The Sunday house-hunting jaunt just got a serious upgrade.  Today Zillow is released from the bondage of the desktop computer and can be found in the truly phenomenal Zillow iPhone App. Try it, you’ll like it.  I mean it.

My wife and I love to meander around neighborhoods and vacation destinations house-hunting.  I know we are not alone, because, as a child, I can remember whining to my parents about these interminable drives from the back seat of the Ford Country Squire wagon (the one with the faux wood paneling).

“That house sold recently, honey, I wonder what the final price was?”
“Look, this one is for sale, but there are no price sheets left in that blasted little box under the sign.  Drat!”
“I wonder what Zestimates are like in this neighborhood?”

Answers to these questions and many more are now always in my pocket or riding snugly on my iPhone dashboard mount.  That lovely little pulsating blue sphere that indicates my GPS location on the map magically follows me as I walk or drive along (hands free so I’m legal) and information on every house scrolls right along with me on each little rooftop.  Zestimates, recent sale prices, for sale prices, and my secret favorite, Make Me Move prices (“Dream on Rebekah, there’s no way anyone would pay $919k for your house… would they?”).  Any that catch my fancy I can simply tap to see the historical Zestimate graph, past sales, pictures of the inside of the house if it’s for sale… all of the fantastic information I’m used to getting from Zillow.  Additionally, if I want to speak to the listing agent right now, I can, with one touch, click to call that agent to arrange a viewing.

I’m a bit of a real estate nut, mind you, but I’m in the deep lust phase of my relationship with our iPhone app, which I’ve now been using for a few weeks.  It wasn’t until Apple introduced its hyper-intuitive touch-based user interface, and then recently combined it with GPS location technology and 3G speed that the dream of a mobile version of Zillow could be fully realized.  We thank the folks at Apple for enabling us to create this app, and I want to thank the great work that our team did to set Zillow free to roam in neighborhoods and on house-hunting trips where and when it is most needed and enjoyed.

Check out how it works for yourself…

  • Sarah

    Where did you get that thing that holds your iPhone to the dashboard of your car?

  • Dorchester Homes Expert

    Awesome app, surely better than your competitors! But you had the upper hand.. we’ll see

  • Andrew Robinson

    Wow – I love this app, and the site. Is there any chance of you guys setting this app and site up to work in the UK? We have some property sites over here but they’re just for estate agents (realtors?) to list properties on – we don’t have the ability to easily compare properties and especially track what’s sold and at what price. I’d certainly use it if you did.

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  • Rich Barton

    Re: the dashboard mount. I got it from Ram Mounts. Actually, my son’s 10 year old buddy, Eli, gave it to me as a Christmakah present this year, because he knew how much I’d love it. He was right. It was my favorite present. Anyone can get one here

  • Terry Shaw

    Looks like a really good job. nice.

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  • Kevin

    Hopefully this can be ported to android OS as well!

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  • Joyce

    Also from Dallas Real Estate News:

    “Zillow’s ‘zestimates’ continue to be all over the place in Texas, which the company cannot help because we are a non-disclosure state. You can, of course, google DCAD and pull the tax appraisal from your phone — cumbersome, but I do that all the time.”

    It can take up to three years for anyone to “pull tax appraisal” in Maricopa County. No matter what kind of “newfangled” tech. gadget you’ve got, it won’y work in highest population region of Arizona, where pairing anything with zillow is like answering the question from a stranger with bad breath: “got a match?”

  • Ethel

    As in “Your breath and a buffalo [moderator deleted]”?

  • Horace Bryan

    I like it, can it work on my Blackberry Storm, or my Xperia x1?

    I did not pick up that the software bells me when I am passing a house that is for sale by the owner without a yard-sign. I hope it allows one to book-mark a given property.
    Either way, it is a great move.
    By the way why does it seem that Zillow never answer any of the questions that fans ask? One question I never got an answer to, was: can you not find a way to tell when a property is on a foot-path rather than a “street that is accessable by vehicles?


    Got a chance to try the app. Very cool.

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  • ienie

    good for i phone users, but i have a smart phone with windows mobile 6.1….is there any hope that we will get the same for our phones as well?

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  • Dan

    I’d love to see an Android version of this app as well.

  • Eric

    I’ll agree with Dan. The Android platform is growing bigger by the second and it would be a shame if an Android version was not released soon. Please listen to your users, Zillow!

  • lee, pink sim free

    This app looks a cool addition for when you’re out home searching.

  • kurt

    I set up the app with my zillow sign-in info on my iTouch. When I click on “Favorite Homes” the app crashes. This feature used to work.

  • Fridge

    That is SUCH a cool app. Great for house-hunting, or just for keeping in touch with the real estate market! I must agree with your first commenter and wonder where you got your dashboard holder. It’s not very safe to have to hold your iPhone as you drive! Thanks for this nice app!

  • Eric Donald

    Great ….You have beautifully presented your thought in this blog post.

  • pg medical entrance coaching

    That’s great, I never thought about Zillow’s iPhone App, thanks for the nice info.

  • iTypo

    after the latest update the App now crashes everytime you click a listing to get more details -_-
    zillow fail

  • o2 phone deals

    i like this release..nice one thanks!

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