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  1. Safe room featured2

    Infographic: Creating a Safe Room in Your Home

    A safe room — a secure, reinforced, well-stocked space where you and your family can wait out any dangers — can save lives and provide peace of mind during an emergency.

  2. Home Insulation Allstate

    Tips to Improve Your Home’s Insulation

    If you found your house felt too cold and you broke into a sweat each time you had to face another energy bill, consider making an improvement by adding insulation.

  3. Saving for a Home

    Homeowners’ Costs: Beyond the Mortgage

    In addition to your mortgage, here are additional home-related expenses you’ll want to include in your budgeting.

  4. tornado damage wood framed house

    5 Steps to Preparing Your Home for a Disaster

    Given how unpredictable nature can be, it’s a good idea to take measures to reduce your risks, protect your home and keep your family safe.

  5. FireSafeLandscape_Allstate

    How to Landscape Your Home for Fire Safety

    Here’s how your landscaping can help keep you safe in the event of a brush, grass or forest fire.