Adele Went “Rolling In The Deep” at Fabled Shangri-La Studio

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With an armload of six Grammy’s, Adele was the big winner Sunday night in Beverly Hills. That was fitting, since Adele recorded portions of her mega-hit album “21″ up the road a few miles in Malibu at one of the most famous studios in modern music.

What was the Londoner doing last September in a California coast bungalow overlooking the Pacific singing ballads about love gone wrong?

Adele trying to handle her Grammy's windfall. SOURCE: People

Turns out that Shangri-La, where legends like Bob Dylan, The Band, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison and many others have camped out and made some of their own landmark discs, was the perfect place to put some distance between her and her British home.

Adele was wooed to Shangri-La by its owner, Rick Rubin, one of the most successful producers ever. Rubin, who has allowed a range of artists like LL Cool J, the Beastie Boys, Johnny Cash, Jakob Dylan, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and others to soar with pitch-perfect delivery, has eschewed his famous Los Angeles home and recording studio called The Mansion in favor of the low-key, richly vibed Shangri-La.

According to Rolling Stone:

I was expecting it to be really difficult and that I would be quite scared the whole time, being in his company,” she says. “But I’ve never been so chilled out in my life. Rick is the calmest person I’ve ever met. We would jam out a song for a while, and then see what we had.

The famous Shangri-La studio in Malibu, where Adele recorded "21."

About Shangri-La

Originally built by actress Margo Albert, who starred in the movie “Lost Horizon” and who aimed to recreate a mystical place, the Zuma Beach property continues to elicit ethereal performances from some of music’s biggest stars, just as it has over the past 40 years.

The studio and living quarters have been described by The Band drummer Levon Helm as “a clubhouse and studio where we and our friends could record albums and cross-pollinate one another’s music.”

Now with Adele’s big score at the 54th Grammy’s, Shangri-La continues to be a who’s who in recording history, Not only were portions of “21″ recorded there, but the music video for “Rolling in the Deep” was filmed there.

Shangri-La went on the real estate market last May for $4.1 million and fortunately for musicians and music aficionados, the storied placed was purchased by Rubin in August for $2 million.

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Adele during an interview with Spin magazine at Shangri-La studio. SOURCE: Spin