Amityville Horror House Has New Owners Who Are Scared — Scared of Nosy People

Location and timing is everything in real estate, so you have to wonder why the new owners of the Amityville Horror House didn’t delay closing on one of America’s most notorious homes until after Halloween.

The Amityville Horror House, where the Lutz family claimed paranormal experiences in 1975 that produced a best-selling book and a top-draw movie, was just purchased by Caroline and David D’Antonio. They reportedly paid $950,000 for the home that was listed for $1.15 million. The D’Antonios say gawkers are coming by the home and strangers are even knocking on the door. While they admit it’s going to be tough to live there during October, the most celebrated month of horrific happenings and hauntings, they say the home is not scary, just the people:

“It is my dream house – our dream house,” says David. “There’s nothing the matter with it other than the outside people.”

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