Atlanta Extreme Makeover House Facing Foreclosure for Second Time

Atlanta’s reported that an Atlanta Extreme Home Makeover house is facing foreclosure for the second time. The Extreme Makeover house, located at 5489 Ahyoka Dr, Lake City, GA,  first made news back in July of 2008 when it was reported the Harper family was facing foreclosure when they allegedly used their house as collateral for a $450,000 loan to start a construction business.

According to, the Harper Family home makeover was done in January 2005:

It had taken shape in six intense days in January 2005, when Atlanta-based Beazer Homes USA and “Extreme Makeover” demolished the Harpers’ old home, plagued by a faulty septic system. Professionals and volunteers came together to erect the largest home that the “Extreme” team had ever built.

The 5,500 sq ft home is scheduled to be sold on the courthouse steps Tuesday.