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30 E 85th St New York, NY 10028

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 4J03/18/15$4,500For Rent     1.0 ba643 sqft$7.00+ /sqft
Apt 6E03/27/15$1,795,000For Sale     1.5 ba860 sqft$2087+ /sqft
Apt 3C10/13/14$7,850For Rent     2.0 ba1,250 sqft$6.28+ /sqft
Apt 5E08/01/14$8,500For Rent     2.0 ba1,239 sqft$6.86+ /sqft
Apt 22B03/20/15$5,750,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,695 sqft$3392+ /sqft
30 E 85th St03/19/15$50,000For Rent     6.0 ba1,200 sqft$42+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 5J--$1,097,598Off Market     1.0 ba643 sqft$1707+ /sqft
Apt 4F--$1,124,064Off Market     1.0 ba651 sqft$1727+ /sqft
Apt 5F--$1,181,886Off Market     1.0 ba651 sqft$1815+ /sqft
Apt 8A--$1,764,397Off Market     1.5 ba860 sqft$2052+ /sqft
Apt 15D--$2,201,070Off Market     1.5 ba1,100 sqft$2001+ /sqft
Apt 8C--$2,661,892Off Market     2.0 ba1,250 sqft$2130+ /sqft
Apt 4C08/07/14$2,250,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,246 sqft$1806+ /sqft
Apt 9C02/18/14$2,375,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,246 sqft$1906+ /sqft
Apt 4E01/03/15$2,700,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,239 sqft$2179+ /sqft
Apt 11D01/30/13$6,800,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba3,170 sqft$2145+ /sqft
Apt 9D--$2,344,876Off Market     2.0 ba1,154 sqft$2032+ /sqft
Apt 7B--$2,647,297Off Market     2.0 ba1,326 sqft$1996+ /sqft
Apt 25A--$3,672,320Off Market     2.5 ba1,445 sqft$2541+ /sqft
Apt 20A01/23/15$7,380,000Recently Sold     3.5 ba2,070 sqft$3565+ /sqft
Apt 5G--$5,157,847Off Market     3.0 ba2,000 sqft$2579+ /sqft
Apt 6D--$7,402,854Off Market     4.5 ba2,500 sqft$2961+ /sqft
# 10F09/04/14$5,075,000Recently Sold     -- ba860 sqft$5901+ /sqft
# 10E09/04/14$5,075,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,318 sqft$3851+ /sqft
Apt 16B02/24/14$5,500,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,923 sqft$2860+ /sqft
Apt 3K--$1,059,949Off Market     -- ba625 sqft$1696+ /sqft
Apt 3J--$1,093,602Off Market     -- ba643 sqft$1701+ /sqft
Apt 4K--$1,111,451Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$1659+ /sqft
Apt 3F--$1,119,733Off Market     -- ba655 sqft$1710+ /sqft
Apt 3D--$1,257,851Off Market     -- ba766 sqft$1642+ /sqft
Apt 4D--$1,312,530Off Market     -- ba806 sqft$1628+ /sqft
Apt 5D--$1,313,414Off Market     -- ba806 sqft$1630+ /sqft
# 11C--$1,383,335Off Market     -- ba854 sqft$1620+ /sqft
Apt 10D--$1,399,181Off Market     -- ba843 sqft$1660+ /sqft
# 13B--$1,415,696Off Market     -- ba851 sqft$1664+ /sqft
Apt 14B--$1,423,980Off Market     -- ba851 sqft$1673+ /sqft
Apt 14C--$1,424,292Off Market     -- ba851 sqft$1674+ /sqft
Apt 3A--$1,428,705Off Market     -- ba865 sqft$1652+ /sqft
Apt 7A--$1,429,623Off Market     -- ba860 sqft$1662+ /sqft
# 10A--$1,435,944Off Market     -- ba860 sqft$1670+ /sqft
Apt 9A--$1,436,659Off Market     -- ba860 sqft$1671+ /sqft
Apt 3H--$1,439,503Off Market     -- ba891 sqft$1616+ /sqft
# 11A--$1,439,555Off Market     -- ba860 sqft$1674+ /sqft
Apt 4H--$1,441,466Off Market     -- ba891 sqft$1618+ /sqft
Apt 5H--$1,447,767Off Market     -- ba891 sqft$1625+ /sqft
# 13C--$1,502,942Off Market     -- ba925 sqft$1625+ /sqft
Apt 14A--$1,926,063Off Market     -- ba1,036 sqft$1859+ /sqft
# 13A--$2,079,407Off Market     -- ba1,036 sqft$2007+ /sqft
# 15A--$2,093,961Off Market     -- ba1,036 sqft$2021+ /sqft
Apt 13D--$2,100,378Off Market     -- ba1,032 sqft$2035+ /sqft
Apt 14D--$2,106,226Off Market     -- ba1,032 sqft$2041+ /sqft
Apt 4G--$2,206,976Off Market     -- ba1,114 sqft$1981+ /sqft
Apt 3G--$2,222,720Off Market     -- ba1,117 sqft$1990+ /sqft
Apt 5C--$2,312,373Off Market     -- ba1,154 sqft$2004+ /sqft
Apt 6C--$2,326,102Off Market     -- ba1,154 sqft$2016+ /sqft
# 7D--$2,364,958Off Market     -- ba1,154 sqft$2049+ /sqft
Apt 7C--$2,378,449Off Market     -- ba1,154 sqft$2061+ /sqft
Apt 6B--$2,750,067Off Market     -- ba1,305 sqft$2107+ /sqft
Apt 9B--$2,773,200Off Market     -- ba1,312 sqft$2114+ /sqft
Apt 8B--$2,783,606Off Market     -- ba1,312 sqft$2122+ /sqft
# 11B--$2,806,303Off Market     -- ba1,318 sqft$2129+ /sqft
Apt 3B--$3,400,173Off Market     -- ba1,462 sqft$2326+ /sqft
Apt 24A--$3,787,729Off Market     -- ba1,445 sqft$2621+ /sqft
Apt 24B--$3,805,920Off Market     -- ba1,447 sqft$2630+ /sqft
Apt 25B--$3,927,183Off Market     -- ba1,447 sqft$2714+ /sqft
Apt 21B--$3,990,343Off Market     -- ba1,552 sqft$2571+ /sqft
Apt 21A--$3,993,625Off Market     -- ba1,550 sqft$2577+ /sqft
Apt 22A--$4,075,053Off Market     -- ba1,569 sqft$2597+ /sqft
Apt 15B--$4,127,568Off Market     -- ba1,703 sqft$2424+ /sqft
# 12B--$5,476,519Off Market     -- ba1,887 sqft$2902+ /sqft
# 12A--$5,509,393Off Market     -- ba1,886 sqft$2921+ /sqft
Apt 17B--$5,652,115Off Market     -- ba1,923 sqft$2939+ /sqft
Apt 18B--$5,660,791Off Market     -- ba1,923 sqft$2944+ /sqft
Apt 16A--$5,673,597Off Market     -- ba1,923 sqft$2950+ /sqft
Apt 17A--$5,675,324Off Market     -- ba1,923 sqft$2951+ /sqft
Apt 19A--$5,704,455Off Market     -- ba1,923 sqft$2966+ /sqft
Apt 18A--$5,705,072Off Market     -- ba1,923 sqft$2967+ /sqft
Apt 20B--$5,719,439Off Market     -- ba1,923 sqft$2974+ /sqft
# 10B--$5,997,573Off Market     -- ba2,160 sqft$2777+ /sqft
# 7E--$6,111,555Off Market     -- ba2,172 sqft$2814+ /sqft
Apt 9E--$6,116,971Off Market     -- ba2,172 sqft$2816+ /sqft
# 4A--$6,220,497Off Market     -- ba2,292 sqft$2714+ /sqft
Apt 28B--$6,617,008Off Market     -- ba2,065 sqft$3204+ /sqft
# 5A--$8,538,578Off Market     -- ba2,912 sqft$2932+ /sqft
Apt 28A--$8,569,592Off Market     -- ba2,691 sqft$3185+ /sqft
Apt 26B--$8,984,872Off Market     -- ba2,718 sqft$3306+ /sqft
Apt 26A--$8,984,970Off Market     -- ba2,718 sqft$3306+ /sqft
Apt 23A--$9,419,760Off Market     -- ba2,887 sqft$3263+ /sqft
Apt 8D--$9,959,511Off Market     -- ba3,326 sqft$2994+ /sqft
Apt 30A--$10,627,152Off Market     -- ba3,629 sqft$2928+ /sqft


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