Detroit artists are using the housing crisis to turn out some interesting projects.

First, some Detroit artists took an abandoned house and made it into the Detroit Ice House (above). The home’s address, which was secret for awhile, was revealed to be 3920 McClellan St, Detroit, MI. They spent weeks spraying a house with water until it froze into an eerie house sculpture. Take a look at photos of the Detroit Ice House.

Now, a Web designer is selling “space” on a Detroit lot for $1 per square inch. Jerry Paffendorf claims to have nearly “600 “inchvestors” who have purchased 10,000 plots in the “Loveland” art-and-real-estate project on Detroit’s east side. According to Paffendorf’s Loveland site:

Starting with the smallest unit of American measurement, the humble inch, the first LOVELAND “colony” is a 10,000 square inch grid called Plymouth. People are invited to purchase these inches for a dollar a piece and get creative with their space. When Plymouth is full it will move outdoors from its temporary home in Detroit’s Russell Industrial Center and the next colony (or colonies) will appear.

What will someone put on tiny 1-inch units of land? Tiny houses and buildings, of course.

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