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922 24th St NW Washington, DC 20037

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 71406/27/15$300,000For Sale     1.0 ba465 sqft$645+ /sqft
Apt 70606/21/15$1,700For Rent     1.0 ba413 sqft$4.12+ /sqft
Apt 51805/26/15$1,750For Rent     1.0 ba500 sqft$3.50+ /sqft
Apt 12106/30/15$2,000For Rent     1.0 ba641 sqft$3.12+ /sqft
Apt 5A06/18/15$2,200For Rent     1.0 ba738 sqft$2.98+ /sqft
Apt 210--$240,528Foreclosure     1.0 ba427 sqft$563+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 41106/13/15$249,900Pending     1.0 ba431 sqft$580+ /sqft
Apt 710/18/12$218,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba413 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 10911/28/12$220,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba498 sqft$442+ /sqft
Apt 80912/03/12$225,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba498 sqft$452+ /sqft
Apt 10712/05/13$230,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba413 sqft$557+ /sqft
Apt 20903/20/14$231,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba507 sqft$456+ /sqft
Apt 40312/10/12$233,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba498 sqft$468+ /sqft
Apt 71306/20/14$235,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba518 sqft$454+ /sqft
Apt 71607/16/12$240,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba470 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 11804/08/13$240,000Recently Sold     -- ba500 sqft$480+ /sqft
Apt 61508/13/12$245,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba499 sqft$491+ /sqft
Apt 21408/14/13$245,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba464 sqft$528+ /sqft
Apt 82009/09/13$275,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba465 sqft$591+ /sqft
Apt 702--$233,292Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$565+ /sqft
Apt 303--$234,678Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 103--$235,115Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$569+ /sqft
Apt 810--$239,864Off Market     1.0 ba427 sqft$562+ /sqft
Apt 610--$240,531Off Market     1.0 ba427 sqft$563+ /sqft
Apt 620--$250,124Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$538+ /sqft
Apt 212--$250,259Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$538+ /sqft
Apt 312--$250,348Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$538+ /sqft
Apt 319--$250,726Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 710--$251,238Off Market     1.0 ba475 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 520--$251,385Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$541+ /sqft
Apt 115--$254,812Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 718--$255,232Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 313--$259,803Off Market     1.0 ba518 sqft$502+ /sqft
Apt 309/27/13$245,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba426 sqft$575+ /sqft
Apt 30508/27/12$290,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba710 sqft$408+ /sqft
Apt 40401/06/14$320,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba500 sqft$640+ /sqft
Apt 62101/16/15$420,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba675 sqft$622+ /sqft
Apt 819--$252,419Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$544+ /sqft
Apt 413--$309,569Off Market     1.0 ba620 sqft$499+ /sqft
Apt 1--$320,700Off Market     1.0 ba615 sqft$521+ /sqft
Apt 421--$326,510Off Market     1.0 ba641 sqft$509+ /sqft
Apt 521--$326,510Off Market     1.0 ba641 sqft$509+ /sqft
Apt 304--$338,068Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$505+ /sqft
Apt 721--$339,514Off Market     1.0 ba641 sqft$530+ /sqft
Apt 604--$339,759Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$508+ /sqft
Apt 821--$339,929Off Market     1.0 ba641 sqft$530+ /sqft
Apt 704--$353,974Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 204--$353,974Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 104--$353,974Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 4--$353,974Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 705--$354,342Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 605--$354,342Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 505--$354,342Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 405--$354,342Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$529+ /sqft
Apt 804--$355,707Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$532+ /sqft
Apt 504--$359,030Off Market     1.0 ba669 sqft$537+ /sqft
Apt 205A--$366,688Off Market     1.0 ba738 sqft$497+ /sqft
Apt 105A--$366,688Off Market     1.0 ba738 sqft$497+ /sqft
Apt 805--$366,692Off Market     1.0 ba670 sqft$547+ /sqft
Apt 5B--$367,767Off Market     1.0 ba743 sqft$495+ /sqft
Apt 105B--$378,314Off Market     1.0 ba743 sqft$509+ /sqft
Apt 301a--$513,066Off Market     1.0 ba1,054 sqft$487+ /sqft
Apt 205C--$560,114Off Market     1.0 ba1,173 sqft$478+ /sqft
Apt 22107/28/14$322,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba667 sqft$484+ /sqft
Apt 510--$425,134Off Market     1.0 ba873 sqft$487+ /sqft
Apt 510a--$430,691Off Market     1.0 ba873 sqft$493+ /sqft
Apt 806/02/14$68,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba417 sqft$163+ /sqft
Apt 31606/05/13$210,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba460 sqft$457+ /sqft
Apt 70310/10/13$232,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba413 sqft$562+ /sqft
Apt 11710/16/12$234,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba466 sqft$502+ /sqft
Apt 21308/12/13$235,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba518 sqft$454+ /sqft
Apt 71906/17/13$254,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba466 sqft$545+ /sqft
Apt 101--$230,906Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$565+ /sqft
Apt 201--$231,738Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$567+ /sqft
Apt 601--$231,738Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$567+ /sqft
Apt 701--$231,738Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$567+ /sqft
Apt 401--$231,741Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$567+ /sqft
Apt 102--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 202--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 302--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 402--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 602--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 203--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 503--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 603--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 707--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 507--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 407--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 307--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 207--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 606--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 506--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 6--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 106--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 306--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 406--$234,676Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 801--$234,924Off Market     1.0 ba409 sqft$574+ /sqft
Apt 802--$235,765Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$571+ /sqft
Apt 803--$235,765Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$571+ /sqft
Apt 807--$235,765Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$571+ /sqft
Apt 806--$235,765Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$571+ /sqft
Apt 608--$236,758Off Market     1.0 ba417 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 508--$236,758Off Market     1.0 ba417 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 408--$236,758Off Market     1.0 ba417 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 308--$236,758Off Market     1.0 ba417 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 208--$236,758Off Market     1.0 ba417 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 108--$236,758Off Market     1.0 ba417 sqft$568+ /sqft
Apt 2--$237,373Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$575+ /sqft
Apt 502--$237,373Off Market     1.0 ba413 sqft$575+ /sqft
Apt 808--$237,966Off Market     1.0 ba417 sqft$571+ /sqft
Apt 708--$239,245Off Market     1.0 ba422 sqft$567+ /sqft
Apt 11--$239,526Off Market     1.0 ba424 sqft$565+ /sqft
Apt 10--$240,528Off Market     1.0 ba427 sqft$563+ /sqft
Apt 110--$240,528Off Market     1.0 ba427 sqft$563+ /sqft
Apt 210--$240,528Off Market     1.0 ba427 sqft$563+ /sqft
Apt 310--$240,528Off Market     1.0 ba427 sqft$563+ /sqft
Apt 410--$240,528Off Market     1.0 ba427 sqft$563+ /sqft
Apt 111--$240,604Off Market     1.0 ba431 sqft$558+ /sqft
Apt 211--$240,604Off Market     1.0 ba431 sqft$558+ /sqft
Apt 311--$240,604Off Market     1.0 ba431 sqft$558+ /sqft
Apt 611--$240,604Off Market     1.0 ba431 sqft$558+ /sqft
Apt 711--$240,604Off Market     1.0 ba431 sqft$558+ /sqft
Apt 811--$242,280Off Market     1.0 ba431 sqft$562+ /sqft
Apt 114--$249,726Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$538+ /sqft
Apt 420--$249,903Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$537+ /sqft
Apt 116--$250,440Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$544+ /sqft
Apt 216--$250,440Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$544+ /sqft
Apt 416--$250,440Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$544+ /sqft
Apt 516--$250,440Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$544+ /sqft
Apt 616--$250,440Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$544+ /sqft
Apt 720--$250,706Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$539+ /sqft
Apt 314--$250,776Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 414--$250,776Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 514--$250,776Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 614--$250,776Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 119--$250,776Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 219--$250,776Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 419--$250,776Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 619--$250,776Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 112--$250,920Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 412--$250,920Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 512--$250,920Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 612--$250,920Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 712--$250,920Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 120--$250,920Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 220--$250,920Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 320--$250,920Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 812--$251,246Off Market     1.0 ba465 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 816--$251,404Off Market     1.0 ba460 sqft$547+ /sqft
Apt 317--$251,447Off Market     1.0 ba466 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 417--$251,447Off Market     1.0 ba466 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 517--$251,447Off Market     1.0 ba466 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 717--$251,447Off Market     1.0 ba466 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 217--$251,447Off Market     1.0 ba466 sqft$540+ /sqft
Apt 814--$251,702Off Market     1.0 ba464 sqft$542+ /sqft
Apt 817--$252,075Off Market     1.0 ba466 sqft$541+ /sqft
Apt 519--$254,010Off Market     1.0 ba498 sqft$510+ /sqft
Apt 509--$254,467Off Market     1.0 ba498 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 617--$254,477Off Market     1.5 ba466 sqft$546+ /sqft
Apt 309--$254,613Off Market     1.0 ba498 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 409--$254,613Off Market     1.0 ba498 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 609--$254,613Off Market     1.0 ba498 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 709--$254,613Off Market     1.0 ba498 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 215--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 315--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 415--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 515--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 715--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 218--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 318--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 418--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 618--$254,915Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$511+ /sqft
Apt 815--$256,362Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$514+ /sqft
Apt 113--$256,621Off Market     1.0 ba518 sqft$495+ /sqft
Apt 613--$256,621Off Market     1.0 ba518 sqft$495+ /sqft
Apt 813--$266,671Off Market     1.0 ba518 sqft$515+ /sqft
Apt 818--$267,391Off Market     1.0 ba499 sqft$536+ /sqft


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