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The Ritz Carlton New York, Battery

10 West St New York, NY 10004

Available Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 23D04/09/15$1,175,000For Sale     1.5 ba800 sqft$1469+ /sqft
Apt 25C06/23/14$2,995,000For Sale     2.5 ba1,690 sqft$1772+ /sqft
Apt 15E05/20/14$15,900For Rent     4.5 ba2,722 sqft$5.84+ /sqft

Off Market Units

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NameListed DateTypePriceBeds/BathsSqftPrice/Sqft
Apt 26D--$1,116,526Off Market     1.0 ba807 sqft$1384+ /sqft
Apt 34B--$1,174,214Off Market     1.5 ba842 sqft$1395+ /sqft
Apt 22D--$1,179,565Off Market     1.5 ba807 sqft$1462+ /sqft
Apt 25D--$1,250,979Off Market     1.5 ba807 sqft$1550+ /sqft
Apt 36B--$1,311,396Off Market     1.5 ba848 sqft$1546+ /sqft
Apt 19A12/11/13$2,500,000Recently Sold     2.5 ba1,759 sqft$1421+ /sqft
Apt 24E--$2,702,593Off Market     2.0 ba1,437 sqft$1881+ /sqft
Apt 19E--$2,905,037Off Market     2.0 ba1,429 sqft$2033+ /sqft
Apt 20G--$3,236,673Off Market     2.5 ba1,765 sqft$1834+ /sqft
Apt 16C--$3,369,614Off Market     2.5 ba1,700 sqft$1982+ /sqft
Apt 19A----Off Market     2.5 ba1,759 sqft--+ /sqft
Apt 18A08/16/12$2,890,000Recently Sold     3.5 ba1,944 sqft$1487+ /sqft
Apt 29A05/13/14$3,014,020Recently Sold     3.5 ba1,944 sqft$1550+ /sqft
Apt 23A10/23/14$3,650,000Recently Sold     3.5 ba1,944 sqft$1878+ /sqft
Apt 32G02/26/14$7,550,000Recently Sold     3.5 ba3,736 sqft$2021+ /sqft
Apt 16A--$2,842,218Off Market     2.0 ba1,700 sqft$1672+ /sqft
# PH-1A--$3,734,004Off Market     3.0 ba2,000 sqft$1867+ /sqft
Apt 22E--$3,737,024Off Market     3.0 ba1,914 sqft$1952+ /sqft
Apt 27E--$4,677,877Off Market     3.5 ba2,366 sqft$1977+ /sqft
Apt 36E08/21/13$4,500,000Recently Sold     5.0 ba2,722 sqft$1653+ /sqft
Apt 15D--$4,861,841Off Market     4.5 ba2,722 sqft$1786+ /sqft
Apt 21E07/02/13$2,500,000Recently Sold     -- ba2,721 sqft$919+ /sqft
Apt 33B--$1,167,758Off Market     -- ba842 sqft$1387+ /sqft
Apt 20D--$1,167,785Off Market     -- ba807 sqft$1447+ /sqft
Apt 28B--$1,172,734Off Market     -- ba842 sqft$1393+ /sqft
Apt 24D--$1,172,821Off Market     -- ba807 sqft$1453+ /sqft
Apt 32B--$1,174,934Off Market     -- ba842 sqft$1395+ /sqft
Apt 35B--$1,196,493Off Market     -- ba842 sqft$1421+ /sqft
Apt 36A--$1,732,395Off Market     -- ba1,102 sqft$1572+ /sqft
Apt 17E--$2,859,528Off Market     -- ba1,429 sqft$2001+ /sqft
Apt 18E--$2,867,498Off Market     -- ba1,429 sqft$2007+ /sqft
Apt 27A--$2,976,381Off Market     -- ba1,544 sqft$1928+ /sqft
Apt 28A--$3,046,747Off Market     -- ba1,552 sqft$1963+ /sqft
Apt 29E--$3,161,870Off Market     -- ba1,563 sqft$2023+ /sqft
Apt 35A--$3,237,095Off Market     -- ba1,577 sqft$2053+ /sqft
Apt 18C--$3,273,657Off Market     -- ba1,690 sqft$1937+ /sqft
Apt 20C--$3,326,053Off Market     -- ba1,690 sqft$1968+ /sqft
Apt 21C--$3,333,259Off Market     -- ba1,690 sqft$1972+ /sqft
Apt 33A--$3,339,567Off Market     -- ba1,565 sqft$2134+ /sqft
Apt 24C--$3,341,288Off Market     -- ba1,690 sqft$1977+ /sqft
Apt 32C--$3,405,340Off Market     -- ba1,690 sqft$2015+ /sqft
Apt 37C--$3,408,713Off Market     -- ba1,690 sqft$2017+ /sqft
Apt 17A--$3,578,991Off Market     -- ba1,944 sqft$1841+ /sqft
Apt 25A--$3,606,168Off Market     -- ba1,944 sqft$1855+ /sqft
Apt 23E--$3,637,139Off Market     -- ba1,914 sqft$1900+ /sqft
Apt 25E--$3,641,747Off Market     -- ba1,914 sqft$1903+ /sqft
Apt 22A--$3,645,734Off Market     -- ba1,950 sqft$1870+ /sqft
Apt 16E--$3,646,118Off Market     -- ba1,914 sqft$1905+ /sqft
Apt 26E--$3,652,273Off Market     -- ba1,914 sqft$1908+ /sqft
Apt 27C--$3,776,767Off Market     -- ba2,046 sqft$1846+ /sqft
Apt 16G--$3,865,290Off Market     -- ba2,043 sqft$1892+ /sqft
Apt 31G--$4,279,604Off Market     -- ba2,143 sqft$1997+ /sqft
Apt 26G--$4,280,930Off Market     -- ba2,143 sqft$1998+ /sqft
Apt 27G--$4,286,971Off Market     -- ba2,143 sqft$2000+ /sqft
Apt 28G--$4,387,511Off Market     -- ba2,184 sqft$2009+ /sqft
Apt 35G--$4,548,622Off Market     -- ba2,192 sqft$2075+ /sqft
Apt 37G--$4,863,222Off Market     -- ba2,586 sqft$1881+ /sqft
Apt 36G--$4,871,152Off Market     -- ba2,586 sqft$1884+ /sqft
Apt 22G--$4,871,864Off Market     -- ba2,586 sqft$1884+ /sqft
Apt 23G--$4,873,546Off Market     -- ba2,586 sqft$1885+ /sqft
Apt 25G--$4,874,478Off Market     -- ba2,586 sqft$1885+ /sqft
Apt 35E--$4,879,443Off Market     -- ba2,722 sqft$1793+ /sqft
Apt 33E--$4,880,968Off Market     -- ba2,722 sqft$1793+ /sqft
Apt 32E--$4,882,028Off Market     -- ba2,722 sqft$1794+ /sqft
Apt 30G--$4,897,669Off Market     -- ba2,586 sqft$1894+ /sqft
Apt 15G--$4,922,465Off Market     -- ba2,343 sqft$2101+ /sqft
Apt 31A--$4,940,197Off Market     -- ba2,386 sqft$2070+ /sqft
Apt 30E--$4,940,232Off Market     -- ba2,366 sqft$2088+ /sqft
Apt 26A--$4,940,779Off Market     -- ba2,386 sqft$2071+ /sqft
Apt 31E--$4,943,314Off Market     -- ba2,366 sqft$2089+ /sqft
Apt 21G--$5,768,798Off Market     -- ba2,977 sqft$1938+ /sqft
Apt 18G--$5,836,320Off Market     -- ba3,059 sqft$1908+ /sqft
Apt 17G--$5,912,365Off Market     -- ba3,056 sqft$1935+ /sqft
# PH-1C--$6,056,883Off Market     -- ba3,042 sqft$1991+ /sqft
Apt 19G--$6,659,684Off Market     -- ba3,211 sqft$2074+ /sqft
Apt 28E--$7,933,831Off Market     -- ba3,525 sqft$2251+ /sqft
# PH-1B--$9,111,310Off Market     -- ba3,991 sqft$2283+ /sqft


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