--$538,349Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$861+ /sqft
Apt 105--$539,112Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$863+ /sqft
Apt 209--$542,525Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$868+ /sqft
Apt 201--$543,931Off Market     1.0 ba655 sqft$830+ /sqft
Apt 301--$543,933Off Market     1.0 ba655 sqft$830+ /sqft
Apt 509--$545,246Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$872+ /sqft
Apt 132--$554,589Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$887+ /sqft
Apt 401--$556,555Off Market     1.0 ba655 sqft$850+ /sqft
Apt 329--$557,094Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$870+ /sqft
Apt 429--$557,094Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$870+ /sqft
Apt 302--$562,971Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$923+ /sqft
Apt 619--$564,115Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$881+ /sqft
Apt 204--$564,730Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$904+ /sqft
Apt 406--$565,143Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$904+ /sqft
Apt 319--$566,469Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$885+ /sqft
Apt 334--$567,279Off Market     1.0 ba645 sqft$880+ /sqft
Apt 602--$567,299Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$930+ /sqft
Apt 219--$569,068Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$889+ /sqft
Apt 107--$569,566Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$911+ /sqft
Apt 306--$570,390Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$913+ /sqft
Apt 609--$570,549Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$913+ /sqft
Apt 111--$571,584Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$866+ /sqft
Apt 517--$574,604Off Market     1.0 ba650 sqft$884+ /sqft
Apt 303--$577,161Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$923+ /sqft
Apt 207--$577,681Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$924+ /sqft
Apt 604--$581,068Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$930+ /sqft
Apt 407--$581,574Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$931+ /sqft
Apt 206--$582,668Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$932+ /sqft
Apt 707--$583,261Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$933+ /sqft
Apt 617--$586,302Off Market     1.0 ba650 sqft$902+ /sqft
Apt 417--$586,491Off Market     1.0 ba650 sqft$902+ /sqft
Apt 405--$587,563Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$940+ /sqft
Apt 601--$588,614Off Market     1.0 ba655 sqft$899+ /sqft
Apt 702--$589,290Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$966+ /sqft
Apt 607--$590,597Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$945+ /sqft
Apt 134--$590,928Off Market     1.0 ba645 sqft$916+ /sqft
Apt 110--$592,403Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$859+ /sqft
Apt 501--$594,053Off Market     1.0 ba655 sqft$907+ /sqft
Apt 211--$594,286Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$900+ /sqft
Apt 708--$598,199Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$1139+ /sqft
Apt 217--$607,902Off Market     1.0 ba650 sqft$935+ /sqft
Apt 404--$608,079Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$973+ /sqft
Apt 532--$612,692Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$980+ /sqft
Apt 704--$614,833Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$984+ /sqft
Apt 729--$615,677Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$962+ /sqft
Apt 411--$615,699Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$933+ /sqft
Apt 717--$616,227Off Market     1.0 ba650 sqft$948+ /sqft
Apt 409--$616,478Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$986+ /sqft
Apt 519--$617,883Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$965+ /sqft
Apt 506--$618,903Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$990+ /sqft
Apt 703--$620,029Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$992+ /sqft
Apt 335--$622,439Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$902+ /sqft
Apt 634--$626,838Off Market     1.0 ba645 sqft$972+ /sqft
Apt 410--$628,695Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$911+ /sqft
Apt 435--$633,232Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$918+ /sqft
Apt 310--$646,753Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$937+ /sqft
Apt 311--$652,980Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$989+ /sqft
Apt 610--$670,827Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$972+ /sqft
Apt 723--$691,052Off Market     2.0 ba1,140 sqft$606+ /sqft
Apt 305--$695,684Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$1113+ /sqft
Apt 511--$699,392Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$1060+ /sqft
Apt 510--$701,593Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$1017+ /sqft
Apt 735--$706,901Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$1024+ /sqft
Apt 419--$711,479Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$1112+ /sqft
Apt 434--$712,502Off Market     1.0 ba645 sqft$1105+ /sqft
Apt 711--$721,680Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$1093+ /sqft
Apt 734--$729,274Off Market     1.0 ba645 sqft$1131+ /sqft
Apt 611--$735,697Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$1115+ /sqft
Apt 701--$739,530Off Market     1.0 ba655 sqft$1129+ /sqft
Apt 709--$747,543Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$1196+ /sqft
Apt 710--$747,841Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$1084+ /sqft
Apt 706--$760,047Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$1216+ /sqft
Apt 722--$1,026,835Off Market     2.0 ba1,125 sqft$913+ /sqft
Apt 227--$1,068,212Off Market     2.0 ba1,210 sqft$883+ /sqft
Apt 1B--$560,192Off Market     1.0 ba810 sqft$692+ /sqft
Apt 635--$847,050Off Market     1.0 ba835 sqft$1014+ /sqft
Unit 603&5--$1,064,883Off Market     2.0 ba1,250 sqft$852+ /sqft
Apt 135--$3,160,827Off Market     1.0 ba9,999 sqft$316+ /sqft
Apt 52611/20/12$1Recently Sold     1.0 ba565 sqft$0.00+ /sqft
Apt 52411/20/12$1Recently Sold     1.0 ba565 sqft$0.00+ /sqft
Apt 52211/20/12$1Recently Sold     1.0 ba560 sqft$0.00+ /sqft
Apt 41608/01/12$295,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba455 sqft$648+ /sqft
Apt 52811/22/13$395,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba570 sqft$693+ /sqft
Apt 50207/31/14$500,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba610 sqft$820+ /sqft
Apt 116--$392,259Off Market     1.0 ba455 sqft$862+ /sqft
Apt 316--$394,799Off Market     1.0 ba455 sqft$868+ /sqft
Apt 616--$397,029Off Market     1.0 ba455 sqft$873+ /sqft
Apt 115--$400,432Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$871+ /sqft
Apt 513--$404,393Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$870+ /sqft
Apt 315--$404,429Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$879+ /sqft
Apt 415--$404,936Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$880+ /sqft
Apt 613--$408,118Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$878+ /sqft
Apt 715--$408,916Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$889+ /sqft
Apt 117--$410,411Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$883+ /sqft
Apt 215--$417,561Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$908+ /sqft
Apt 515--$421,454Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$916+ /sqft
Apt 512--$424,404Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$801+ /sqft
Apt 713--$424,703Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$913+ /sqft
Apt 129--$426,024Off Market     1.0 ba495 sqft$861+ /sqft
Apt 521--$437,613Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$834+ /sqft
Apt 421--$437,624Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$834+ /sqft
Apt 213--$440,869Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$948+ /sqft
Apt 220--$448,939Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$802+ /sqft
Apt 224--$450,025Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$797+ /sqft
Apt 120--$455,215Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$813+ /sqft
Apt 612--$455,801Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$860+ /sqft
Apt 228--$457,692Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$803+ /sqft
Apt 221--$458,602Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$874+ /sqft
Apt 712--$461,438Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$871+ /sqft
Apt 520--$463,102Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$827+ /sqft
Apt 126--$463,819Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$821+ /sqft
Apt 322--$466,144Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$832+ /sqft
Apt 226--$467,314Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$827+ /sqft
Apt 326--$469,908Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$832+ /sqft
Apt 324--$471,596Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$835+ /sqft
Apt 730--$473,414Off Market     1.0 ba530 sqft$893+ /sqft
Apt 225--$473,442Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$831+ /sqft
Apt 428--$479,226Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$841+ /sqft
Apt 427--$480,533Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$843+ /sqft
Apt 420--$482,424Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$861+ /sqft
Apt 425--$482,628Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$847+ /sqft
Apt 123--$486,669Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$854+ /sqft
Apt 127--$486,669Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$854+ /sqft
Apt 622--$488,519Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$872+ /sqft
Apt 721--$489,437Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$932+ /sqft
Apt 121--$489,566Off Market     1.0 ba525 sqft$933+ /sqft
Apt 629--$492,119Off Market     1.0 ba495 sqft$994+ /sqft
Apt 125--$497,982Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$874+ /sqft
Apt 626--$505,573Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$895+ /sqft
Apt 720--$506,903Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$905+ /sqft
Apt 128--$510,157Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$895+ /sqft
Apt 627--$511,947Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$898+ /sqft
Apt 623--$512,128Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$898+ /sqft
Apt 628--$519,928Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$912+ /sqft
Apt 328--$522,111Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$916+ /sqft
Apt 223--$529,650Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$929+ /sqft
Apt 728--$530,697Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$931+ /sqft
Apt 625--$531,630Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$933+ /sqft
Apt 423--$532,002Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$933+ /sqft
Apt 527--$532,002Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$933+ /sqft
Apt 725--$542,892Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$952+ /sqft
Apt 727--$543,690Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$954+ /sqft
Apt 325--$545,833Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$958+ /sqft
Apt 523--$546,886Off Market     1.0 ba570 sqft$959+ /sqft
Apt 309--$566,041Off Market     1.0 ba625 sqft$906+ /sqft


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