4000 Tunlaw Rd NW Washington, DC, 20007 - Apartments for Rent
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  4. 4000 Tunlaw Rd NW

4000 Tunlaw Rd NW Washington, DC 20007

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 12604/05/15$1,100For Rent     1.0 ba350 sqft$3.14+ /sqft
Apt 62406/26/14$235,000For Sale     1.0 ba694 sqft$339+ /sqft
Apt 312A11/07/14$239,995For Sale     1.0 ba743 sqft$323+ /sqft
Apt 52804/02/15$250,000For Sale     1.0 ba698 sqft$358+ /sqft
Apt 40502/26/15$264,555For Sale     1.0 ba744 sqft$356+ /sqft
Apt 50602/13/15$311,500For Sale     1.0 ba706 sqft$441+ /sqft
Apt 22710/09/14$1,575For Rent     1.0 ba734 sqft$2.15+ /sqft
Apt 71408/02/14$1,650For Rent     1.0 ba720 sqft$2.29+ /sqft
4000 Tunlaw Rd NW03/17/14$1,650For Rent     1.0 ba706 sqft$2.34+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 12508/06/13$142,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba337 sqft$421+ /sqft
Apt 92908/07/13$170,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba485 sqft$351+ /sqft
Apt 504--$196,400Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$446+ /sqft
Apt 40311/02/12$67,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba543 sqft$123+ /sqft
Apt 71202/19/13$170,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba809 sqft$210+ /sqft
Apt 11804/25/13$201,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba711 sqft$283+ /sqft
Apt 72711/30/12$211,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba707 sqft$298+ /sqft
Apt 21806/18/12$232,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba711 sqft$326+ /sqft
Apt 81405/13/13$254,276Recently Sold     1.0 ba690 sqft$369+ /sqft
Apt 62303/07/14$255,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba650 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 92305/28/14$260,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba646 sqft$402+ /sqft
Apt 51101/25/13$261,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba749 sqft$348+ /sqft
Apt 111712/28/12$269,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba850 sqft$317+ /sqft
Apt 101812/27/13$274,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba711 sqft$386+ /sqft
Apt 100612/18/14$275,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba735 sqft$374+ /sqft
Apt 60506/16/14$280,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba673 sqft$416+ /sqft
Apt 41710/18/13$280,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba690 sqft$406+ /sqft
Apt 102411/03/14$282,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba721 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 102709/05/14$285,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba734 sqft$388+ /sqft
Apt 21111/06/12$287,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba749 sqft$383+ /sqft
Apt 110611/12/13$287,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba700 sqft$411+ /sqft
Apt 41810/09/13$289,200Recently Sold     1.0 ba739 sqft$391+ /sqft
Apt 101107/11/13$293,900Recently Sold     1.0 ba745 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 800--$194,182Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$475+ /sqft
Apt 128--$194,404Off Market     1.0 ba397 sqft$490+ /sqft
Apt 900--$195,789Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$479+ /sqft
Apt 404--$198,023Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$450+ /sqft
Apt 120--$202,957Off Market     1.0 ba485 sqft$418+ /sqft
# 110--$231,687Off Market     1.0 ba682 sqft$340+ /sqft
Apt 327--$244,535Off Market     1.0 ba634 sqft$386+ /sqft
Apt 723--$245,630Off Market     1.0 ba646 sqft$380+ /sqft
Apt 423--$245,630Off Market     1.0 ba646 sqft$380+ /sqft
Apt 823--$246,648Off Market     1.0 ba646 sqft$382+ /sqft
Apt 323--$246,650Off Market     1.0 ba646 sqft$382+ /sqft
Apt 523--$246,650Off Market     1.0 ba646 sqft$382+ /sqft
Apt 1023--$249,984Off Market     1.0 ba646 sqft$387+ /sqft
Apt 223--$251,308Off Market     1.0 ba709 sqft$354+ /sqft
Apt 1123--$252,237Off Market     1.0 ba646 sqft$390+ /sqft
Apt 430--$252,340Off Market     1.0 ba692 sqft$365+ /sqft
Apt 414--$254,418Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$369+ /sqft
Apt 617--$254,854Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$369+ /sqft
Apt 824--$254,930Off Market     1.0 ba694 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 224--$254,936Off Market     1.0 ba694 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 724--$254,936Off Market     1.0 ba694 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 324--$254,936Off Market     1.0 ba694 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 424--$254,936Off Market     1.0 ba694 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 524--$254,936Off Market     1.0 ba694 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 817--$256,484Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$372+ /sqft
Apt 314--$256,484Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$372+ /sqft
Apt 514--$256,484Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$372+ /sqft
Apt 209--$257,210Off Market     1.0 ba716 sqft$359+ /sqft
Apt 614--$257,752Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$374+ /sqft
Apt 1028--$258,453Off Market     1.0 ba672 sqft$385+ /sqft
Apt 612A--$258,981Off Market     1.0 ba716 sqft$362+ /sqft
Apt 718--$259,008Off Market     1.0 ba711 sqft$364+ /sqft
Apt 818--$259,008Off Market     1.0 ba711 sqft$364+ /sqft
Apt 618--$259,008Off Market     1.0 ba711 sqft$364+ /sqft
Apt 806--$259,022Off Market     1.0 ba700 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 406--$259,022Off Market     1.0 ba700 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 606--$259,026Off Market     1.0 ba700 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 706--$259,026Off Market     1.0 ba700 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 914--$259,326Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 917--$259,326Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 1014--$259,326Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 1114--$259,326Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 1128--$260,015Off Market     1.0 ba672 sqft$387+ /sqft
Apt 520--$260,134Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 620--$260,134Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 320--$260,134Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 720--$260,134Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 820--$260,134Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 1124--$260,170Off Market     1.0 ba694 sqft$375+ /sqft
Apt 428--$260,355Off Market     1.0 ba698 sqft$373+ /sqft
Apt 427--$260,496Off Market     1.0 ba707 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 627--$260,496Off Market     1.0 ba707 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 827--$260,496Off Market     1.0 ba707 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 717--$260,798Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 512A--$261,308Off Market     1.0 ba716 sqft$365+ /sqft
Apt 412A--$261,308Off Market     1.0 ba716 sqft$365+ /sqft
Apt 812A--$261,308Off Market     1.0 ba716 sqft$365+ /sqft
Apt 117--$261,637Off Market     1.5 ba690 sqft$379+ /sqft
Apt 518--$262,545Off Market     1.0 ba720 sqft$365+ /sqft
Apt 906--$263,044Off Market     1.0 ba700 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 728--$263,080Off Market     1.0 ba672 sqft$391+ /sqft
Apt 828--$263,080Off Market     1.0 ba672 sqft$391+ /sqft
Apt 212A--$264,055Off Market     1.0 ba720 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 112A--$264,055Off Market     1.0 ba720 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 920--$264,121Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 1020--$264,121Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 1120--$264,121Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 628--$264,486Off Market     1.0 ba672 sqft$394+ /sqft
Apt 1005--$264,500Off Market     1.0 ba673 sqft$393+ /sqft
Apt 114--$264,989Off Market     1.0 ba744 sqft$356+ /sqft
Apt 214--$265,531Off Market     1.0 ba744 sqft$357+ /sqft
Apt 918--$265,900Off Market     1.0 ba711 sqft$374+ /sqft
Apt 509--$266,117Off Market     1.0 ba722 sqft$369+ /sqft
Apt 1127--$266,268Off Market     1.0 ba707 sqft$377+ /sqft
Apt 924--$266,629Off Market     1.0 ba694 sqft$384+ /sqft
Apt 709--$267,719Off Market     1.0 ba722 sqft$371+ /sqft
Apt 420--$268,187Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$381+ /sqft
Apt 220--$268,187Off Market     1.0 ba703 sqft$381+ /sqft
Apt 111--$268,885Off Market     1.0 ba743 sqft$362+ /sqft
Apt 912A--$269,109Off Market     1.0 ba716 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 318--$269,154Off Market     1.0 ba711 sqft$379+ /sqft
Apt 909--$269,604Off Market     1.0 ba722 sqft$373+ /sqft
Apt 1009--$269,604Off Market     1.0 ba722 sqft$373+ /sqft
Apt 1109--$269,604Off Market     1.0 ba722 sqft$373+ /sqft
Apt 611--$269,615Off Market     1.0 ba749 sqft$360+ /sqft
Apt 711--$269,615Off Market     1.0 ba749 sqft$360+ /sqft
Apt 311--$269,615Off Market     1.0 ba749 sqft$360+ /sqft
Apt 811--$269,615Off Market     1.0 ba749 sqft$360+ /sqft
Apt 411--$269,616Off Market     1.0 ba749 sqft$360+ /sqft
Apt 705--$269,682Off Market     1.0 ba673 sqft$401+ /sqft
Apt 805--$269,682Off Market     1.0 ba673 sqft$401+ /sqft
Apt 410--$269,872Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$359+ /sqft
Apt 610--$269,874Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$359+ /sqft
Apt 710--$269,874Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$359+ /sqft
Apt 810--$269,874Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$359+ /sqft
Apt 310--$269,874Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$359+ /sqft
Apt 905--$270,224Off Market     1.0 ba800 sqft$338+ /sqft
Apt 609--$270,273Off Market     1.0 ba722 sqft$374+ /sqft
Apt 809--$270,273Off Market     1.0 ba722 sqft$374+ /sqft
Apt 911--$271,346Off Market     1.0 ba749 sqft$362+ /sqft
Apt 910--$272,624Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 1010--$272,624Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 1110--$272,624Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 510--$274,054Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$365+ /sqft
Apt 210--$274,056Off Market     1.0 ba751 sqft$365+ /sqft
Apt 928--$274,580Off Market     1.0 ba698 sqft$393+ /sqft
Apt 309--$275,539Off Market     1.0 ba771 sqft$357+ /sqft
Apt 1111--$277,006Off Market     1.0 ba778 sqft$356+ /sqft
Apt 1017--$277,223Off Market     1.0 ba716 sqft$387+ /sqft
Apt 512--$282,997Off Market     1.0 ba809 sqft$350+ /sqft
Apt 612--$282,997Off Market     1.0 ba809 sqft$350+ /sqft
Apt 212--$282,997Off Market     1.0 ba809 sqft$350+ /sqft
Apt 812--$282,999Off Market     1.0 ba809 sqft$350+ /sqft
Apt 409--$284,944Off Market     1.0 ba771 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 115--$286,485Off Market     1.0 ba838 sqft$342+ /sqft
Apt 412--$292,654Off Market     1.0 ba803 sqft$364+ /sqft
Apt 912--$293,424Off Market     1.0 ba809 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 1012--$293,424Off Market     1.0 ba809 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 1112--$301,893Off Market     1.0 ba809 sqft$373+ /sqft
Apt 312--$303,476Off Market     1.0 ba809 sqft$375+ /sqft
Apt 519--$305,154Off Market     1.0 ba866 sqft$352+ /sqft
Apt 619--$305,154Off Market     1.0 ba866 sqft$352+ /sqft
Apt 112--$313,816Off Market     1.0 ba889 sqft$353+ /sqft
Apt 830--$330,414Off Market     1.0 ba950 sqft$348+ /sqft
Apt 927--$331,476Off Market     1.0 ba927 sqft$358+ /sqft
Apt 703--$335,852Off Market     1.0 ba953 sqft$352+ /sqft
Apt 803--$335,852Off Market     1.0 ba953 sqft$352+ /sqft
Apt 1103--$338,547Off Market     1.0 ba953 sqft$355+ /sqft
Apt 930--$341,155Off Market     1.0 ba950 sqft$359+ /sqft
Apt 1130--$341,155Off Market     1.0 ba950 sqft$359+ /sqft
Apt 517----Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 22508/06/13$142,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$138+ /sqft
Apt 70806/26/13$170,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,054 sqft$161+ /sqft
Apt 70701/24/14$329,621Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,064 sqft$310+ /sqft
Apt 91908/15/12$330,600Recently Sold     1.0 ba866 sqft$382+ /sqft
Apt 101906/06/14$330,600Recently Sold     1.0 ba866 sqft$382+ /sqft
Apt 40709/15/14$340,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,029 sqft$330+ /sqft
Apt 51608/01/14$342,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,063 sqft$322+ /sqft
Apt 71603/19/14$360,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,083 sqft$332+ /sqft
Apt 102610/29/14$399,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$380+ /sqft
Apt 62101/02/13$426,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$415+ /sqft
Apt 80804/02/13$435,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,050 sqft$414+ /sqft
Apt 92511/25/13$447,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$435+ /sqft
Apt 317--$257,195Off Market     1.0 ba690 sqft$373+ /sqft
Apt 719--$313,371Off Market     1.0 ba866 sqft$362+ /sqft
Apt 819--$317,536Off Market     1.0 ba866 sqft$367+ /sqft
Apt 319--$318,264Off Market     1.0 ba866 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 219--$318,264Off Market     1.0 ba866 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 119--$318,264Off Market     1.0 ba866 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 1119--$332,570Off Market     1.0 ba866 sqft$384+ /sqft
Apt 730--$344,448Off Market     1.0 ba950 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 1030--$357,474Off Market     1.0 ba950 sqft$376+ /sqft
Apt 903--$369,501Off Market     1.0 ba1,050 sqft$352+ /sqft
Apt 622--$371,090Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 322--$371,090Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 722--$371,090Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 222--$371,090Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 525--$373,176Off Market     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 725--$373,176Off Market     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 825--$373,176Off Market     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 1003--$373,444Off Market     1.0 ba953 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 625--$377,194Off Market     1.0 ba1,100 sqft$343+ /sqft
Apt 316--$377,902Off Market     2.0 ba1,083 sqft$349+ /sqft
Apt 408--$378,686Off Market     1.0 ba1,015 sqft$373+ /sqft
Apt 515--$380,260Off Market     1.0 ba1,081 sqft$352+ /sqft
Apt 1122--$380,396Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$387+ /sqft
Apt 916--$381,154Off Market     2.0 ba1,083 sqft$352+ /sqft
Apt 425--$381,538Off Market     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$371+ /sqft
Apt 325--$381,538Off Market     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$371+ /sqft
Apt 416--$383,895Off Market     2.0 ba1,083 sqft$354+ /sqft
Apt 616--$383,895Off Market     2.0 ba1,083 sqft$354+ /sqft
Apt 216--$383,895Off Market     2.0 ba1,083 sqft$354+ /sqft
Apt 508--$384,211Off Market     1.0 ba1,050 sqft$366+ /sqft
Apt 922--$384,285Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$391+ /sqft
Apt 1022--$384,285Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$391+ /sqft
Apt 608--$384,371Off Market     1.0 ba1,050 sqft$366+ /sqft
Apt 415--$384,448Off Market     2.0 ba1,081 sqft$356+ /sqft
Apt 615--$384,448Off Market     2.0 ba1,081 sqft$356+ /sqft
Apt 315--$384,448Off Market     2.0 ba1,081 sqft$356+ /sqft
Apt 522--$384,932Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 822--$384,932Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 422--$385,406Off Market     1.0 ba983 sqft$392+ /sqft
Apt 907--$385,450Off Market     2.0 ba1,064 sqft$362+ /sqft
Apt 1007--$385,450Off Market     2.0 ba1,064 sqft$362+ /sqft
Apt 915--$385,833Off Market     2.0 ba1,081 sqft$357+ /sqft
Apt 1015--$385,833Off Market     2.0 ba1,081 sqft$357+ /sqft
Apt 1025--$385,960Off Market     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$375+ /sqft
Apt 1125--$385,960Off Market     1.0 ba1,028 sqft$375+ /sqft
Apt 908--$386,076Off Market     1.0 ba1,050 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 1008--$386,076Off Market     1.0 ba1,050 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 1108--$386,076Off Market     1.0 ba1,050 sqft$368+ /sqft
Apt 507--$386,381Off Market     2.0 ba1,004 sqft$385+ /sqft
Apt 607--$386,381Off Market     2.0 ba1,004 sqft$385+ /sqft
Apt 421--$387,644Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$377+ /sqft
Apt 321--$387,644Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$377+ /sqft
Apt 721--$387,644Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$377+ /sqft
Apt 221--$387,644Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$377+ /sqft
Apt 1126--$387,686Off Market     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 921--$388,242Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 1021--$388,242Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 1121--$388,242Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 521--$388,283Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 821--$388,283Off Market     2.0 ba1,027 sqft$378+ /sqft
Apt 215--$388,489Off Market     2.0 ba1,114 sqft$349+ /sqft
Apt 426--$388,529Off Market     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 726--$388,529Off Market     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 826--$388,529Off Market     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 226--$388,529Off Market     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$370+ /sqft
Apt 807--$389,034Off Market     2.0 ba1,069 sqft$364+ /sqft
Apt 626--$389,853Off Market     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$372+ /sqft
Apt 308--$392,803Off Market     1.0 ba1,171 sqft$335+ /sqft
Apt 926--$398,031Off Market     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$379+ /sqft
Apt 116--$398,591Off Market     2.0 ba1,159 sqft$344+ /sqft
Apt 1116--$399,558Off Market     2.0 ba1,100 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 326--$401,902Off Market     2.0 ba1,049 sqft$383+ /sqft
Apt 715--$407,515Off Market     2.0 ba1,122 sqft$363+ /sqft
Apt 815--$407,883Off Market     2.0 ba1,081 sqft$377+ /sqft
Apt 121--$435,422Off Market     2.0 ba1,256 sqft$347+ /sqft
Apt 526--$453,907Off Market     2.0 ba1,270 sqft$357+ /sqft
Apt 62905/20/13$150,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba440 sqft$341+ /sqft
Apt 42906/22/12$160,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba440 sqft$364+ /sqft
Apt 127--$185,843Off Market     1.0 ba314 sqft$592+ /sqft
Apt 600--$193,201Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$472+ /sqft
Apt 500--$193,201Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$472+ /sqft
Apt 700--$193,203Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$472+ /sqft
Apt 1000--$194,398Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$475+ /sqft
Apt 712A--$194,412Off Market     1.0 ba416 sqft$467+ /sqft
Apt 1100--$194,575Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$476+ /sqft
Apt 124--$195,678Off Market     1.0 ba432 sqft$453+ /sqft
Apt 630--$196,366Off Market     1.0 ba438 sqft$448+ /sqft
Apt 529--$196,789Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$447+ /sqft
Apt 729--$196,791Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 729--$196,791Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$447+ /sqft
Apt 829--$196,793Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$447+ /sqft
Apt 804--$196,793Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$447+ /sqft
Apt 704--$196,793Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$447+ /sqft
Apt 631--$197,136Off Market     1.0 ba461 sqft$428+ /sqft
Apt 531--$197,137Off Market     1.0 ba461 sqft$428+ /sqft
Apt 1129--$197,286Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$448+ /sqft
Apt 503--$197,316Off Market     1.0 ba458 sqft$431+ /sqft
Apt 603--$197,318Off Market     1.0 ba458 sqft$431+ /sqft
Apt 1104--$197,452Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$449+ /sqft
Apt 1029--$197,452Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$449+ /sqft
Apt 904--$197,452Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$449+ /sqft
Apt 602--$198,496Off Market     1.0 ba466 sqft$426+ /sqft
Apt 502--$198,496Off Market     1.0 ba466 sqft$426+ /sqft
Apt 604--$199,257Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$453+ /sqft
Apt 1004--$200,284Off Market     1.0 ba440 sqft$455+ /sqft
Apt 527--$203,001Off Market     1.0 ba489 sqft$415+ /sqft
Apt 523--$246,650Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 1108--$386,076Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 321--$387,644Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft


Nearby Schools in Washington

GreatSchools ratings give an overview of a school's test results. The ratings are based on a comparison of test results for all schools in the state.

Disclaimer: School attendance zone boundaries are supplied by Maponics and are subject to change. Check with the applicable school district prior to making a decision based on these boundaries.

Data by GreatSchools.org

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