While globe-hopping CNN anchor Anderson Cooper covers the tragedy in Haiti, he makes his own personal headlines back in the states.  Go figure. Curbed is reporting (via NY Post) that the silver fox is the secret buyer of a historic Greenwich Village firehouse. What fun!

Located at 64 West 3rd Street in Greenwich Village, Cooper reportedly purchased the Beaux Arts-style building for $4.3 million last September from the New York Board of Fire Underwriters. Even though it has not served as an active firehouse since 2006, it still has its original spiral staircases, brass fire poles, and the walls are covered with murals saluting the fire patrol’s history.

No word on what Cooper plans to do with the 8,240 square feet of space (there’s also a two-story former stable in the back), but workers are already doing some demolition. Cooper also owns a penthouse duplex on West 38th Street.

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  • moving

    How do they report from the middle of carnage of Haiti with feeling despair while buying a 5 mil fire house? Not saying it’s wrong but I could not do it.

  • rps

    I think it would be great fun to buy a firehouse or other old building and turn it into a home. I am sure the negotiations started well before the Haiti earthquake hit, not sure that is much of a story.

  • moving

    I to think it would be great fun to live in a fire house. I just don’t think I would be able to do his job and see what he sees and then leave it behind and return to my 5 mil house.

  • Del Mar Contemporary Homes

    It hasn’t been an active fire house since 2006 and they just sold it now. Has it just been collecting dust for the past 4 years?

  • Steve Robinson

    Anderson Cooper is a very successful newscaster that makes a great deal of money. He works hard for his money and spends it on an old building for his future home. What else should he spend his money on? His mother is Gloria Vanderbilt and he does not have to work at all ever in his life but he still chooses to do so. Kudos to Cooper and his work ethic, he is a great American.

  • landroaver

    While i can appreciate good news reporting I find it problematic that some individuals such as Anderson Cooper seem to bask in the media just to crave attention at other peoples expense. While in Haiti recently, which was a terrible disaster, he described the scene as the worst he has ever seen. There have been over 150,000 reportedly dead. Did he forget the 200,00 dead in Sri Lanka back in 2004 when he was once again “on scene.” I believe he is in a strange way the type of person who is a thrill seeker who only shows up when there is “shock news” reporting to be had. Again, at others expense. Why doesn’t he shock us and fly in some food and/or money to these people instead of standing over there looking for a juicy story. And now, we should be surprised at where his money goes? Well, $4.3 million went to a “firehouse” he just purchased. I guess his penthouse on West 38th Street just wasn’t enough. I’ll bet all those poor displaced people in Haiti could have used some of that cash he made off of them showing “their story!”

  • bob

    Limousine liberals make me sick.

  • Yvonne Styhr, Southern CA Realtor

    Anderson Cooper can buy a firehouse and donate it to a deserving family. Make it a fun zone for teens. Pizza Palace. Anything is possible. Can’t wait to see what happens next. :)

  • Finance

    why it has to be related to the Haiti? I believe the deal was set long before the disaster.

  • Mike

    Anderson’s house has nothing to do with Haiti or being labled a “Liberal”.

  • Jim

    Good for Anderson. Convert that building into a men’s club. Men only, no women allowed. A respite for harried married men whose wives are driving them crazy.

  • pwillwin

    To everyone who has a problem with him buying a 4million dollar house. Would you feel better if he paid 400K for it? There is nothing wrong with buying an expensive house even in the wake of whats going on in Haiti. The earth quake in Haiti is an act of God. No one could have predicted it. Should he just put his life on hold because of tragedies in other parts of the world. You people are sick, and straight losers.

  • Kelly


  • ugh….

    To all those who disapprove, it’s none of your business what anyone but you does with their money. How do you know the man doesn’t donate millions to numerous charities an a regular basis? Maybe he spends his free time contributing to the local community. Maybe he is a big brother. Maybe he volunteers with habitat for humanity. Point…you have no idea who he is or what his core beliefs are, yet you attack and judge. Plus, the purchase was made last year, so unless he plans on making his next million on earthquake prediction technology, there was no way to forsee the completely unrelated current state in Haiti.

  • loandaddy

    well said “Ugh”. Self righteous people that look down their nose at success are very annoying. Stop justifying your average lives.

  • moving

    To be clear I did not say he should not buy it….I just said I could not buy it along with other plush residences when my job takes me to awful situations as Haiti and then return to my posh surroundings. If he wants to spend his money that way go for it.


    I live in a nice house as well “loandaddy” so don’t judge if you are not up to speed……

  • loandaddy

    “moving” you are too sensitive. Your comments weren’t judgemental until you judged me. You did say it would be hard to “return to my 5 mil house.” That would imply that you have such house. If you do, then congratulations. Most people that have those kinds of homes have earned them. Power to ya.

    so you know, I have done charity work in the slums (favelas) of Brazil. It is always an adjustment to come back to my home in the US. It’s very humbling.

  • jboy

    He and his boyfriend have been looking at properties in Greenwich VIllage for months, long before Haiti.

  • Charlotte

    Some of you do not make sense, and some of you envy his position. To those I say go get a life.

    He bought his house before the earth quake, Or he would not be able to move in to it yet. Yes it takes 60++ days to get your house, By Manhattan standards and given who he is, it is a humble home. He has a right to live well since he earned his money honestly. He puts himself in dangerous places, to bring you honest reports – Haiti was no wonderland, it was gut wrenching. He adopts a child to give some child a chance. HE IS ONE OF THE FEW REAL REPORTERS WE HAVE.
    New York Real Estate is what it is, not cheep, coming back to his home after such an experience is a blessing well deserved.

    To the haters I say. FU

    GOD BLESS YOU A.C. We said Hi :) in an elevator last summer and you are a sweetheart. BEST WISHES.

  • Luba Muzichenko

    In all seriousness, his purchase makes this 4000 sq foot Firehouse in San Francisco seem like a BARGAIN at about $1M.

  • Insurance

    This building can be converted into fitness center :D

  • Candace

    What a fantastic building! I could totally see it being turned into a New York luxury condominium building – spiral staircase and all!

  • Property

    I wonder what is his plan with that building.

  • Condos for Sale in NYC

    He has been searching for a year or more. I think it is a great idea!

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