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455 Main St New York, NY 10044


  • Year Built: 2004

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 12N07/24/12$439,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba529 sqft$830+ /sqft
Apt 4P11/14/14$522,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba501 sqft$1042+ /sqft
Apt 16L12/29/14$528,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba529 sqft$998+ /sqft
Apt 11M----Off Market     1.0 ba830 sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 14F08/07/12$579,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba679 sqft$853+ /sqft
Apt 3A07/03/14$685,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba737 sqft$929+ /sqft
Apt 10D09/11/14$687,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba687 sqft$1000+ /sqft
Apt 14A01/24/14$700,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba737 sqft$950+ /sqft
Apt 14D11/28/14$718,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba714 sqft$1006+ /sqft
Apt 12A09/19/14$738,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba700 sqft$1055+ /sqft
Apt 15C06/20/13$779,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba829 sqft$940+ /sqft
Apt 5J11/26/14$800,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba849 sqft$942+ /sqft
Apt 12C07/28/14$840,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba829 sqft$1013+ /sqft
Apt 16G06/02/14$845,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba879 sqft$961+ /sqft
Apt 4D--$750,008Off Market     1.0 ba687 sqft$1092+ /sqft
Apt 11F--$750,947Off Market     1.0 ba679 sqft$1106+ /sqft
Apt 5G--$753,128Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$1124+ /sqft
Apt 5A--$773,173Off Market     1.0 ba730 sqft$1059+ /sqft
Apt 11A--$781,901Off Market     1.0 ba737 sqft$1061+ /sqft
Apt 12G--$784,347Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$1105+ /sqft
Apt 16E--$798,176Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$1193+ /sqft
Apt 5H--$803,661Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$1199+ /sqft
Apt 4H--$804,329Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$1200+ /sqft
Apt 16K--$866,609Off Market     1.0 ba813 sqft$1066+ /sqft
Apt 15G--$894,125Off Market     1.5 ba879 sqft$1017+ /sqft
Apt 11H--$905,401Off Market     1.5 ba849 sqft$1066+ /sqft
Apt 10J--$905,420Off Market     1.5 ba849 sqft$1066+ /sqft
Apt 15F--$910,965Off Market     1.5 ba861 sqft$1058+ /sqft
Apt 12J--$931,447Off Market     1.0 ba950 sqft$980+ /sqft
Apt 5N08/06/14$905,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba952 sqft$951+ /sqft
Apt 5B12/08/14$940,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,000 sqft$940+ /sqft
Apt 1B08/28/14$945,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,000 sqft$945+ /sqft
Ph 2G05/27/14$1,300,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,345 sqft$967+ /sqft
Ph 2B--$1,015,432Off Market     2.0 ba996 sqft$1020+ /sqft
Apt 10L--$1,054,527Off Market     2.0 ba970 sqft$1087+ /sqft
Apt 15H--$1,079,982Off Market     2.0 ba970 sqft$1113+ /sqft
Apt 14B--$1,114,803Off Market     2.0 ba996 sqft$1119+ /sqft
Apt 11K--$1,135,021Off Market     2.0 ba970 sqft$1170+ /sqft
Apt 3L--$1,217,454Off Market     2.0 ba1,036 sqft$1175+ /sqft
Apt 4L--$1,228,807Off Market     2.0 ba1,036 sqft$1186+ /sqft
Apt 11L--$1,374,006Off Market     2.0 ba1,100 sqft$1249+ /sqft
Ph 1G--$1,518,504Off Market     2.0 ba1,345 sqft$1129+ /sqft
Ph 2E--$1,733,919Off Market     2.5 ba1,241 sqft$1397+ /sqft
Apt 1A--$1,766,794Off Market     2.0 ba1,263 sqft$1399+ /sqft
Apt 10F06/21/12$1,225,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,395 sqft$878+ /sqft
Apt 16D07/17/14$1,600,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,350 sqft$1185+ /sqft
455 Main St--$1,673,128Off Market     2.0 ba1,374 sqft$1218+ /sqft
Apt 4F--$1,763,540Off Market     2.0 ba1,395 sqft$1264+ /sqft
Apt 3F--$1,764,638Off Market     2.0 ba1,395 sqft$1265+ /sqft
Apt 12E--$2,028,469Off Market     2.0 ba1,489 sqft$1362+ /sqft
Apt 11E--$2,096,501Off Market     2.0 ba1,489 sqft$1408+ /sqft
Apt 16B07/24/12$439,000Recently Sold     -- ba996 sqft$441+ /sqft
Apt 4E03/05/14$895,000Recently Sold     -- ba989 sqft$905+ /sqft
Apt 14N--$569,024Off Market     1.0 ba529 sqft$1076+ /sqft
Apt 7S--$698,804Off Market     -- ba455 sqft$1536+ /sqft
Apt 8S--$698,921Off Market     -- ba455 sqft$1536+ /sqft
Apt 9S--$699,600Off Market     -- ba455 sqft$1538+ /sqft
Apt 6S--$699,747Off Market     -- ba455 sqft$1538+ /sqft
Apt 3P--$700,670Off Market     -- ba501 sqft$1399+ /sqft
Apt 7Q--$700,825Off Market     -- ba474 sqft$1479+ /sqft
Apt 6Q--$701,046Off Market     -- ba474 sqft$1479+ /sqft
Apt 8Q--$702,448Off Market     -- ba474 sqft$1482+ /sqft
Apt 5P--$703,684Off Market     -- ba501 sqft$1405+ /sqft
Apt 9Q--$704,206Off Market     -- ba474 sqft$1486+ /sqft
Apt 6X--$718,956Off Market     -- ba521 sqft$1380+ /sqft
Apt 7X--$719,109Off Market     -- ba521 sqft$1380+ /sqft
Apt 8X--$719,582Off Market     -- ba521 sqft$1381+ /sqft
Apt 9X--$720,768Off Market     -- ba521 sqft$1383+ /sqft
Apt 7V--$723,483Off Market     -- ba530 sqft$1365+ /sqft
Apt 4R--$725,421Off Market     -- ba529 sqft$1371+ /sqft
Apt 5R--$725,626Off Market     -- ba529 sqft$1372+ /sqft
Apt 6V--$725,696Off Market     -- ba530 sqft$1369+ /sqft
Apt 8V--$726,667Off Market     -- ba530 sqft$1371+ /sqft
Apt 9V--$728,051Off Market     -- ba530 sqft$1374+ /sqft
Apt 10P--$729,182Off Market     -- ba529 sqft$1378+ /sqft
Apt 15L--$731,140Off Market     -- ba529 sqft$1382+ /sqft
Apt 6P--$735,235Off Market     -- ba584 sqft$1259+ /sqft
Apt 7P--$735,837Off Market     -- ba584 sqft$1260+ /sqft
Apt 8P--$736,044Off Market     -- ba584 sqft$1260+ /sqft
Apt 9P--$736,509Off Market     -- ba584 sqft$1261+ /sqft
Apt 6M--$736,966Off Market     -- ba570 sqft$1293+ /sqft
Apt 7M--$737,438Off Market     -- ba570 sqft$1294+ /sqft
Apt 9M--$738,434Off Market     -- ba570 sqft$1295+ /sqft
Apt 7B--$741,758Off Market     -- ba601 sqft$1234+ /sqft
Apt 8B--$742,160Off Market     -- ba601 sqft$1235+ /sqft
Apt 9B--$743,531Off Market     -- ba601 sqft$1237+ /sqft
Apt 6D--$744,529Off Market     -- ba534 sqft$1394+ /sqft
Apt 6G--$748,634Off Market     -- ba536 sqft$1397+ /sqft
Apt 6N--$749,580Off Market     -- ba568 sqft$1320+ /sqft
Apt 7N--$749,761Off Market     -- ba568 sqft$1320+ /sqft
Apt 6U--$750,683Off Market     -- ba535 sqft$1403+ /sqft
Apt 8N--$750,705Off Market     -- ba568 sqft$1322+ /sqft
Apt 9N--$750,894Off Market     -- ba568 sqft$1322+ /sqft
Apt 6L--$751,217Off Market     -- ba618 sqft$1216+ /sqft
Apt 7L--$751,896Off Market     -- ba618 sqft$1217+ /sqft
Apt 9L--$752,105Off Market     -- ba618 sqft$1217+ /sqft
Apt 7U--$752,234Off Market     -- ba535 sqft$1406+ /sqft
Apt 8L--$752,717Off Market     -- ba618 sqft$1218+ /sqft
Apt 8U--$753,644Off Market     -- ba535 sqft$1409+ /sqft
Apt 7D--$753,775Off Market     -- ba534 sqft$1412+ /sqft
Apt 9U--$753,817Off Market     -- ba535 sqft$1409+ /sqft
Apt 8D--$754,950Off Market     -- ba534 sqft$1414+ /sqft
Apt 9D--$755,382Off Market     -- ba534 sqft$1415+ /sqft
Apt 8G--$755,964Off Market     -- ba536 sqft$1410+ /sqft
Apt 7G--$756,037Off Market     -- ba536 sqft$1411+ /sqft
Apt 9G--$756,194Off Market     -- ba536 sqft$1411+ /sqft
Apt 6T--$763,284Off Market     -- ba632 sqft$1208+ /sqft
Apt 8T--$763,824Off Market     -- ba632 sqft$1209+ /sqft
Apt 9T--$764,161Off Market     -- ba632 sqft$1209+ /sqft
Apt 7T--$764,279Off Market     -- ba632 sqft$1209+ /sqft
Apt 6R--$765,711Off Market     -- ba635 sqft$1206+ /sqft
Apt 8R--$765,959Off Market     -- ba635 sqft$1206+ /sqft
Apt 7R--$777,804Off Market     -- ba635 sqft$1225+ /sqft
Apt 9R--$778,696Off Market     -- ba635 sqft$1226+ /sqft
Apt 6J--$791,221Off Market     -- ba673 sqft$1176+ /sqft
Apt 15E--$793,186Off Market     -- ba669 sqft$1186+ /sqft
Apt 7J--$793,232Off Market     -- ba673 sqft$1179+ /sqft
Apt 10H--$793,357Off Market     -- ba670 sqft$1184+ /sqft
Apt 11G--$793,579Off Market     -- ba670 sqft$1184+ /sqft
Apt 14G--$794,069Off Market     -- ba670 sqft$1185+ /sqft
Apt 3G--$794,136Off Market     -- ba674 sqft$1178+ /sqft
Apt 8J--$794,151Off Market     -- ba673 sqft$1180+ /sqft
Apt 10G--$797,880Off Market     -- ba674 sqft$1184+ /sqft
Apt 6C--$801,764Off Market     -- ba679 sqft$1181+ /sqft
Apt 3H--$803,080Off Market     -- ba670 sqft$1199+ /sqft
Apt 9C--$803,403Off Market     -- ba679 sqft$1183+ /sqft
Apt 5D--$803,594Off Market     -- ba687 sqft$1170+ /sqft
Apt 7E--$803,716Off Market     -- ba687 sqft$1170+ /sqft
Apt 8E--$803,941Off Market     -- ba687 sqft$1170+ /sqft
Apt 9E--$804,801Off Market     -- ba687 sqft$1171+ /sqft
Apt 6K--$805,332Off Market     -- ba690 sqft$1167+ /sqft
Apt 7K--$805,708Off Market     -- ba690 sqft$1168+ /sqft
Apt 8K--$806,463Off Market     -- ba690 sqft$1169+ /sqft
Apt 9K--$806,857Off Market     -- ba690 sqft$1169+ /sqft
Apt 4G--$808,685Off Market     -- ba674 sqft$1200+ /sqft
Apt 7C--$815,803Off Market     -- ba679 sqft$1201+ /sqft
Apt 8C--$816,622Off Market     -- ba679 sqft$1203+ /sqft
Apt 6E--$817,908Off Market     -- ba687 sqft$1191+ /sqft
Apt 11D--$823,965Off Market     -- ba714 sqft$1154+ /sqft
Apt 12D--$824,317Off Market     -- ba714 sqft$1155+ /sqft
Apt 4A--$824,997Off Market     -- ba737 sqft$1119+ /sqft
Apt 15A--$828,865Off Market     -- ba737 sqft$1125+ /sqft
Apt 6A--$834,211Off Market     -- ba741 sqft$1126+ /sqft
Apt 6F--$834,542Off Market     -- ba744 sqft$1122+ /sqft
Apt 7A--$834,547Off Market     -- ba741 sqft$1126+ /sqft
Apt 8A--$835,094Off Market     -- ba741 sqft$1127+ /sqft
Apt 7F--$835,239Off Market     -- ba744 sqft$1123+ /sqft
Apt 9A--$835,353Off Market     -- ba741 sqft$1127+ /sqft
Apt 8F--$836,353Off Market     -- ba744 sqft$1124+ /sqft
Apt 9F--$837,710Off Market     -- ba744 sqft$1126+ /sqft
Ph 2A--$858,390Off Market     -- ba751 sqft$1143+ /sqft
Apt 7W--$877,408Off Market     -- ba796 sqft$1102+ /sqft
Apt 9W--$877,656Off Market     -- ba796 sqft$1103+ /sqft
Apt 6W--$877,886Off Market     -- ba796 sqft$1103+ /sqft
Apt 8W--$878,042Off Market     -- ba796 sqft$1103+ /sqft
Apt 4Q--$892,068Off Market     -- ba847 sqft$1053+ /sqft
Apt 3Q--$892,203Off Market     -- ba847 sqft$1053+ /sqft
Apt 12H--$893,094Off Market     -- ba849 sqft$1052+ /sqft
Apt 3J--$894,018Off Market     -- ba849 sqft$1053+ /sqft
Apt 5Q--$894,462Off Market     -- ba847 sqft$1056+ /sqft
Apt 4J--$895,397Off Market     -- ba849 sqft$1055+ /sqft
Apt 12M--$896,896Off Market     -- ba813 sqft$1103+ /sqft
Apt 11C--$896,954Off Market     -- ba829 sqft$1082+ /sqft
Apt 10N--$898,047Off Market     -- ba813 sqft$1105+ /sqft
Apt 4C--$898,101Off Market     -- ba829 sqft$1083+ /sqft
Apt 5C--$898,182Off Market     -- ba829 sqft$1083+ /sqft
Apt 14H--$899,297Off Market     -- ba849 sqft$1059+ /sqft
Apt 10C--$899,492Off Market     -- ba829 sqft$1085+ /sqft
Apt 3K--$899,505Off Market     -- ba879 sqft$1023+ /sqft
Apt 4K--$899,940Off Market     -- ba879 sqft$1024+ /sqft
Apt 5K--$900,389Off Market     -- ba879 sqft$1024+ /sqft
Apt 14C--$900,493Off Market     -- ba829 sqft$1086+ /sqft
Apt 10K--$901,675Off Market     -- ba879 sqft$1026+ /sqft
Apt 11J--$901,801Off Market     -- ba879 sqft$1026+ /sqft
Apt 16C--$902,663Off Market     -- ba829 sqft$1089+ /sqft
Apt 14J--$902,954Off Market     -- ba879 sqft$1027+ /sqft
Apt 3C--$909,050Off Market     -- ba829 sqft$1097+ /sqft
Apt 16F--$919,653Off Market     -- ba861 sqft$1068+ /sqft
Apt 1E--$936,034Off Market     -- ba902 sqft$1038+ /sqft
Apt 4N--$979,627Off Market     -- ba952 sqft$1029+ /sqft
Apt 3N--$981,060Off Market     -- ba952 sqft$1031+ /sqft
Apt 1C--$1,015,310Off Market     -- ba978 sqft$1038+ /sqft
Apt 12K--$1,017,752Off Market     -- ba970 sqft$1049+ /sqft
Apt 14K--$1,019,773Off Market     -- ba970 sqft$1051+ /sqft
Apt 16H--$1,023,386Off Market     -- ba970 sqft$1055+ /sqft
Apt 3E--$1,029,390Off Market     -- ba989 sqft$1041+ /sqft
Apt 5E--$1,035,703Off Market     -- ba989 sqft$1047+ /sqft
Apt 10E--$1,047,536Off Market     -- ba989 sqft$1059+ /sqft
Apt 3B--$1,052,957Off Market     -- ba996 sqft$1057+ /sqft
Apt 4B--$1,057,308Off Market     -- ba996 sqft$1062+ /sqft
Apt 11B--$1,069,779Off Market     -- ba996 sqft$1074+ /sqft
Apt 15B--$1,073,409Off Market     -- ba996 sqft$1078+ /sqft
Apt 5L--$1,180,592Off Market     -- ba1,036 sqft$1140+ /sqft
Apt 6H--$1,312,468Off Market     -- ba1,100 sqft$1193+ /sqft
Apt 7H--$1,315,242Off Market     -- ba1,100 sqft$1196+ /sqft
Apt 8H--$1,316,138Off Market     -- ba1,100 sqft$1196+ /sqft
Apt 9H--$1,318,378Off Market     -- ba1,100 sqft$1199+ /sqft
Apt 14L--$1,364,997Off Market     -- ba1,138 sqft$1199+ /sqft
Apt 12L--$1,366,667Off Market     -- ba1,138 sqft$1201+ /sqft
Apt 15J--$1,370,777Off Market     -- ba1,138 sqft$1205+ /sqft
Apt 16J--$1,371,780Off Market     -- ba1,138 sqft$1205+ /sqft
Ph 1F--$1,385,925Off Market     -- ba1,138 sqft$1218+ /sqft
Ph 2F--$1,387,049Off Market     -- ba1,138 sqft$1219+ /sqft
Apt 10M--$1,452,534Off Market     -- ba1,138 sqft$1276+ /sqft
Ph 2C--$1,659,691Off Market     -- ba1,340 sqft$1239+ /sqft
Apt 5F--$1,882,287Off Market     -- ba1,395 sqft$1349+ /sqft
Apt 15D--$1,924,639Off Market     -- ba1,374 sqft$1401+ /sqft
Apt 4M--$1,950,984Off Market     -- ba1,411 sqft$1383+ /sqft
Apt 5M--$1,960,407Off Market     -- ba1,411 sqft$1389+ /sqft
Apt 3M--$1,971,183Off Market     -- ba1,411 sqft$1397+ /sqft
Ph 2D--$2,053,606Off Market     -- ba1,461 sqft$1406+ /sqft
Apt 14E--$2,158,482Off Market     -- ba1,489 sqft$1450+ /sqft


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