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247 W 46th St New York, NY 10036

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 30204/23/15$3,300For Rent     1.0 ba600 sqft$5.50+ /sqft
Apt 30112/29/14$3,700For Rent     1.0 ba869 sqft$4.26+ /sqft
# 290104/10/15$4,700For Rent     1.5 ba988 sqft$4.76+ /sqft
Apt 220604/03/15$4,800For Rent     1.5 ba890 sqft$5.39+ /sqft
# 2001RENTAL12/18/14$4,800For Rent     1.5 ba988 sqft$4.86+ /sqft
Apt 280203/24/15$4,900For Rent     1.5 ba998 sqft$4.91+ /sqft
Apt 210205/05/15$5,195For Rent     1.5 ba1,000 sqft$5.20+ /sqft
Apt 60610/13/14$1,150,000For Sale     1.5 ba890 sqft$1292+ /sqft
Apt 60103/24/14$1,400,000For Sale     1.5 ba1,000 sqft$1400+ /sqft
Apt 250111/25/14$1,650,000For Sale     1.5 ba968 sqft$1705+ /sqft
Apt 200112/18/14$1,740,000For Sale     1.5 ba988 sqft$1761+ /sqft
Apt 410404/29/15$1,750,000For Sale     1.5 ba1,001 sqft$1748+ /sqft
Apt 310109/05/14$1,780,000For Sale     1.5 ba988 sqft$1802+ /sqft
Apt 170304/15/15$7,000For Rent     2.5 ba1,391 sqft$5.03+ /sqft
Apt 70301/06/15$7,000For Rent     2.5 ba1,391 sqft$5.03+ /sqft
Apt 230304/18/15$7,000For Rent     2.5 ba1,391 sqft$5.03+ /sqft
Apt 400303/11/15$7,600For Rent     2.5 ba1,308 sqft$5.81+ /sqft
Apt 100310/31/13$8,500For Rent     2.5 ba1,400 sqft$6.07+ /sqft
Apt 340403/20/15$2,750,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,308 sqft$2102+ /sqft
247 W 46th St09/02/14$18,888,800For Sale     4.0 ba4,333 sqft$4359+ /sqft
Apt 4001----     -- ba1,450 sqft--+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 20204/18/13$705,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba600 sqft$1175+ /sqft
Apt 40409/12/12$730,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba609 sqft$1199+ /sqft
Apt 20405/28/14$840,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba609 sqft$1379+ /sqft
Apt 304--$886,646Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$1454+ /sqft
Apt 202--$886,663Off Market     1.0 ba610 sqft$1454+ /sqft
Apt 120509/27/14$1,080,000Pending     1.0 ba748 sqft$1444+ /sqft
Apt 30704/25/13$925,100Recently Sold     1.0 ba751 sqft$1232+ /sqft
Apt 110501/28/14$1,010,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba748 sqft$1350+ /sqft
Apt 70509/29/14$1,045,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba750 sqft$1393+ /sqft
Apt 180608/06/12$1,046,475Recently Sold     1.5 ba890 sqft$1176+ /sqft
Apt 230505/30/13$1,050,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba748 sqft$1404+ /sqft
Apt 190405/15/12$1,190,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba951 sqft$1251+ /sqft
Apt 150206/21/12$1,225,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba1,000 sqft$1225+ /sqft
Apt 20503/13/15$1,300,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba1,005 sqft$1294+ /sqft
Apt 110606/02/14$1,305,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba890 sqft$1466+ /sqft
Apt 190205/31/13$1,320,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba999 sqft$1321+ /sqft
Apt 70412/23/14$1,320,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba951 sqft$1388+ /sqft
Apt 100608/21/14$1,370,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba890 sqft$1539+ /sqft
Apt 90107/19/13$1,398,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba988 sqft$1415+ /sqft
Apt 90601/29/14$1,420,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba890 sqft$1596+ /sqft
Apt 80210/16/14$1,440,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba999 sqft$1441+ /sqft
Apt 120204/21/14$1,490,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba999 sqft$1491+ /sqft
Apt 230212/30/14$1,494,800Recently Sold     1.5 ba999 sqft$1496+ /sqft
Apt 170206/17/14$1,500,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba995 sqft$1508+ /sqft
Apt 250205/12/14$1,500,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba999 sqft$1502+ /sqft
Apt 200201/16/14$1,580,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba999 sqft$1582+ /sqft
Apt 300110/04/13$1,600,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba988 sqft$1619+ /sqft
Apt 270208/29/14$1,620,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,000 sqft$1620+ /sqft
Apt 290209/14/13$1,645,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba1,000 sqft$1645+ /sqft
Apt 330106/11/14$1,650,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba968 sqft$1705+ /sqft
Apt 300207/08/14$1,825,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba999 sqft$1827+ /sqft
Apt 1905--$1,115,861Off Market     1.0 ba748 sqft$1492+ /sqft
Apt 1405--$1,129,955Off Market     1.0 ba748 sqft$1511+ /sqft
Apt 1505--$1,159,024Off Market     1.0 ba748 sqft$1549+ /sqft
Apt 905--$1,159,746Off Market     1.0 ba750 sqft$1546+ /sqft
Apt 1005--$1,159,864Off Market     1.0 ba750 sqft$1546+ /sqft
Apt 2405--$1,160,679Off Market     1.0 ba748 sqft$1552+ /sqft
Apt 407--$1,175,729Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$1566+ /sqft
Apt 1002--$1,197,230Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1198+ /sqft
Apt 306--$1,274,092Off Market     1.0 ba813 sqft$1567+ /sqft
Apt 1106--$1,276,913Off Market     1.5 ba890 sqft$1435+ /sqft
Apt 1605--$1,326,427Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1773+ /sqft
Apt 704--$1,326,943Off Market     1.5 ba951 sqft$1395+ /sqft
Apt 1202--$1,334,056Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1335+ /sqft
Apt 2501--$1,345,325Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1362+ /sqft
Apt 801--$1,357,428Off Market     1.5 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 601--$1,388,222Off Market     1.5 ba988 sqft$1405+ /sqft
Apt 1606--$1,422,536Off Market     1.5 ba890 sqft$1598+ /sqft
Apt 2006--$1,475,294Off Market     1.5 ba890 sqft$1658+ /sqft
Apt 2506--$1,479,952Off Market     1.5 ba890 sqft$1663+ /sqft
Apt 1706--$1,483,033Off Market     1.5 ba890 sqft$1666+ /sqft
Apt 1002--$1,560,676Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1562+ /sqft
Apt 1802--$1,587,620Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1589+ /sqft
Apt 1404--$1,614,992Off Market     1.5 ba951 sqft$1698+ /sqft
Apt 1004--$1,615,277Off Market     1.5 ba951 sqft$1699+ /sqft
Apt 3201--$1,637,010Off Market     1.5 ba988 sqft$1657+ /sqft
Apt 1504--$1,638,855Off Market     1.5 ba980 sqft$1672+ /sqft
Apt 2701--$1,640,425Off Market     1.5 ba988 sqft$1660+ /sqft
Apt 1402--$1,646,015Off Market     1.5 ba998 sqft$1649+ /sqft
Apt 801--$1,649,099Off Market     1.5 ba951 sqft$1734+ /sqft
Apt 3402--$1,652,952Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1655+ /sqft
Apt 2402--$1,655,472Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1657+ /sqft
Apt 1901--$1,656,530Off Market     1.5 ba988 sqft$1677+ /sqft
Apt 2202--$1,658,626Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1660+ /sqft
Apt 1401--$1,664,437Off Market     1.5 ba988 sqft$1685+ /sqft
Apt 3501--$1,665,276Off Market     1.5 ba988 sqft$1686+ /sqft
Apt 3804--$1,674,003Off Market     1.5 ba1,000 sqft$1674+ /sqft
Apt 1201--$1,690,747Off Market     1.5 ba1,000 sqft$1691+ /sqft
Apt 1701--$1,703,331Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1724+ /sqft
Apt 3502--$1,819,763Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1822+ /sqft
Apt 3601--$1,876,016Off Market     1.5 ba988 sqft$1899+ /sqft
Apt 3602--$7,048,683Off Market     1.5 ba2,440 sqft$2889+ /sqft
Apt 30802/13/15$1,100,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba800 sqft$1375+ /sqft
Apt 140301/08/13$1,865,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,391 sqft$1341+ /sqft
Apt 120305/07/12$1,960,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,400 sqft$1400+ /sqft
Apt 280502/19/14$2,130,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,311 sqft$1625+ /sqft
Apt 320407/02/13$2,135,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,391 sqft$1535+ /sqft
Apt 220312/10/13$2,215,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,391 sqft$1592+ /sqft
Apt 240301/06/15$2,320,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,391 sqft$1668+ /sqft
Apt 380310/15/14$2,350,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,308 sqft$1797+ /sqft
Apt 410105/06/13$2,450,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,450 sqft$1690+ /sqft
Apt 410301/30/15$2,600,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,306 sqft$1991+ /sqft
Apt 602--$1,566,985Off Market     1.5 ba999 sqft$1569+ /sqft
Apt 1003--$2,361,655Off Market     3.0 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 2904--$2,365,749Off Market     2.5 ba1,306 sqft$1811+ /sqft
Apt 3304--$2,457,026Off Market     2.5 ba1,308 sqft$1878+ /sqft
Apt 803--$2,458,128Off Market     2.5 ba1,400 sqft$1756+ /sqft
Apt 2603--$2,464,439Off Market     2.5 ba1,400 sqft$1760+ /sqft
Apt 2804--$2,470,553Off Market     2.5 ba1,308 sqft$1889+ /sqft
Apt 3405--$2,475,733Off Market     2.5 ba1,311 sqft$1888+ /sqft
Apt 3703--$2,538,906Off Market     2.5 ba1,308 sqft$1941+ /sqft
Apt 3605--$2,539,884Off Market     2.5 ba1,308 sqft$1942+ /sqft
Apt 3903--$2,540,363Off Market     2.5 ba1,308 sqft$1942+ /sqft
Apt 2003--$2,541,192Off Market     2.5 ba1,400 sqft$1815+ /sqft
Apt 3604--$2,549,506Off Market     2.5 ba1,311 sqft$1945+ /sqft
Apt 2905--$2,549,596Off Market     2.5 ba1,311 sqft$1945+ /sqft
Apt 3403--$2,607,034Off Market     2.5 ba1,400 sqft$1862+ /sqft
Apt 4001--$2,623,702Off Market     2.5 ba1,450 sqft$1809+ /sqft
Apt 4201--$2,824,149Off Market     2.5 ba1,450 sqft$1948+ /sqft
Apt 4002--$2,833,364Off Market     2.5 ba1,488 sqft$1904+ /sqft
Apt 3802--$3,195,145Off Market     2.5 ba1,488 sqft$2147+ /sqft
Apt 3701--$6,735,195Off Market     3.5 ba2,451 sqft$2748+ /sqft
Ph 1--$10,467,249Off Market     4.0 ba3,525 sqft$2969+ /sqft
Ph 2--$11,949,943Off Market     4.0 ba4,300 sqft$2779+ /sqft
Apt 30410/04/13$755,000Recently Sold     -- ba609 sqft$1240+ /sqft
Apt 30303/17/14$785,000Recently Sold     -- ba611 sqft$1285+ /sqft
Apt 250506/04/13$999,000Recently Sold     -- ba748 sqft$1336+ /sqft
Apt 70201/08/13$1,050,000Recently Sold     -- ba999 sqft$1051+ /sqft
Apt 160211/20/12$1,195,000Recently Sold     -- ba999 sqft$1196+ /sqft
Apt 200405/07/13$1,240,000Recently Sold     -- ba951 sqft$1304+ /sqft
Apt 80409/25/12$1,250,000Recently Sold     -- ba951 sqft$1314+ /sqft
Apt 250408/30/12$1,300,000Recently Sold     -- ba951 sqft$1367+ /sqft
Apt 260109/22/14$1,740,000Recently Sold     -- ba988 sqft$1761+ /sqft
Apt 330506/05/12$1,750,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,311 sqft$1335+ /sqft
Apt 160306/21/13$1,908,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,391 sqft$1372+ /sqft
Apt 300305/22/12$2,040,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,400 sqft$1457+ /sqft
Apt 207--$1,008,976Off Market     -- ba547 sqft$1845+ /sqft
Apt 203--$1,011,068Off Market     -- ba611 sqft$1655+ /sqft
Apt 403--$1,011,542Off Market     -- ba611 sqft$1656+ /sqft
Apt 402--$1,013,910Off Market     -- ba600 sqft$1690+ /sqft
Apt 805--$1,195,993Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1599+ /sqft
Apt 605--$1,196,027Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1599+ /sqft
Apt 1705--$1,201,498Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1606+ /sqft
Apt 2005--$1,202,319Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1607+ /sqft
Apt 1805--$1,203,525Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1609+ /sqft
Apt 2105--$1,204,570Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1610+ /sqft
Apt 2205--$1,207,725Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1615+ /sqft
Apt 2605--$1,210,403Off Market     -- ba748 sqft$1618+ /sqft
Apt 408--$1,310,628Off Market     -- ba800 sqft$1638+ /sqft
Apt 406--$1,337,747Off Market     -- ba813 sqft$1645+ /sqft
Apt 206--$1,339,699Off Market     -- ba813 sqft$1648+ /sqft
Apt 401--$1,419,716Off Market     -- ba837 sqft$1696+ /sqft
Apt 201--$1,433,902Off Market     -- ba869 sqft$1650+ /sqft
Apt 706--$1,436,621Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1614+ /sqft
Apt 806--$1,440,383Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1618+ /sqft
Apt 1506--$1,441,578Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1620+ /sqft
Apt 1406--$1,441,701Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1620+ /sqft
Apt 1206--$1,443,413Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1622+ /sqft
Apt 1906--$1,445,835Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1625+ /sqft
Apt 2106--$1,447,123Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1626+ /sqft
Apt 2606--$1,453,986Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1634+ /sqft
Apt 2406--$1,454,533Off Market     -- ba890 sqft$1634+ /sqft
Apt 1104--$1,610,975Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1694+ /sqft
Apt 2104--$1,611,201Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1694+ /sqft
Apt 904--$1,611,368Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1694+ /sqft
Apt 1804--$1,611,650Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1695+ /sqft
Apt 604--$1,612,208Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1695+ /sqft
Apt 1704--$1,613,311Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1696+ /sqft
Apt 2404--$1,614,272Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1697+ /sqft
Apt 1204--$1,615,145Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1698+ /sqft
Apt 1604--$1,617,083Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1700+ /sqft
Apt 2604--$1,617,480Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1701+ /sqft
Apt 2204--$1,618,397Off Market     -- ba951 sqft$1702+ /sqft
Apt 1102--$1,646,429Off Market     -- ba999 sqft$1648+ /sqft
Apt 2602--$1,649,918Off Market     -- ba999 sqft$1652+ /sqft
Apt 902--$1,651,776Off Market     -- ba999 sqft$1653+ /sqft
Apt 3302--$1,651,945Off Market     -- ba999 sqft$1654+ /sqft
Apt 3202--$1,652,071Off Market     -- ba999 sqft$1654+ /sqft
Apt 3102--$1,658,082Off Market     -- ba999 sqft$1660+ /sqft
Apt 305--$1,659,487Off Market     -- ba1,005 sqft$1651+ /sqft
Apt 405--$1,663,778Off Market     -- ba1,005 sqft$1656+ /sqft
Apt 2101--$1,684,727Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1705+ /sqft
Apt 2901--$1,687,799Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1708+ /sqft
Apt 2201--$1,688,667Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1709+ /sqft
Apt 2801--$1,689,925Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1710+ /sqft
Apt 701--$1,690,569Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1711+ /sqft
Apt 1801--$1,691,809Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1712+ /sqft
Apt 3401--$1,691,814Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1712+ /sqft
Apt 2401--$1,691,967Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1713+ /sqft
Apt 1001--$1,692,236Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1713+ /sqft
Apt 1501--$1,694,193Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1715+ /sqft
Apt 1601--$1,694,806Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1715+ /sqft
Apt 2301--$1,695,002Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1716+ /sqft
Apt 1101--$1,695,124Off Market     -- ba988 sqft$1716+ /sqft
Apt 4204--$1,766,676Off Market     -- ba1,001 sqft$1765+ /sqft
Apt 3904--$1,770,276Off Market     -- ba1,001 sqft$1769+ /sqft
Apt 208--$1,819,087Off Market     -- ba1,024 sqft$1776+ /sqft
Apt 3105--$2,408,502Off Market     -- ba1,311 sqft$1837+ /sqft
Apt 3005--$2,408,674Off Market     -- ba1,311 sqft$1837+ /sqft
Apt 2705--$2,408,741Off Market     -- ba1,311 sqft$1837+ /sqft
Apt 3505--$2,411,507Off Market     -- ba1,311 sqft$1839+ /sqft
Apt 3004--$2,424,351Off Market     -- ba1,308 sqft$1853+ /sqft
Apt 3104--$2,426,282Off Market     -- ba1,308 sqft$1855+ /sqft
Apt 2704--$2,427,935Off Market     -- ba1,308 sqft$1856+ /sqft
Apt 3504--$2,429,481Off Market     -- ba1,308 sqft$1857+ /sqft
Apt 4203--$2,432,379Off Market     -- ba1,308 sqft$1860+ /sqft
Apt 2103--$2,462,390Off Market     -- ba1,391 sqft$1770+ /sqft
Apt 903--$2,463,697Off Market     -- ba1,391 sqft$1771+ /sqft
Apt 1103--$2,464,032Off Market     -- ba1,391 sqft$1771+ /sqft
Apt 603--$2,464,503Off Market     -- ba1,391 sqft$1772+ /sqft
Apt 1503--$2,465,407Off Market     -- ba1,391 sqft$1772+ /sqft
Apt 1803--$2,466,350Off Market     -- ba1,391 sqft$1773+ /sqft
Apt 2503--$2,466,412Off Market     -- ba1,391 sqft$1773+ /sqft
Apt 1903--$2,466,590Off Market     -- ba1,391 sqft$1773+ /sqft
Apt 2703--$2,479,678Off Market     -- ba1,400 sqft$1771+ /sqft
Apt 3103--$2,481,683Off Market     -- ba1,400 sqft$1773+ /sqft
Apt 2803--$2,481,778Off Market     -- ba1,400 sqft$1773+ /sqft
Apt 2903--$2,482,276Off Market     -- ba1,400 sqft$1773+ /sqft
Apt 3203--$2,482,464Off Market     -- ba1,400 sqft$1773+ /sqft
Apt 3303--$2,483,021Off Market     -- ba1,400 sqft$1774+ /sqft
Apt 3503--$2,483,556Off Market     -- ba1,400 sqft$1774+ /sqft
Apt 3901--$2,623,082Off Market     -- ba1,450 sqft$1809+ /sqft
Apt 3801--$2,623,239Off Market     -- ba1,450 sqft$1809+ /sqft
Apt 3702--$2,747,221Off Market     -- ba1,488 sqft$1846+ /sqft
Apt 4102--$2,747,348Off Market     -- ba1,488 sqft$1846+ /sqft
Apt 3902--$2,747,419Off Market     -- ba1,488 sqft$1846+ /sqft
Apt 4202--$2,747,425Off Market     -- ba1,488 sqft$1846+ /sqft
Apt 2405----Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 407----Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft


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