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20702 El Toro Rd Lake Forest, CA 92630

Building Description

Gorgeous and upgraded condo with great view! Large 1 bedroom with l bath. This beautiful condo features a large living room with a great view. Spacious dining area with a ceiling fan. Fully upgraded kitchen with new cabinets, upgraded appliances and recess lighting. Large bedroom with walk in and linen closets. Fully upgraded bath. Scraped ceiling and fresh paint throughout. Upgraded new tile and carpet flooring throughout ***Washer, dryer and refrigerator are included*** Homeowner association pays for water, trash and outside maintenance. Association pools, spas, Tennis and basketball courts. Close to parks and shopping. To view this property or if you have any question, please call me at 949-887-9095 or email me at patty@pattykarimi.com.

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 301----Foreclosed     1.0 ba686 sqft--+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 24811/06/13$187,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba560 sqft$334+ /sqft
Apt 2805/27/15$218,000Pending     1.0 ba710 sqft$307+ /sqft
Apt 11706/22/15$229,900Pending     1.0 ba710 sqft$324+ /sqft
Apt 11508/07/12$95,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$134+ /sqft
Apt 26110/25/12$100,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba700 sqft$143+ /sqft
Apt 12310/31/13$105,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$148+ /sqft
Apt 21908/15/12$108,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$152+ /sqft
Apt 5309/14/12$109,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba686 sqft$160+ /sqft
Apt 3307/27/12$115,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$162+ /sqft
Apt 15010/15/12$142,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$200+ /sqft
Apt 27702/25/13$167,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$236+ /sqft
Apt 2406/21/13$170,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$239+ /sqft
Apt 10506/10/13$185,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba660 sqft$280+ /sqft
Apt 13209/13/13$190,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba660 sqft$288+ /sqft
Apt 3108/30/13$195,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$275+ /sqft
Apt 28312/22/14$197,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$277+ /sqft
Apt 29307/22/13$199,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba650 sqft$306+ /sqft
Apt 29212/09/13$200,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba650 sqft$308+ /sqft
Apt 505/08/14$200,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$282+ /sqft
Apt 29103/26/15$204,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$287+ /sqft
Apt 6301/22/15$205,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$289+ /sqft
Apt 30012/12/14$205,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$289+ /sqft
Apt 2307/01/14$205,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba600 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 23801/31/14$205,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$289+ /sqft
Apt 26902/07/14$209,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba650 sqft$322+ /sqft
Apt 10009/30/13$210,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$296+ /sqft
Apt 26804/11/14$210,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba610 sqft$344+ /sqft
Apt 18802/03/15$210,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$296+ /sqft
Apt 27602/03/14$212,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba686 sqft$309+ /sqft
Apt 18010/22/13$212,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$299+ /sqft
Apt 18912/23/14$215,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$303+ /sqft
Apt 11803/17/15$217,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$306+ /sqft
Apt 7503/31/14$220,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba610 sqft$361+ /sqft
Apt 26305/16/14$220,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba610 sqft$361+ /sqft
Apt 21206/05/15$243,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 271--$212,766Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$349+ /sqft
Apt 255--$218,508Off Market     1.0 ba562 sqft$389+ /sqft
Apt 241--$218,621Off Market     1.0 ba563 sqft$388+ /sqft
Apt 245--$218,699Off Market     1.0 ba564 sqft$388+ /sqft
Apt 254--$218,730Off Market     1.0 ba564 sqft$388+ /sqft
Apt 262--$218,744Off Market     1.0 ba564 sqft$388+ /sqft
Apt 80--$218,758Off Market     1.0 ba561 sqft$390+ /sqft
Apt 174--$218,790Off Market     1.0 ba556 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 251--$218,801Off Market     1.0 ba556 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 60--$218,805Off Market     1.0 ba563 sqft$389+ /sqft
Apt 249--$218,854Off Market     1.0 ba555 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 58--$218,880Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$391+ /sqft
Apt 79--$218,938Off Market     1.0 ba564 sqft$388+ /sqft
Apt 267--$218,997Off Market     1.0 ba563 sqft$389+ /sqft
Apt 20--$219,028Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$388+ /sqft
Apt 69--$219,045Off Market     1.0 ba561 sqft$390+ /sqft
Apt 70--$219,072Off Market     1.0 ba556 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 165--$219,129Off Market     1.0 ba559 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 247--$219,149Off Market     1.0 ba559 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 265--$219,152Off Market     1.0 ba562 sqft$390+ /sqft
Apt 264--$219,169Off Market     1.0 ba564 sqft$389+ /sqft
Apt 21--$219,213Off Market     1.0 ba559 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 168--$219,250Off Market     1.0 ba557 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 61--$219,406Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$388+ /sqft
Apt 244--$219,494Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 78--$219,587Off Market     1.0 ba565 sqft$389+ /sqft
Apt 246--$219,634Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 176--$219,845Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$360+ /sqft
Apt 253--$220,018Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$393+ /sqft
Apt 59--$220,063Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$393+ /sqft
Apt 163--$220,469Off Market     1.0 ba564 sqft$391+ /sqft
Apt 19--$220,544Off Market     1.0 ba564 sqft$391+ /sqft
Apt 250--$220,584Off Market     1.0 ba561 sqft$393+ /sqft
Apt 242--$220,614Off Market     1.0 ba561 sqft$393+ /sqft
Apt 266--$220,706Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 243--$220,771Off Market     1.0 ba600 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 173--$220,888Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$362+ /sqft
Apt 17--$220,977Off Market     1.0 ba558 sqft$396+ /sqft
Apt 77--$221,224Off Market     1.0 ba561 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 22--$221,265Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 71--$221,277Off Market     1.0 ba561 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 161--$221,311Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$395+ /sqft
Apt 62--$221,373Off Market     1.0 ba563 sqft$393+ /sqft
Apt 57--$221,430Off Market     1.0 ba562 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 68--$221,444Off Market     1.0 ba564 sqft$393+ /sqft
Apt 18--$221,467Off Market     1.0 ba556 sqft$398+ /sqft
Apt 167--$221,475Off Market     1.0 ba560 sqft$395+ /sqft
Apt 162--$221,801Off Market     1.0 ba558 sqft$397+ /sqft
Apt 64--$223,494Off Market     1.0 ba600 sqft$372+ /sqft
Apt 72--$224,101Off Market     1.0 ba611 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 284--$224,302Off Market     1.0 ba650 sqft$345+ /sqft
Apt 44--$224,304Off Market     1.0 ba681 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 164--$224,417Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 125--$224,419Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$327+ /sqft
Apt 38--$224,420Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$327+ /sqft
Apt 102--$224,438Off Market     1.0 ba683 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 6--$224,482Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$327+ /sqft
Apt 43--$224,487Off Market     1.0 ba688 sqft$326+ /sqft
Apt 149--$224,512Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$340+ /sqft
Apt 182--$224,514Off Market     1.0 ba683 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 221--$224,526Off Market     1.0 ba684 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 222--$224,527Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 134--$224,600Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$327+ /sqft
Apt 203--$224,632Off Market     1.0 ba685 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 141--$224,643Off Market     1.0 ba681 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 30--$224,644Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 32--$224,668Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 126--$224,718Off Market     1.0 ba685 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 67--$224,735Off Market     1.0 ba650 sqft$346+ /sqft
Apt 272--$224,850Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$369+ /sqft
Apt 278--$224,860Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$326+ /sqft
Apt 45--$224,902Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 156--$224,912Off Market     1.0 ba689 sqft$326+ /sqft
Apt 46--$224,919Off Market     1.0 ba683 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 205--$224,933Off Market     1.0 ba689 sqft$326+ /sqft
Apt 217--$224,951Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$326+ /sqft
Apt 133--$225,013Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 299--$225,018Off Market     1.0 ba650 sqft$346+ /sqft
Apt 181--$225,037Off Market     1.0 ba685 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 211--$225,175Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 50--$225,184Off Market     1.0 ba681 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 91--$225,198Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 54--$225,218Off Market     1.0 ba689 sqft$327+ /sqft
Apt 157--$225,237Off Market     1.0 ba683 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 104--$225,239Off Market     1.0 ba681 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 29--$225,252Off Market     1.0 ba684 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 229--$225,304Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$327+ /sqft
Apt 92--$225,323Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 3--$225,350Off Market     1.0 ba687 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 107--$225,394Off Market     1.0 ba685 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 116--$225,500Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 140--$225,643Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 230--$225,654Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 192--$225,746Off Market     1.0 ba685 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 191--$225,765Off Market     1.0 ba681 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt 213--$225,799Off Market     1.0 ba683 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 179--$225,815Off Market     1.0 ba687 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 83--$225,842Off Market     1.0 ba685 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 187--$225,912Off Market     1.0 ba684 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 237--$225,949Off Market     1.0 ba688 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 110--$225,964Off Market     1.0 ba681 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt 124--$225,966Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$327+ /sqft
Apt 34--$226,055Off Market     1.0 ba688 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 447--$226,079Off Market     1.0 ba687 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 235--$226,118Off Market     1.0 ba689 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 286--$226,120Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt 285--$226,169Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt 190--$226,190Off Market     1.0 ba686 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 36--$226,206Off Market     1.0 ba660 sqft$343+ /sqft
Apt 184--$226,217Off Market     1.0 ba689 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 12--$226,302Off Market     1.0 ba683 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 275--$226,336Off Market     1.0 ba684 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 109--$226,359Off Market     1.0 ba689 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 214--$226,361Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt 218--$226,445Off Market     1.0 ba688 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 51--$226,453Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt 227--$226,469Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt 131--$226,494Off Market     1.0 ba684 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 27--$226,497Off Market     1.0 ba681 sqft$333+ /sqft
Apt 139--$226,563Off Market     1.0 ba685 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 86--$226,568Off Market     1.0 ba689 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 148--$226,575Off Market     1.0 ba687 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 215--$226,661Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$328+ /sqft
Apt 197--$226,671Off Market     1.0 ba688 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 52--$226,675Off Market     1.0 ba688 sqft$329+ /sqft
Apt 196--$227,106Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 14--$227,146Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 4--$227,413Off Market     1.0 ba695 sqft$327+ /sqft
Apt 37--$227,485Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 195--$227,489Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 180--$227,640Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$321+ /sqft
Apt 270--$227,649Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$321+ /sqft
Apt 204--$228,413Off Market     1.0 ba713 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 158--$228,978Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 49--$229,014Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 236--$229,067Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 155--$229,074Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 42--$229,089Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 302--$229,214Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 13--$229,242Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 142--$229,289Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 147--$229,434Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 175--$229,451Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 99--$229,565Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 41--$229,750Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$324+ /sqft
Apt 93--$229,799Off Market     1.0 ba714 sqft$322+ /sqft
Apt 166--$251,879Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$413+ /sqft
Apt 198--$252,239Off Market     2.0 ba687 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 183--$262,378Off Market     1.0 ba700 sqft$375+ /sqft
Apt 101--$273,865Off Market     1.0 ba689 sqft$397+ /sqft
Apt 35----Off Market     1.0 ba687 sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 25908/02/12$149,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba935 sqft$159+ /sqft
Apt 9807/10/12$192,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba880 sqft$218+ /sqft
Apt 25807/31/12$199,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba935 sqft$213+ /sqft
Apt 14608/05/14$210,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba880 sqft$239+ /sqft
Apt 28912/20/12$221,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba980 sqft$226+ /sqft
Apt 27409/13/13$227,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba916 sqft$248+ /sqft
Apt 29606/18/13$250,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba911 sqft$274+ /sqft
Apt 25706/19/14$255,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba950 sqft$268+ /sqft
Apt 29010/29/13$259,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba935 sqft$277+ /sqft
Apt 27301/06/14$265,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba950 sqft$279+ /sqft
Apt 8106/18/14$266,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba950 sqft$280+ /sqft
Apt 9602/28/14$272,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba950 sqft$287+ /sqft
Apt 17101/17/14$273,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba935 sqft$292+ /sqft
Apt 16010/24/14$282,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba916 sqft$308+ /sqft
Apt 82--$289,486Off Market     2.0 ba911 sqft$318+ /sqft
Apt 25--$290,199Off Market     2.0 ba912 sqft$318+ /sqft
Apt 119--$290,203Off Market     2.0 ba912 sqft$318+ /sqft
Apt 121--$291,458Off Market     2.0 ba914 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 90--$291,669Off Market     2.0 ba914 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 55--$291,789Off Market     2.0 ba916 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 56--$291,939Off Market     2.0 ba914 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 89--$292,205Off Market     2.0 ba916 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 172--$292,245Off Market     2.0 ba915 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 154--$292,309Off Market     2.0 ba917 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 39--$292,381Off Market     2.0 ba915 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 234--$292,495Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$318+ /sqft
Apt 232--$292,514Off Market     2.0 ba920 sqft$318+ /sqft
Apt 159--$292,546Off Market     2.0 ba918 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 239--$292,568Off Market     2.0 ba914 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 10--$292,786Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 295--$292,794Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 152--$293,032Off Market     2.0 ba917 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 73--$293,274Off Market     2.0 ba918 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 114--$293,302Off Market     2.0 ba916 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 233--$293,340Off Market     2.0 ba918 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 298--$293,374Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 224--$293,400Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$319+ /sqft
Apt 223--$294,638Off Market     2.0 ba920 sqft$320+ /sqft
Apt 111--$295,490Off Market     2.0 ba880 sqft$336+ /sqft
Apt 128--$296,523Off Market     2.0 ba880 sqft$337+ /sqft
Apt 137--$305,400Off Market     2.0 ba913 sqft$335+ /sqft
Apt 65--$305,592Off Market     2.0 ba912 sqft$335+ /sqft
Apt 122--$306,763Off Market     2.0 ba911 sqft$337+ /sqft
Apt 145--$308,476Off Market     2.0 ba911 sqft$339+ /sqft
Apt 143--$308,598Off Market     2.0 ba911 sqft$339+ /sqft
Apt 8--$308,717Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$336+ /sqft
Apt 288--$309,090Off Market     2.0 ba912 sqft$339+ /sqft
Apt 200--$309,101Off Market     2.0 ba912 sqft$339+ /sqft
Apt 87--$309,883Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$337+ /sqft
Apt 194--$310,434Off Market     2.0 ba912 sqft$340+ /sqft
Apt 138--$311,069Off Market     2.0 ba914 sqft$340+ /sqft
Apt 225--$311,112Off Market     2.0 ba916 sqft$340+ /sqft
Apt 136--$311,324Off Market     2.0 ba915 sqft$340+ /sqft
Apt 26--$311,340Off Market     2.0 ba913 sqft$341+ /sqft
Apt 151--$311,509Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$339+ /sqft
Apt 199--$311,619Off Market     2.0 ba915 sqft$341+ /sqft
Apt 208--$312,522Off Market     2.0 ba913 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 7--$313,069Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$341+ /sqft
Apt 178--$313,122Off Market     2.0 ba935 sqft$335+ /sqft
Apt 201--$313,157Off Market     2.0 ba916 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 185--$313,222Off Market     2.0 ba914 sqft$343+ /sqft
Apt 97--$313,244Off Market     2.0 ba918 sqft$341+ /sqft
Apt 112--$313,299Off Market     2.0 ba918 sqft$341+ /sqft
Apt 297--$313,314Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$341+ /sqft
Apt 177--$313,433Off Market     2.0 ba914 sqft$343+ /sqft
Apt 303--$313,875Off Market     2.0 ba915 sqft$343+ /sqft
Apt 127--$313,980Off Market     2.0 ba918 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 113--$314,122Off Market     2.0 ba930 sqft$338+ /sqft
Apt 9--$314,156Off Market     2.0 ba920 sqft$341+ /sqft
Apt 144--$314,256Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 186--$314,393Off Market     2.0 ba915 sqft$344+ /sqft
Apt 15--$314,473Off Market     2.0 ba920 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 47--$314,540Off Market     2.0 ba915 sqft$344+ /sqft
Apt 2--$314,759Off Market     2.0 ba914 sqft$344+ /sqft
Apt 74--$314,762Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$343+ /sqft
Apt 209--$315,466Off Market     2.0 ba920 sqft$343+ /sqft
Apt 279--$315,603Off Market     2.0 ba918 sqft$344+ /sqft
Apt 66--$315,694Off Market     2.0 ba919 sqft$344+ /sqft
Apt 95--$317,201Off Market     2.0 ba920 sqft$345+ /sqft
Apt 88--$318,471Off Market     2.0 ba920 sqft$346+ /sqft
Apt 202--$323,412Off Market     2.0 ba950 sqft$340+ /sqft
Apt 1--$324,181Off Market     2.0 ba880 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 170--$332,777Off Market     1.0 ba935 sqft$356+ /sqft
Apt 281--$334,251Off Market     2.0 ba952 sqft$351+ /sqft
Apt 202--$334,647Off Market     2.0 ba960 sqft$349+ /sqft
Apt 169--$338,176Off Market     2.0 ba950 sqft$356+ /sqft
Apt 210--$338,255Off Market     2.0 ba952 sqft$355+ /sqft
Apt 135--$340,405Off Market     2.0 ba950 sqft$358+ /sqft
Apt 282--$341,569Off Market     2.0 ba956 sqft$357+ /sqft
Apt 120--$342,658Off Market     2.0 ba960 sqft$357+ /sqft
Apt 153--$345,856Off Market     2.0 ba950 sqft$364+ /sqft
Apt 287--$347,107Off Market     2.0 ba950 sqft$365+ /sqft
Apt 129--$348,876Off Market     2.0 ba960 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 130--$349,105Off Market     2.0 ba950 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 280--$352,853Off Market     2.0 ba950 sqft$371+ /sqft
Apt 40--$352,912Off Market     2.0 ba950 sqft$371+ /sqft
Apt 260--$356,519Off Market     2.0 ba1,000 sqft$357+ /sqft


Nearby Schools in Orange

GreatSchools ratings give an overview of a school's test results. The ratings are based on a comparison of test results for all schools in the state.

Disclaimer: School attendance zone boundaries are supplied by Maponics and are subject to change. Check with the applicable school district prior to making a decision based on these boundaries.

Data by GreatSchools.org

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