10 Real Estate Acronyms You Might Not Know

As you look for a home for sale, or through apartment listings, you’ve undoubtedly come across a few real estate acronyms in the property descriptions.

While you are most likely familiar with MIL or DR, other terms may not be as familiar. We’ve rounded up a few real estate acronyms — some easy, some hard — with a challenge to you to see how well-versed you are in real estate-ese.

Try your hand at decoding these terms; the answers are below the photo. Remember, no cheating!



2. detached GH

3. FR. DRS


5. FP

6. HDW

7. Bb

8. CH/BW

9. d/w

10. EIK

Source: Flickr user fellixis


1. Built-in china cabinets

2. Detached guest house

3. French doors

4. Family room over garage

5. Fireplace

6. Hardwood floors

7. Baseboard heat

8. Chain link or barbed wire fence

9. Dishwasher

10. Eat-in kitchen

How well did you do?

0-3 correct: First-time homebuyer

4-7 correct: Real estate dabbler

8-11 correct: Certified real estate expert

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