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805 Peachtree St NE Atlanta, GA 30308

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
# Loft03/22/15$207,000For Sale     1.0 ba1,010 sqft$205+ /sqft
Unit 30903/20/15$207,000For Sale     1.0 ba1,010 sqft$205+ /sqft
Unit 50903/10/15$209,000For Sale     1.0 ba1,010 sqft$207+ /sqft
805 Peachtree St NE03/18/15$209,000For Sale     1.0 ba1,010 sqft$207+ /sqft
Unit 30704/17/15$225,000For Sale     1.0 ba1,195 sqft$188+ /sqft
Unit 415----Foreclosed     1.0 ba1,076 sqft--+ /sqft
Unit 51112/17/14$299,900For Sale     2.0 ba1,330 sqft$225+ /sqft
Unit 32103/31/15$350,000For Sale     2.0 ba1,415 sqft$247+ /sqft
Unit 40104/14/15$375,000For Sale     2.0 ba1,550 sqft$242+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Unit 10712/06/12$172,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,195 sqft$144+ /sqft
Unit 40705/10/13$175,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,195 sqft$146+ /sqft
Unit 41307/17/14$175,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba995 sqft$176+ /sqft
Unit 51809/18/12$175,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,040 sqft$168+ /sqft
Unit 50710/02/13$197,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,195 sqft$165+ /sqft
Unit 40912/17/14$197,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,010 sqft$195+ /sqft
Unit 31912/10/13$197,900Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,055 sqft$188+ /sqft
Unit 20612/03/13$199,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,175 sqft$169+ /sqft
Unit 31004/24/14$200,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,080 sqft$185+ /sqft
Unit 50612/12/14$203,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,175 sqft$173+ /sqft
Unit 42009/15/14$365,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,235 sqft$296+ /sqft
Unit 413--$172,153Off Market     1.0 ba990 sqft$174+ /sqft
Unit 414--$199,169Off Market     1.0 ba990 sqft$201+ /sqft
Unit 614--$199,169Off Market     1.0 ba990 sqft$201+ /sqft
Unit 214--$199,171Off Market     1.0 ba990 sqft$201+ /sqft
Unit 314--$199,171Off Market     1.0 ba990 sqft$201+ /sqft
Unit 514--$199,171Off Market     1.0 ba990 sqft$201+ /sqft
Unit 313--$199,232Off Market     1.0 ba995 sqft$200+ /sqft
Unit 513--$199,232Off Market     1.0 ba995 sqft$200+ /sqft
Unit 213--$199,232Off Market     1.0 ba995 sqft$200+ /sqft
Unit 613--$199,232Off Market     1.0 ba995 sqft$200+ /sqft
Unit 609--$199,259Off Market     1.0 ba1,010 sqft$197+ /sqft
Unit 303--$199,584Off Market     1.0 ba1,005 sqft$199+ /sqft
Unit 603--$199,587Off Market     1.0 ba1,005 sqft$199+ /sqft
Unit 503--$199,632Off Market     1.0 ba1,005 sqft$199+ /sqft
Unit 203--$199,652Off Market     1.0 ba1,005 sqft$199+ /sqft
Unit 209--$201,642Off Market     1.0 ba1,010 sqft$200+ /sqft
Unit 318--$205,544Off Market     1.0 ba1,040 sqft$198+ /sqft
Unit 403--$206,932Off Market     1.0 ba1,005 sqft$206+ /sqft
Unit 619--$207,440Off Market     1.0 ba1,055 sqft$197+ /sqft
Unit 218--$208,271Off Market     1.0 ba1,040 sqft$200+ /sqft
Unit 618--$208,271Off Market     1.0 ba1,040 sqft$200+ /sqft
Unit 418--$208,581Off Market     1.0 ba1,040 sqft$201+ /sqft
Unit 219--$209,463Off Market     1.0 ba1,055 sqft$199+ /sqft
Unit 519--$209,463Off Market     1.0 ba1,055 sqft$199+ /sqft
Unit 419--$209,464Off Market     1.0 ba1,055 sqft$199+ /sqft
Unit 410--$209,619Off Market     1.0 ba1,080 sqft$194+ /sqft
Unit 610--$211,695Off Market     1.0 ba1,080 sqft$196+ /sqft
Unit 510--$211,695Off Market     1.0 ba1,080 sqft$196+ /sqft
Unit 106--$215,255Off Market     1.0 ba1,175 sqft$183+ /sqft
Unit 606--$215,255Off Market     1.0 ba1,175 sqft$183+ /sqft
Unit 210--$215,853Off Market     1.0 ba1,080 sqft$200+ /sqft
# L02--$219,482Off Market     1.0 ba1,162 sqft$189+ /sqft
Unit 315--$231,682Off Market     1.0 ba1,190 sqft$195+ /sqft
Unit 515--$232,476Off Market     1.0 ba1,190 sqft$195+ /sqft
Unit 306--$234,920Off Market     1.0 ba1,175 sqft$200+ /sqft
Unit 615--$239,671Off Market     1.0 ba1,190 sqft$201+ /sqft
Unit 215--$239,671Off Market     1.0 ba1,190 sqft$201+ /sqft
Unit 607--$244,735Off Market     1.0 ba1,195 sqft$205+ /sqft
Unit 207--$244,737Off Market     1.0 ba1,195 sqft$205+ /sqft
Unit 101--$244,920Off Market     1.0 ba1,107 sqft$221+ /sqft
Unit 406--$247,609Off Market     1.0 ba1,175 sqft$211+ /sqft
Unit 622--$252,787Off Market     1.0 ba1,235 sqft$205+ /sqft
Unit 209--$271,722Off Market     1.0 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Unit 522--$275,221Off Market     1.0 ba1,235 sqft$223+ /sqft
Unit 222--$275,221Off Market     1.0 ba1,235 sqft$223+ /sqft
Unit 320--$275,223Off Market     1.0 ba1,235 sqft$223+ /sqft
Unit 322--$275,225Off Market     1.0 ba1,235 sqft$223+ /sqft
Unit 422--$275,225Off Market     1.0 ba1,235 sqft$223+ /sqft
Unit 520--$284,309Off Market     1.0 ba1,235 sqft$230+ /sqft
Unit 109--$293,921Off Market     1.5 ba1,376 sqft$214+ /sqft
Unit 51602/26/15$329,900Pending     2.0 ba1,445 sqft$228+ /sqft
Unit 52108/09/12$219,900Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,415 sqft$155+ /sqft
Unit 41110/09/12$232,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,330 sqft$174+ /sqft
Unit 30803/03/14$245,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,365 sqft$179+ /sqft
Unit 31605/31/13$250,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,445 sqft$173+ /sqft
Unit 40212/06/12$255,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,605 sqft$159+ /sqft
Unit 21109/17/13$262,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,330 sqft$197+ /sqft
Unit 21606/24/14$270,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,445 sqft$187+ /sqft
Unit 50808/15/14$272,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,365 sqft$199+ /sqft
Unit 30507/19/13$279,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,625 sqft$172+ /sqft
Unit 20105/24/13$280,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,550 sqft$181+ /sqft
Unit 30212/23/13$287,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,605 sqft$179+ /sqft
Unit 22010/24/13$300,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,471 sqft$204+ /sqft
Unit 50111/30/12$307,400Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,550 sqft$198+ /sqft
Unit 20506/06/13$342,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,625 sqft$210+ /sqft
Unit 40511/05/14$351,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,625 sqft$216+ /sqft
Unit 30410/23/14$352,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,595 sqft$221+ /sqft
Unit 40403/08/13$380,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,595 sqft$238+ /sqft
Unit 50212/19/13$390,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,605 sqft$243+ /sqft
Unit 608--$280,972Off Market     2.0 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Unit 302--$281,947Off Market     2.0 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Unit 608--$281,947Off Market     2.0 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Unit 108--$284,354Off Market     2.0 ba1,365 sqft$208+ /sqft
Unit 408--$284,355Off Market     2.0 ba1,365 sqft$208+ /sqft
Unit 208--$284,356Off Market     2.0 ba1,365 sqft$208+ /sqft
Unit 611--$285,729Off Market     2.0 ba1,330 sqft$215+ /sqft
Unit 608--$285,792Off Market     2.0 ba1,365 sqft$209+ /sqft
Unit 416--$297,732Off Market     2.0 ba1,445 sqft$206+ /sqft
Unit 616--$297,738Off Market     2.0 ba1,445 sqft$206+ /sqft
Unit 421--$298,792Off Market     2.0 ba1,415 sqft$211+ /sqft
Unit 221--$302,770Off Market     2.0 ba1,415 sqft$214+ /sqft
Unit 311--$303,392Off Market     2.0 ba1,253 sqft$242+ /sqft
Unit 302--$307,853Off Market     2.0 ba1,605 sqft$192+ /sqft
Unit 602--$342,393Off Market     2.0 ba1,605 sqft$213+ /sqft
Unit 301--$344,815Off Market     2.0 ba1,550 sqft$222+ /sqft
Unit 104--$353,751Off Market     2.0 ba1,595 sqft$222+ /sqft
Unit 505--$353,945Off Market     2.0 ba1,625 sqft$218+ /sqft
Unit 504--$354,377Off Market     2.0 ba1,595 sqft$222+ /sqft
Unit 204--$354,380Off Market     2.0 ba1,595 sqft$222+ /sqft
Unit 202--$355,452Off Market     2.0 ba1,605 sqft$221+ /sqft
Unit 601--$381,990Off Market     2.0 ba1,550 sqft$246+ /sqft
Unit 312--$600,263Off Market     3.0 ba2,330 sqft$258+ /sqft
Unit 212--$616,495Off Market     2.0 ba2,330 sqft$265+ /sqft
Unit 512--$616,496Off Market     2.0 ba2,330 sqft$265+ /sqft
Unit 412--$662,103Off Market     2.0 ba2,330 sqft$284+ /sqft
Unit 31705/13/13$575,000Recently Sold     3.0 ba2,950 sqft$195+ /sqft
Unit 51706/04/14$584,500Recently Sold     3.0 ba2,850 sqft$205+ /sqft
Unit 61211/08/13$800,000Recently Sold     3.0 ba3,372 sqft$237+ /sqft
Unit 605--$410,636Off Market     3.0 ba2,535 sqft$162+ /sqft
Unit 417--$643,733Off Market     3.0 ba2,850 sqft$226+ /sqft
Unit 217--$658,957Off Market     2.5 ba2,850 sqft$231+ /sqft
Unit 604--$702,806Off Market     3.5 ba2,505 sqft$281+ /sqft
Unit 605--$753,584Off Market     3.0 ba2,535 sqft$297+ /sqft
Unit 617--$976,835Off Market     3.5 ba4,210 sqft$232+ /sqft
Unit 620--$1,042,756Off Market     3.5 ba5,250 sqft$199+ /sqft


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