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Angela Sucich,


Angela Sucich is a former writing and English instructor turned freelance writer. She has written stories for outdoor sports publications such as Bike and Mountain Bike, and web content for a range of clients, including Starbucks, Eddie Bauer and Virtuoso. She holds a PhD in medieval literature from the University of Washington.

  1. The Rainier Brewery in Seattle is now home to artists who came looking for industrial space to live and work. Source: Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    Artist Renters & Developers Changing the Urban Landscape

    Offering artist housing can help cities cultivate an arts community and spur urban renewal, but retaining creative-sector residents means finding suitable space and keeping rents affordable.

  2. Fracking

    How Will Fracking Affect Your Property Value (and Mortgage)?

    Homeowners and landowners living in fracking hotspots should know how a gas lease can impact their property value — and their mortgage.

  3. 1950 Alaskan Way Seattle WA

    Renting Trends in Urban Apartments

    Renting is no longer seen as a temporary phase before buying a home, but as a long-term lifestyle choice that supports a full, urban experience.

  4. Know your renter rights

    Renting? Know Your Rights

    The housing market’s slow rebound makes renting a good option for many. Former homeowners looking to recover their financial stability are joining new renters on the […]

  5. Solar panels being installed at Dancing Rabbit. Source: Dancing Rabbit

    4 People Who Are Doing it: Living Greener, Off-the-Grid

    “Off-the-grid” may conjure images of die-hard survivalists, but the term actually has a spectrum of meaning. “Now more people are starting to understand how quickly we […]