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92-E Hc 62 Eufaula, OK 74432

Building Description

Lakefront property. 2 story, rock exterior, 2 car garage, storm shelter, storage shed. Built in 1970's. Large yard with smaller fenced in area off of the attached garage. Coon Creek Subdivision (McGill Circle) One mile to local elementary/middle school. Two miles to town (within city limits). Adjoining Core Property. Within one mile of fire station. 165 x 125 x 148 x 89 square ft.


  • School District: Eufaula

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
92-E Hc 6206/03/15$68,000For Sale     1.5 ba1,500 sqft$45+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6208/20/14$165,000For Sale     2.0 ba1,900 sqft$87+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
92-E Hc 62--$134,491Off Market     1.0 ba640 sqft$210+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$171,625Off Market     1.0 ba1,715 sqft$100+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6205/23/14$80,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,080 sqft$74+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6210/10/13$107,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,170 sqft$91+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$58,421Off Market     1.0 ba810 sqft$72+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$59,822Off Market     1.0 ba672 sqft$89+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$70,953Off Market     1.0 ba1,056 sqft$67+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$73,573Off Market     1.0 ba1,232 sqft$60+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$78,417Off Market     2.0 ba1,116 sqft$70+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$81,560Off Market     2.0 ba1,288 sqft$63+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$86,005Off Market     1.0 ba1,330 sqft$65+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$86,537Off Market     1.0 ba1,380 sqft$63+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$91,573Off Market     2.0 ba1,500 sqft$61+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$92,683Off Market     1.0 ba1,320 sqft$70+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$92,733Off Market     2.0 ba896 sqft$103+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$129,355Off Market     1.5 ba1,490 sqft$87+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$132,273Off Market     1.0 ba1,566 sqft$84+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$136,553Off Market     1.0 ba1,222 sqft$112+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$144,031Off Market     2.0 ba1,324 sqft$109+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$180,970Off Market     2.0 ba1,656 sqft$109+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$196,891Off Market     1.5 ba2,177 sqft$90+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$248,982Off Market     1.5 ba2,592 sqft$96+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62----Off Market     1.0 ba672 sqft--+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6209/13/12$70,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,400 sqft$50+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6212/12/13$98,500Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,680 sqft$59+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6212/31/12$170,000Recently Sold     3.0 ba3,076 sqft$55+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6210/08/14$179,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba1,727 sqft$104+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6209/22/14$190,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,769 sqft$107+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6209/06/13$290,000Recently Sold     3.0 ba1,789 sqft$162+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6209/06/13$290,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,753 sqft$165+ /sqft
92-E Hc 6207/19/12$375,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba2,124 sqft$177+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$74,329Off Market     2.0 ba938 sqft$79+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$75,378Off Market     1.5 ba1,225 sqft$62+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$77,101Off Market     1.0 ba1,222 sqft$63+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$78,991Off Market     2.0 ba1,164 sqft$68+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$81,498Off Market     2.0 ba1,112 sqft$73+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$83,407Off Market     2.0 ba1,216 sqft$69+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$84,067Off Market     2.0 ba1,250 sqft$67+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$87,436Off Market     2.0 ba1,104 sqft$79+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$88,960Off Market     2.0 ba1,216 sqft$73+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$97,371Off Market     1.0 ba1,200 sqft$81+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$98,680Off Market     2.0 ba1,468 sqft$67+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$103,686Off Market     2.0 ba1,496 sqft$69+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$105,394Off Market     2.0 ba1,457 sqft$72+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$106,655Off Market     1.0 ba1,504 sqft$71+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$108,396Off Market     2.0 ba1,544 sqft$70+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$114,757Off Market     2.0 ba1,400 sqft$82+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$114,949Off Market     2.0 ba1,548 sqft$74+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$115,356Off Market     2.0 ba1,568 sqft$74+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$118,020Off Market     2.0 ba1,200 sqft$98+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$129,907Off Market     2.0 ba1,428 sqft$91+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$134,172Off Market     1.0 ba1,588 sqft$84+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$147,748Off Market     2.0 ba1,560 sqft$95+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$147,829Off Market     2.0 ba1,600 sqft$92+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$152,556Off Market     1.5 ba1,642 sqft$93+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$152,766Off Market     2.0 ba1,640 sqft$93+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$153,598Off Market     1.5 ba1,679 sqft$91+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$154,331Off Market     1.5 ba1,642 sqft$94+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$163,223Off Market     2.0 ba1,545 sqft$106+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$163,745Off Market     2.0 ba1,792 sqft$91+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$165,784Off Market     2.0 ba1,539 sqft$108+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$165,907Off Market     2.5 ba1,732 sqft$96+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$166,402Off Market     2.0 ba1,664 sqft$100+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$168,434Off Market     2.0 ba1,689 sqft$100+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$169,514Off Market     2.0 ba1,760 sqft$96+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$179,045Off Market     2.0 ba1,760 sqft$102+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$183,015Off Market     2.0 ba2,128 sqft$86+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$184,851Off Market     2.0 ba1,680 sqft$110+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$197,836Off Market     2.0 ba1,974 sqft$100+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$197,999Off Market     2.0 ba1,946 sqft$102+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$214,177Off Market     2.0 ba1,811 sqft$118+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$217,654Off Market     2.0 ba2,280 sqft$95+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$224,198Off Market     2.0 ba1,753 sqft$128+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$228,289Off Market     2.5 ba2,442 sqft$93+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$230,464Off Market     2.0 ba2,368 sqft$97+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$233,704Off Market     1.0 ba2,082 sqft$112+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$240,681Off Market     2.0 ba2,680 sqft$90+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$251,872Off Market     2.0 ba2,354 sqft$107+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$273,875Off Market     2.5 ba2,153 sqft$127+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$291,657Off Market     4.0 ba2,761 sqft$106+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$175,009Off Market     2.0 ba1,651 sqft$106+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$179,784Off Market     3.0 ba2,128 sqft$84+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$187,584Off Market     2.5 ba1,769 sqft$106+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$193,867Off Market     2.0 ba2,020 sqft$96+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$272,494Off Market     2.5 ba2,794 sqft$98+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$287,070Off Market     3.0 ba3,120 sqft$92+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$404,543Off Market     3.0 ba3,170 sqft$128+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62--$643,981Off Market     3.0 ba4,548 sqft$142+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62----Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
92-E Hc 62----Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft


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