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Hudson View East

250 S End Ave New York, NY 10280

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 14A03/11/15$2,700For Rent     1.0 ba620 sqft$4.35+ /sqft
Apt 4C07/06/15$550,000For Sale     1.0 ba602 sqft$914+ /sqft
Apt 17F05/07/15$3,750For Rent     1.0 ba727 sqft$5.16+ /sqft
Apt 15B01/15/15$1,575,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,158 sqft$1360+ /sqft
Apt 7A--$582,747Foreclosure     -- ba620 sqft$940+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 4F01/08/14$355,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba506 sqft$702+ /sqft
Apt 7F--$1,209,663Off Market     1.0 ba507 sqft$2386+ /sqft
Apt 8F--$1,466,670Off Market     1.0 ba506 sqft$2899+ /sqft
Apt 6F--$1,470,195Off Market     1.0 ba506 sqft$2906+ /sqft
Apt 3H04/13/15$565,000Pending     1.0 ba594 sqft$951+ /sqft
Apt 10H04/29/13$400,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba594 sqft$673+ /sqft
Apt 9G12/03/12$420,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba709 sqft$592+ /sqft
Apt 5A03/03/14$453,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba900 sqft$503+ /sqft
Apt 4G07/16/13$461,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba720 sqft$641+ /sqft
Apt 15E06/27/13$490,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba803 sqft$610+ /sqft
# 2A06/20/13$542,500Recently Sold     1.0 ba625 sqft$868+ /sqft
Apt 12A07/16/14$579,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba620 sqft$934+ /sqft
Apt 8E12/31/13$600,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba860 sqft$698+ /sqft
Apt 11A04/03/15$665,000Recently Sold     1.0 ba620 sqft$1073+ /sqft
Apt 11H--$582,481Off Market     1.0 ba594 sqft$981+ /sqft
Apt 2G--$695,317Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$979+ /sqft
Apt 10G--$710,881Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$1001+ /sqft
Apt 11G--$713,147Off Market     1.0 ba710 sqft$1004+ /sqft
Apt 12G--$806,367Off Market     1.0 ba709 sqft$1137+ /sqft
Apt 9E--$874,292Off Market     1.5 ba803 sqft$1089+ /sqft
Apt 14E--$876,152Off Market     1.5 ba803 sqft$1091+ /sqft
Apt 17E--$886,605Off Market     1.5 ba805 sqft$1101+ /sqft
Apt 8H--$1,494,372Off Market     1.0 ba594 sqft$2516+ /sqft
Apt 9A--$1,507,858Off Market     1.0 ba620 sqft$2432+ /sqft
Apt 15A--$1,526,292Off Market     1.0 ba620 sqft$2462+ /sqft
Apt 3D--$1,677,341Off Market     1.0 ba782 sqft$2145+ /sqft
Apt 11E--$2,000,740Off Market     1.5 ba803 sqft$2492+ /sqft
Apt 8D01/15/13$715,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,066 sqft$671+ /sqft
Apt 15D07/18/12$718,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,065 sqft$674+ /sqft
Apt 17B11/13/12$850,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,174 sqft$724+ /sqft
Apt 16D01/14/15$1,070,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,066 sqft$1004+ /sqft
Apt 7B02/13/15$1,200,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,176 sqft$1020+ /sqft
Apt 8B--$1,402,116Off Market     2.5 ba1,159 sqft$1210+ /sqft
Apt 8D--$1,670,792Off Market     2.0 ba1,066 sqft$1567+ /sqft
Apt 16B--$1,939,874Off Market     2.5 ba1,174 sqft$1652+ /sqft
Apt 10B--$2,503,395Off Market     2.5 ba1,175 sqft$2131+ /sqft
Apt 4B--$1,769,191Off Market     1.5 ba830 sqft$2132+ /sqft
Apt 17D06/12/13$352,118Recently Sold     -- ba1,065 sqft$331+ /sqft
Apt 3C12/04/13$377,100Recently Sold     -- ba602 sqft$626+ /sqft
Ph 1B12/02/13$1,425,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,195 sqft$1192+ /sqft
Apt 3F--$515,377Off Market     -- ba506 sqft$1019+ /sqft
Apt 2F--$515,447Off Market     -- ba506 sqft$1019+ /sqft
Apt 9F--$518,399Off Market     -- ba506 sqft$1025+ /sqft
Apt 10F--$518,650Off Market     -- ba506 sqft$1025+ /sqft
Apt 12F--$519,751Off Market     -- ba506 sqft$1027+ /sqft
Apt 2H--$567,729Off Market     -- ba594 sqft$956+ /sqft
Apt 5H--$567,913Off Market     -- ba594 sqft$956+ /sqft
Apt 4H--$567,957Off Market     -- ba594 sqft$956+ /sqft
Apt 6H--$568,408Off Market     -- ba594 sqft$957+ /sqft
Apt 7H--$569,970Off Market     -- ba594 sqft$960+ /sqft
Apt 2C--$570,547Off Market     -- ba602 sqft$948+ /sqft
Apt 5C--$570,872Off Market     -- ba602 sqft$948+ /sqft
Apt 6C--$572,986Off Market     -- ba602 sqft$952+ /sqft
Apt 12H--$577,023Off Market     -- ba594 sqft$971+ /sqft
Apt 3A--$577,639Off Market     -- ba620 sqft$932+ /sqft
Apt 4A--$577,924Off Market     -- ba620 sqft$932+ /sqft
Apt 6A--$581,886Off Market     -- ba620 sqft$939+ /sqft
Apt 7A--$582,747Off Market     -- ba620 sqft$940+ /sqft
Apt 8A--$583,391Off Market     -- ba620 sqft$941+ /sqft
Apt 10A--$592,292Off Market     -- ba620 sqft$955+ /sqft
Apt 16A--$598,019Off Market     -- ba620 sqft$965+ /sqft
Apt 17A--$600,659Off Market     -- ba620 sqft$969+ /sqft
Apt 3G--$692,443Off Market     -- ba709 sqft$977+ /sqft
Apt 5G--$695,513Off Market     -- ba709 sqft$981+ /sqft
Apt 6G--$699,313Off Market     -- ba709 sqft$986+ /sqft
Apt 1S--$700,273Off Market     -- ba724 sqft$967+ /sqft
Apt 7G--$707,586Off Market     -- ba709 sqft$998+ /sqft
Apt 8G--$707,942Off Market     -- ba709 sqft$999+ /sqft
Apt 15F--$730,026Off Market     -- ba727 sqft$1004+ /sqft
Apt 16F--$732,354Off Market     -- ba727 sqft$1007+ /sqft
Apt 14F--$782,483Off Market     -- ba727 sqft$1076+ /sqft
Apt 2D--$840,506Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1075+ /sqft
Apt 5D--$842,614Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1078+ /sqft
Apt 4D--$842,847Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1078+ /sqft
Apt 6D--$843,242Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1078+ /sqft
Apt 2E--$847,985Off Market     -- ba792 sqft$1071+ /sqft
Apt 3E--$855,100Off Market     -- ba802 sqft$1066+ /sqft
Apt 4E--$855,960Off Market     -- ba802 sqft$1067+ /sqft
Apt 6E--$856,705Off Market     -- ba802 sqft$1068+ /sqft
Apt 5E--$856,898Off Market     -- ba802 sqft$1068+ /sqft
Apt 7E--$858,910Off Market     -- ba802 sqft$1071+ /sqft
Apt 10E--$859,505Off Market     -- ba802 sqft$1072+ /sqft
Apt 12E--$860,359Off Market     -- ba802 sqft$1073+ /sqft
# 2B--$862,130Off Market     -- ba790 sqft$1091+ /sqft
Apt 16E--$866,411Off Market     -- ba802 sqft$1080+ /sqft
Apt 5B--$877,328Off Market     -- ba814 sqft$1078+ /sqft
Apt 3B--$882,026Off Market     -- ba830 sqft$1063+ /sqft
Apt 6B--$883,959Off Market     -- ba830 sqft$1065+ /sqft
Apt 1Q--$1,185,597Off Market     -- ba998 sqft$1188+ /sqft
Apt 14D--$1,300,110Off Market     -- ba1,065 sqft$1221+ /sqft
Apt 10D--$1,300,783Off Market     -- ba1,066 sqft$1220+ /sqft
Apt 11D--$1,301,243Off Market     -- ba1,066 sqft$1221+ /sqft
Apt 9D--$1,301,397Off Market     -- ba1,066 sqft$1221+ /sqft
Apt 12D--$1,301,775Off Market     -- ba1,066 sqft$1221+ /sqft
Apt 7D--$1,303,828Off Market     -- ba1,066 sqft$1223+ /sqft
Apt 9B--$1,311,786Off Market     -- ba1,175 sqft$1116+ /sqft
Apt 11B--$1,322,959Off Market     -- ba1,158 sqft$1142+ /sqft
Apt 12B--$1,338,114Off Market     -- ba1,175 sqft$1139+ /sqft
Apt 14B--$1,339,256Off Market     -- ba1,174 sqft$1141+ /sqft
Ph 1A--$1,396,549Off Market     -- ba1,113 sqft$1255+ /sqft
Ph 2B--$1,456,619Off Market     -- ba1,178 sqft$1237+ /sqft
Ph 2A--$1,564,511Off Market     -- ba1,174 sqft$1333+ /sqft
Ph 1C--$1,830,029Off Market     -- ba1,356 sqft$1350+ /sqft


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