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  1. snow-covered-house

    Black Ice: Are You Responsible for Falls on Your Property?

    If someone gets injured slipping in front of your house or on your property, the short answer is: You are responsible.

  2. Smoker

    Avoiding Secondhand Smoke in Apartment Buildings

    Just because you keep your own apartment smoke-free doesn’t mean that you’re not still breathing in secondhand smoke from your neighbor.

  3. steve-yahnke1-2

    Foreclosure Crisis Puts Process Servers at Greater Risk

    Although there’s no hard data on the rate of violent incidents between process servers who deliver foreclosure notices and homeowners, some who represent the servers say the housing crisis has aggravated the situation.

  4. rod-kush-mansion-fire

    Firefighters Torch Ex-NFL Star’s Former Mansion in Training Exercise

    The 14,000-square-foot home that Rod Kush built in 1997 had fallen into disrepair and had extensive mold damage, leading the current owner to donate it to the local fire department for a controlled burn.

  5. Four generations of the Bruno family live in the same house in Sutton, MA.

    More Families Opt for Multigenerational Homes

    Though factors such as high unemployment, a battered economy and the recent housing crisis have pushed more people into multigenerational living, studies show that it’s a trend that’s circled back from a similar era.

  6. Porch

    When a Dream Home Turns Into a Nightmare

    Though there’s no such thing as a perfect house, the trick is to make sure the home is free of any major problems before signing on the dotted line.

  7. governor

    Empty Idaho Governor’s Mansion Riles Residents

    You’d think people would be fighting to lay claim to Idaho’s majestic governor’s mansion, but nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, the state’s governor doesn’t even want it — and never did.

  8. Occupy Our Homes Atlanta

    Occupy Our Homes Movement Battles Foreclosures

    Ten months ago, Occupy Our Homes (OOH) officially launched in more than 20 cities, staging sit-ins at properties in danger of foreclosure to help distressed homeowners stave off eviction.

  9. Lisa Cocuzza

    Buying the Foreclosure Next Door Not So Easy

    Homeowners across the country are growing so desperate to preserve their neighborhoods that they’re willing to buy the foreclosure next door — only to fail.

  10. krueger

    ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ House Was Truly Scary Before Rehab

    The house that Freddy Krueger haunted was a real nightmare — though not on Elm Street — when Angie Hill bought it in 2006.

  11. abandoned-home

    Vacant Homes Plague Neighbors

    In neighborhoods across the country, homeowners are watching helplessly as vacant homes lost to foreclosure become havens for pests and crime.

  12. Buy vs. rent sign

    Should Lifelong Renters Consider Buying a Home?

    Even though renting might have saved renters from deep pain as the housing bust took hold, is shying away from buying a home a winning strategy for the future?

  13. Bathroom

    The Most Dangerous Room in Your Home? The Bathroom

    About 235,000 people age 15 or older are sent to the hospital each year after being injured in a bathroom, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  14. stjoseph

    Can Divine Intervention Help Sell Your Home?

    From the power of a religious figurine to home exorcisms and spiritual cleansing, here are three success stories of how heavenly guidance helped sell homes.

  15. The well. Source: South West News Service

    Man Discovers Medieval Well Under Home

    For years, Colin Steer was bewildered by a sunken portion of the floor in his Plymouth, England, home. What he found, some might say, is a golden discovery.