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28107 Perdido Beach Blvd Orange Beach, AL 36561

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt D70102/20/15$432,500For Sale     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$270+ /sqft
# 80905/29/14$434,900For Sale     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$271+ /sqft
Apt D20803/19/15$435,000For Sale     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$272+ /sqft
Apt D60909/09/14$437,500For Sale     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$273+ /sqft
Apt D31603/19/15$445,000For Sale     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$278+ /sqft
Apt D110902/12/15$465,000For Sale     2.0 ba1,400 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt D50901/07/15$499,000For Sale     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$311+ /sqft
Apt D31206/13/14$482,000For Sale     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$262+ /sqft
Apt D50409/11/14$535,000For Sale     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$291+ /sqft
# 50312/15/14$535,000For Sale     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$298+ /sqft
# DPH1103/18/15$549,000For Sale     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$306+ /sqft
# 0503/10/15$549,000For Sale     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$299+ /sqft
28107 Perdido Beach Blvd01/20/15$549,000For Sale     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$299+ /sqft
# 50510/08/14$559,900For Sale     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$304+ /sqft
# D-P1403/19/15$575,000For Sale     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$320+ /sqft
# D-P303/19/15$580,000For Sale     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt D41008/15/14$645,000For Sale     4.0 ba2,380 sqft$271+ /sqft
Apt D51503/17/15$650,000For Sale     4.0 ba2,380 sqft$273+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt D60102/06/14$391,100Recently Sold     -- ba1,602 sqft$244+ /sqft
Apt D30910/22/13$395,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$247+ /sqft
Apt D30105/05/14$417,500Recently Sold     -- ba1,602 sqft$261+ /sqft
# D04/10/14$487,100Recently Sold     -- ba1,602 sqft$304+ /sqft
Apt D816--$256,802Off Market     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$160+ /sqft
Apt D909--$262,919Off Market     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$164+ /sqft
Apt D301--$264,928Off Market     2.0 ba1,600 sqft$166+ /sqft
Apt D716--$265,379Off Market     2.0 ba1,600 sqft$166+ /sqft
Apt D516--$269,577Off Market     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$168+ /sqft
Apt D501--$312,681Off Market     2.0 ba1,630 sqft$192+ /sqft
Apt D308--$405,195Off Market     2.0 ba1,602 sqft$253+ /sqft
Apt D401--$434,177Off Market     -- ba1,602 sqft$271+ /sqft
Apt D1008--$434,185Off Market     -- ba1,602 sqft$271+ /sqft
Apt D0609--$434,207Off Market     -- ba1,602 sqft$271+ /sqft
Apt D416--$438,038Off Market     -- ba1,602 sqft$273+ /sqft
Apt D1009--$438,044Off Market     -- ba1,602 sqft$273+ /sqft
Apt D1201--$438,074Off Market     -- ba1,602 sqft$273+ /sqft
Apt D61101/22/13$385,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,796 sqft$214+ /sqft
# D-P1201/09/13$425,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,839 sqft$231+ /sqft
Apt D100505/07/14$432,200Recently Sold     -- ba1,839 sqft$235+ /sqft
Apt D110601/08/13$465,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,796 sqft$259+ /sqft
# D11110/11/13$481,700Recently Sold     -- ba1,839 sqft$262+ /sqft
Apt D121304/10/14$487,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,839 sqft$265+ /sqft
Apt D1106--$358,848Off Market     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$200+ /sqft
Apt D1111--$361,725Off Market     3.0 ba1,776 sqft$204+ /sqft
Apt D912--$365,584Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$199+ /sqft
Apt D413--$366,376Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$199+ /sqft
Apt D403--$366,740Off Market     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$204+ /sqft
Apt D904--$366,764Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$199+ /sqft
Apt D614--$367,021Off Market     3.0 ba1,800 sqft$204+ /sqft
Apt D712--$373,568Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$203+ /sqft
Apt D505--$373,568Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$203+ /sqft
Apt D1212--$373,580Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$203+ /sqft
Apt D606--$377,862Off Market     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$210+ /sqft
Apt D1214--$378,674Off Market     3.0 ba1,776 sqft$213+ /sqft
Apt D806--$385,448Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$210+ /sqft
Apt D304--$385,450Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$210+ /sqft
Apt D407--$412,413Off Market     3.5 ba2,380 sqft$173+ /sqft
Apt D715--$442,120Off Market     4.0 ba2,388 sqft$185+ /sqft
Apt D602--$443,006Off Market     4.0 ba2,380 sqft$186+ /sqft
Apt D107--$444,330Off Market     4.0 ba2,102 sqft$211+ /sqft
Apt D305--$480,376Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$261+ /sqft
Apt DP14--$520,278Off Market     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$290+ /sqft
Apt D603--$520,377Off Market     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$290+ /sqft
Apt D1003--$521,549Off Market     3.0 ba1,796 sqft$290+ /sqft
Apt D205--$522,847Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$284+ /sqft
# D-P11--$526,233Off Market     -- ba1,796 sqft$293+ /sqft
Apt D514--$526,244Off Market     -- ba1,796 sqft$293+ /sqft
Apt D1014--$526,260Off Market     -- ba1,796 sqft$293+ /sqft
Apt D506--$526,270Off Market     -- ba1,796 sqft$293+ /sqft
Apt D1105--$526,564Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
Apt D1013--$526,564Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
Apt D1004--$526,664Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
Apt D505--$526,684Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
Apt D613--$526,738Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
# D-P13--$526,742Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
Apt D1104--$526,759Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
Apt D913--$526,775Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
Apt D412--$526,787Off Market     -- ba1,839 sqft$286+ /sqft
Apt D204--$527,990Off Market     3.0 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt D1114--$530,626Off Market     -- ba1,796 sqft$295+ /sqft
Apt D1205--$538,121Off Market     3.0 ba1,839 sqft$293+ /sqft
Apt D1207--$589,649Off Market     3.5 ba2,380 sqft$248+ /sqft
Apt D810--$594,429Off Market     4.0 ba2,380 sqft$250+ /sqft
# D-P10--$610,076Off Market     -- ba2,380 sqft$256+ /sqft
Apt D1202--$610,120Off Market     -- ba2,380 sqft$256+ /sqft
Apt D1007--$610,134Off Market     -- ba2,380 sqft$256+ /sqft
Apt D1110--$626,114Off Market     4.0 ba2,380 sqft$263+ /sqft
# D-30011/01/13$356,000Recently Sold     -- ba408 sqft$873+ /sqft


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