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Dirty Dishes

Tips for Living With a Roommate

The success of a roommate relationship is dependent upon two factors — compromise and communication.


How a Personal Sales Pitch Can Backfire

Using a personal story to sale your home might sound like an ingenious idea, but you might find that the attention gets turned on you — rather than the house.


What You Should Know About Reverse Mortgages

A reverse mortgage is a type of loan that enables older borrowers to convert their home equity into cash.

Terrell Owens Faces Foreclosure on 2 Dallas Homes

Owens owes over a half a million dollars on both properties.

brainiacs from mars

Billboard House Advertises a Way Out of the Housing Crisis

By Kent Zelas Scott Hostetler didn’t bother to tell his family that he’d applied online to have their house in […]

Tracy Morgan. Source:

Tracy Morgan in Foreclosure Fracas Over Mom's Mortgage

By AOL Real Estate Editors Tracy Morgan is no stranger to controversy, but it’s not often that a comedian can […]

Courtesy of AOL real estate

Chef Gordon Ramsay Bites on $6.75 Million Bel-Air Home

Gordon Ramsay is officially crossing the pond, having just snagged a $6.75 million luxury mansion in Los Angeles, Calif.

Drake View

Rapper Drake Selling Miami Digs

By Krisanne Alcantara Buy this newly-listed apartment, and it may just be the best you ever had. Drake, the rapper […]

Long and Associates

Advice from America's "Top Real Estate Photographer"

By Krisanne Alcantara A quick flip through any glossy magazine will reaffirm the reliance that selling has on good pictures. […]

Fire SHot AOL

Fire Hazards Even Greater In Today's Homes, Experts Say

By Stefanos Chen It may sound like a cliche to trot out fire safety tips before the holiday season, but […]

Pot House

Pot a Growth Industry In Vegas' Foreclosed Homes

By Stefanos Chen The housing market isn’t the only thing that’s gone to pot in Las Vegas. With the foreclosure […]

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