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Metropolitan Tower Condominium

146 W 57th St New York, NY 10019

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 52F01/08/15$3,700For Rent     1.5 ba808 sqft$4.58+ /sqft
Apt 66D03/29/15$4,500For Rent     1.5 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 38C12/15/14$5,900For Rent     1.5 ba1,094 sqft$5.39+ /sqft
Apt 36E04/14/15$1,500,000For Sale     1.5 ba782 sqft$1918+ /sqft
Fl 3604/15/15$1,500,000For Sale     1.5 ba-- sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 47B12/14/14$1,850,000For Sale     1.5 ba1,048 sqft$1765+ /sqft
Apt 67C03/23/15$10,000For Rent     2.5 ba1,489 sqft$6.72+ /sqft
Apt 38D03/24/15$10,750For Rent     2.0 ba1,490 sqft$7.21+ /sqft
Apt 68D05/21/15$2,450,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,618 sqft$1514+ /sqft
Apt 43A12/14/14$2,699,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,463 sqft$1845+ /sqft
Apt 57A03/20/15$3,500,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,463 sqft$2392+ /sqft
Apt 41D05/02/15$3,875,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,490 sqft$2601+ /sqft
Apt 72C03/17/15$3,950,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,463 sqft$2700+ /sqft
Apt 66A04/29/15$11,500For Rent     3.5 ba2,124 sqft$5.41+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 32B--$740,988Off Market     -- ba275 sqft$2695+ /sqft
Apt 42F10/19/12$885,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba808 sqft$1095+ /sqft
Apt 43F09/21/12$895,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba808 sqft$1108+ /sqft
Apt 51E07/11/13$1,150,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba782 sqft$1471+ /sqft
Apt 43B10/05/12$1,260,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba1,043 sqft$1208+ /sqft
Apt 46C11/21/12$1,620,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba1,094 sqft$1481+ /sqft
Apt 46C11/21/13$1,800,000Recently Sold     1.5 ba1,094 sqft$1645+ /sqft
Apt 65F--$1,276,625Off Market     1.5 ba808 sqft$1580+ /sqft
Apt 40F--$1,281,081Off Market     1.5 ba808 sqft$1585+ /sqft
Apt 54F--$1,310,424Off Market     1.5 ba808 sqft$1622+ /sqft
Apt 61F--$1,312,140Off Market     1.5 ba808 sqft$1624+ /sqft
Apt 65E--$1,315,425Off Market     1.5 ba782 sqft$1682+ /sqft
Apt 36F--$1,373,666Off Market     1.5 ba850 sqft$1616+ /sqft
Apt 62B--$1,472,157Off Market     1.0 ba1,048 sqft$1405+ /sqft
Apt 38B--$1,660,191Off Market     1.5 ba1,048 sqft$1584+ /sqft
Apt 41B--$1,666,950Off Market     1.5 ba1,048 sqft$1591+ /sqft
Apt 45C--$1,844,341Off Market     1.5 ba1,094 sqft$1686+ /sqft
Apt 39B--$2,058,589Off Market     1.0 ba1,048 sqft$1964+ /sqft
Apt 60C--$2,217,859Off Market     2.0 ba1,090 sqft$2035+ /sqft
Apt 49C--$2,600,443Off Market     1.5 ba1,094 sqft$2377+ /sqft
Apt 45E--$2,670,863Off Market     1.5 ba782 sqft$3415+ /sqft
Apt 41B--$2,833,815Off Market     1.5 ba1,048 sqft$2704+ /sqft
Apt 37B--$2,849,675Off Market     1.5 ba1,046 sqft$2724+ /sqft
Apt 38C--$2,894,792Off Market     1.5 ba1,094 sqft$2646+ /sqft
Apt 45E--$4,276,751Off Market     1.5 ba782 sqft$5469+ /sqft
Apt 39B--$4,403,100Off Market     1.5 ba1,048 sqft$4201+ /sqft
Apt 39D--$5,033,094Off Market     1.5 ba1,048 sqft$4803+ /sqft
Metropolitan Tower Condominium--$6,467,322Off Market     2.0 ba808 sqft$8004+ /sqft
Apt 46D----Off Market     1.5 ba1,490 sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 44A12/14/14$2,499,000Pending     2.5 ba1,463 sqft$1708+ /sqft
Apt 45A06/19/12$2,135,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,463 sqft$1459+ /sqft
Apt 37D06/06/13$2,150,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,490 sqft$1443+ /sqft
Apt 55A07/29/13$2,888,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,463 sqft$1974+ /sqft
Apt 61A01/12/15$2,900,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,463 sqft$1982+ /sqft
Apt 70B06/10/13$3,100,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,457 sqft$2128+ /sqft
Apt 66B05/12/13$3,195,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,457 sqft$2193+ /sqft
Apt 71B09/24/12$3,500,000Recently Sold     2.0 ba1,500 sqft$2333+ /sqft
Metropolitan Tower Condominium--$2,941,494Off Market     2.5 ba1,600 sqft$1838+ /sqft
Apt 36D--$2,943,568Off Market     2.5 ba1,490 sqft$1976+ /sqft
Apt 72C--$3,284,289Off Market     2.5 ba1,489 sqft$2206+ /sqft
Apt 70B--$3,349,157Off Market     2.5 ba1,457 sqft$2299+ /sqft
Apt 44D--$3,613,658Off Market     2.5 ba1,490 sqft$2425+ /sqft
Apt 76E--$3,982,525Off Market     2.5 ba1,618 sqft$2461+ /sqft
Apt 38D--$4,015,498Off Market     2.5 ba1,490 sqft$2695+ /sqft
Apt 33D--$4,015,498Off Market     2.5 ba1,490 sqft$2695+ /sqft
Apt 76B--$6,107,112Off Market     2.5 ba1,457 sqft$4192+ /sqft
STE 76-A1--$8,055,550Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3851+ /sqft
Apt 66A08/24/13$3,995,000Recently Sold     3.5 ba2,124 sqft$1881+ /sqft
# 76CD--$7,943,026Off Market     3.5 ba3,079 sqft$2580+ /sqft
Apt 47F07/29/13$900,000Recently Sold     -- ba808 sqft$1114+ /sqft
Apt 39E01/21/14$920,000Recently Sold     -- ba782 sqft$1176+ /sqft
Apt 59F02/06/15$1,100,000Recently Sold     -- ba808 sqft$1361+ /sqft
Apt 51E09/24/13$1,135,000Recently Sold     -- ba782 sqft$1451+ /sqft
Apt 34E10/18/13$1,150,000Recently Sold     -- ba782 sqft$1471+ /sqft
Apt 41F05/01/14$1,200,000Recently Sold     -- ba808 sqft$1485+ /sqft
Apt 58E01/10/14$1,200,000Recently Sold     -- ba782 sqft$1535+ /sqft
Apt 49F07/11/14$1,250,000Recently Sold     -- ba808 sqft$1547+ /sqft
Apt 57C08/13/13$1,825,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,094 sqft$1668+ /sqft
Apt 63B02/17/15$1,850,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,048 sqft$1765+ /sqft
Apt 66B06/17/13$3,150,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,457 sqft$2162+ /sqft
Apt 70C02/19/13$3,550,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,489 sqft$2384+ /sqft
Apt 70A11/28/14$4,300,000Recently Sold     -- ba2,092 sqft$2055+ /sqft
Apt 65B11/07/13$8,960,000Recently Sold     -- ba1,048 sqft$8550+ /sqft
Apt 32M--$720,866Off Market     -- ba334 sqft$2158+ /sqft
Apt 32O--$724,984Off Market     -- ba323 sqft$2245+ /sqft
Apt 32L--$728,346Off Market     -- ba300 sqft$2428+ /sqft
Apt 32J--$728,377Off Market     -- ba300 sqft$2428+ /sqft
Apt 32N--$730,426Off Market     -- ba285 sqft$2563+ /sqft
Apt 32C--$730,760Off Market     -- ba286 sqft$2555+ /sqft
Apt 32E--$730,762Off Market     -- ba286 sqft$2555+ /sqft
Apt 32K--$730,780Off Market     -- ba286 sqft$2555+ /sqft
Apt 32I--$736,032Off Market     -- ba271 sqft$2716+ /sqft
Apt 32H--$738,240Off Market     -- ba262 sqft$2818+ /sqft
Apt 32D--$756,083Off Market     -- ba423 sqft$1787+ /sqft
Apt 32F--$766,993Off Market     -- ba246 sqft$3118+ /sqft
Apt 57F--$1,271,552Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1574+ /sqft
Apt 60F--$1,272,215Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1575+ /sqft
Apt 62F--$1,273,155Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1576+ /sqft
Apt 35E--$1,274,153Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1629+ /sqft
Apt 63F--$1,275,052Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1578+ /sqft
Apt 65F--$1,276,744Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1580+ /sqft
Apt 37E--$1,281,028Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1638+ /sqft
Apt 55F--$1,281,296Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1586+ /sqft
Apt 33E--$1,281,574Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1639+ /sqft
Apt 34F--$1,282,147Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1587+ /sqft
Apt 50E--$1,282,522Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1640+ /sqft
Apt 38E--$1,283,528Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1641+ /sqft
Apt 38F--$1,283,861Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1589+ /sqft
Apt 41E--$1,284,112Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1642+ /sqft
Apt 33F--$1,284,198Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1589+ /sqft
Apt 39F--$1,285,001Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1590+ /sqft
Apt 37F--$1,285,128Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1591+ /sqft
Apt 43E--$1,285,248Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1644+ /sqft
Apt 46E--$1,285,729Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1644+ /sqft
Apt 48F--$1,286,095Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1592+ /sqft
Apt 50F--$1,286,193Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1592+ /sqft
# 647--$1,286,242Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1645+ /sqft
Apt 44E--$1,286,388Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1645+ /sqft
Apt 35F--$1,287,082Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1593+ /sqft
Apt 51F--$1,287,396Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1593+ /sqft
Apt 60E--$1,287,473Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1646+ /sqft
Apt 62E--$1,288,376Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1648+ /sqft
Apt 52E--$1,288,387Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1648+ /sqft
Apt 48E--$1,288,696Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1648+ /sqft
Apt 46F--$1,288,920Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1595+ /sqft
Apt 45F--$1,289,391Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1596+ /sqft
Apt 55E--$1,289,914Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1650+ /sqft
Apt 57E--$1,290,202Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1650+ /sqft
Apt 59E--$1,290,567Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1650+ /sqft
Apt 63E--$1,290,777Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1651+ /sqft
Apt 56E--$1,291,327Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1651+ /sqft
Apt 54E--$1,293,619Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1654+ /sqft
Apt 61E--$1,303,715Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$1667+ /sqft
Apt 56F--$1,310,708Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1622+ /sqft
Apt 58F--$1,315,429Off Market     -- ba808 sqft$1628+ /sqft
Apt 35B--$1,658,560Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1583+ /sqft
Apt 34B--$1,659,521Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1584+ /sqft
Apt 40B--$1,660,055Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1584+ /sqft
Apt 44B--$1,662,724Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1587+ /sqft
Apt 45B--$1,665,314Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1589+ /sqft
Apt 46B--$1,669,712Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1593+ /sqft
Apt 49B--$1,673,539Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1597+ /sqft
Apt 50B--$1,674,828Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1598+ /sqft
Apt 51B--$1,675,573Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1599+ /sqft
Apt 54B--$1,679,722Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1603+ /sqft
Apt 55B--$1,682,675Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1606+ /sqft
Apt 57B--$1,683,794Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1607+ /sqft
Apt 38B--$1,685,476Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1608+ /sqft
Apt 60B--$1,685,686Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1608+ /sqft
Apt 53B--$1,685,749Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1609+ /sqft
Apt 61B--$1,685,830Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1609+ /sqft
Apt 59B--$1,685,851Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1609+ /sqft
Apt 56B--$1,686,266Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1609+ /sqft
Apt 58B--$1,687,282Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1610+ /sqft
Apt 36B--$1,702,317Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1624+ /sqft
Apt 52B--$1,703,666Off Market     -- ba1,048 sqft$1626+ /sqft
Apt 37C--$1,944,628Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1778+ /sqft
Apt 36C--$1,944,941Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1778+ /sqft
Apt 35C--$1,947,061Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1780+ /sqft
Apt 44C--$1,972,101Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1803+ /sqft
Apt 40C--$1,972,723Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1803+ /sqft
Apt 43C--$1,973,476Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1804+ /sqft
Apt 45C--$1,980,151Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1810+ /sqft
Apt 47C--$1,992,093Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1821+ /sqft
Apt 48C--$1,998,902Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1827+ /sqft
Apt 54C--$2,007,715Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1835+ /sqft
Apt 50C--$2,012,297Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1839+ /sqft
Apt 51C--$2,016,488Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1843+ /sqft
Apt 52C--$2,016,752Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1843+ /sqft
Apt 55C--$2,032,251Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1858+ /sqft
Apt 56C--$2,040,747Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1865+ /sqft
Apt 58C--$2,084,482Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1905+ /sqft
Apt 59C--$2,113,121Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$1932+ /sqft
Apt 39C--$2,251,988Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$2058+ /sqft
Apt 41C--$2,255,664Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$2062+ /sqft
Apt 53C--$2,475,555Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$2263+ /sqft
Apt 42C--$2,610,322Off Market     -- ba1,094 sqft$2386+ /sqft
# 64TEF--$3,174,771Off Market     -- ba782 sqft$4060+ /sqft
Apt 35A--$3,646,105Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2492+ /sqft
Apt 36A--$3,649,463Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2495+ /sqft
Apt 37A--$3,666,449Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2506+ /sqft
Apt 34A--$3,677,108Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2513+ /sqft
Apt 39A--$3,725,477Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2546+ /sqft
Apt 38A--$3,742,841Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2558+ /sqft
Apt 41A--$3,755,683Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2567+ /sqft
Apt 40A--$3,778,101Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2582+ /sqft
Apt 52A--$3,790,829Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2591+ /sqft
Apt 46A--$3,804,289Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2600+ /sqft
Apt 59A--$3,824,745Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2614+ /sqft
Apt 51A--$3,830,034Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2618+ /sqft
Apt 58A--$3,838,958Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2624+ /sqft
Apt 47A--$3,838,975Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2624+ /sqft
Apt 53A--$3,841,728Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2626+ /sqft
Apt 56A--$3,844,265Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2628+ /sqft
Apt 49A--$3,852,500Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2633+ /sqft
Apt 50A--$3,863,194Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2641+ /sqft
Apt 63A--$3,863,215Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2641+ /sqft
Apt 54A--$3,874,456Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2648+ /sqft
Apt 60A--$3,892,907Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2661+ /sqft
Apt 62A--$3,896,171Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2663+ /sqft
Apt 42A--$3,944,788Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2696+ /sqft
Apt 65A--$3,954,122Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$2703+ /sqft
# 6667D--$4,118,578Off Market     -- ba1,590 sqft$2590+ /sqft
Apt 67B--$4,304,747Off Market     -- ba1,457 sqft$2955+ /sqft
Apt 68B--$4,322,502Off Market     -- ba1,457 sqft$2967+ /sqft
Apt 69B--$4,345,304Off Market     -- ba1,457 sqft$2982+ /sqft
Apt 72B--$4,458,966Off Market     -- ba1,457 sqft$3060+ /sqft
Apt 75B--$4,501,152Off Market     -- ba1,457 sqft$3089+ /sqft
Apt 70D--$4,522,950Off Market     -- ba1,590 sqft$2845+ /sqft
# 48AB--$4,532,359Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$3098+ /sqft
Apt 74D--$4,532,593Off Market     -- ba1,590 sqft$2851+ /sqft
Apt 68E--$4,547,412Off Market     -- ba1,618 sqft$2811+ /sqft
Apt 74E--$4,566,831Off Market     -- ba1,618 sqft$2823+ /sqft
Apt 70E--$4,569,851Off Market     -- ba1,618 sqft$2824+ /sqft
Apt 72E--$4,746,632Off Market     -- ba1,618 sqft$2934+ /sqft
Apt 74B--$4,905,953Off Market     -- ba1,457 sqft$3367+ /sqft
Apt 64A--$5,001,908Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$3419+ /sqft
# 6667E--$5,174,138Off Market     -- ba1,618 sqft$3198+ /sqft
Apt 33D--$5,221,711Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3505+ /sqft
Apt 35D--$5,568,536Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3737+ /sqft
Apt 66C--$5,568,559Off Market     -- ba1,489 sqft$3740+ /sqft
Apt 68C--$5,572,087Off Market     -- ba1,489 sqft$3742+ /sqft
Apt 69C--$5,575,794Off Market     -- ba1,489 sqft$3745+ /sqft
Apt 71C--$5,595,866Off Market     -- ba1,489 sqft$3758+ /sqft
Apt 36D--$5,607,299Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3763+ /sqft
Apt 33A--$5,617,947Off Market     -- ba1,463 sqft$3840+ /sqft
Apt 48D--$5,647,052Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3790+ /sqft
Apt 74C--$5,649,904Off Market     -- ba1,489 sqft$3794+ /sqft
Apt 52D--$5,655,478Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3796+ /sqft
Apt 54D--$5,659,260Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3798+ /sqft
Apt 60D--$5,682,734Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3814+ /sqft
Apt 45D--$5,724,303Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3842+ /sqft
Apt 43D--$5,736,393Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3850+ /sqft
Apt 47D--$5,747,277Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3857+ /sqft
Apt 40D--$5,767,346Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3871+ /sqft
Apt 51D--$5,777,872Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3878+ /sqft
Apt 55D--$5,794,299Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3889+ /sqft
Apt 57D--$5,812,400Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3901+ /sqft
Apt 59D--$5,826,014Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3910+ /sqft
Apt 50D--$5,859,277Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3932+ /sqft
Apt 56D--$5,883,653Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3949+ /sqft
Apt 58D--$5,896,557Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$3957+ /sqft
Apt 72D--$6,201,381Off Market     -- ba1,590 sqft$3900+ /sqft
Apt 42D--$6,202,905Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$4163+ /sqft
Apt 53D--$6,459,140Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$4335+ /sqft
Apt 49D--$6,647,603Off Market     -- ba1,490 sqft$4461+ /sqft
# 33BC--$7,171,559Off Market     -- ba2,142 sqft$3348+ /sqft
Apt 68A--$7,846,490Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3751+ /sqft
Apt 69A--$7,849,742Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3752+ /sqft
Apt 72A--$7,862,798Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3759+ /sqft
Apt 73A--$7,873,424Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3764+ /sqft
Apt 71A--$7,891,984Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3772+ /sqft
Apt 74A--$7,905,964Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3779+ /sqft
Apt 75A--$7,908,786Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3780+ /sqft
# 34T--$8,059,201Off Market     -- ba2,584 sqft$3119+ /sqft
Apt 67A--$8,272,132Off Market     -- ba2,092 sqft$3954+ /sqft
# 61-T--$8,435,358Off Market     -- ba2,584 sqft$3264+ /sqft
# 62-T--$8,442,064Off Market     -- ba2,584 sqft$3267+ /sqft
# 63-T--$8,453,238Off Market     -- ba2,584 sqft$3271+ /sqft
# 65-T--$8,552,458Off Market     -- ba2,584 sqft$3310+ /sqft
Apt 73B--$9,580,274Off Market     -- ba1,457 sqft$6575+ /sqft
Apt 32B----Off Market     -- ba-- sqft--+ /sqft


Nearby Schools in New York

GreatSchools ratings give an overview of a school's test results. The ratings are based on a comparison of test results for all schools in the state.

Disclaimer: School attendance zone boundaries are supplied by Maponics and are subject to change. Check with the applicable school district prior to making a decision based on these boundaries.

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