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Brad Andersohn is the National Industry Outreach Manager for the Yahoo!-Zillow Real Estate Network. He's also the Director of Zillow Academy, a FREE online education and training platform for real estate professionals. Brad has over 27 years experience serving the real estate industry, and is always finding newer, faster, better, and more efficient ways to help clients and members get the job done.

  1. Thumbmail graphic

    Keller Williams Top Producer Shares Success Tips and Strategies

    What qualifies a real estate agent as a top producer? Is it their production volume? Their dollar volume or their awards? While trying to define the […]

  2. Dale and Stephanie Chumbley

    Zillow Winners Share Aloha Message

    Dale and Stephanie Chumbley, who coincidentally are Zillow Premier Agents, won the contest for round-trip airfare and paid admission to Inman’s Agent Reboot recently held at […]

  3. create a blog post

    How to Create a New Blog Post

    The Premier Agent Websites offer some really valuable features and tools for your targeted prospects, but one of the best tools/features available is the ability to […]

  4. Reviews That Work

    Prove Your Track Record to Prospects

    Your reputation matters, and your proven track record is the one thing that no prospect or potential client can deny.

  5. Podcast

    Online Conversion Tips and Strategies

    Jay Thompson hosted a “conversion tips” webinar at Zillow Academy, and we’ve made it available as a podcast.

  6. Contacts

    Zillow Contact and Lead Management

    Leads and contacts come from a variety of online sources and locations. Many contacts, leads and relationships are established and built on It takes contacts […]

  7. Premier Agent Website Tutorials

    Video Tutorials – Premier Agent Websites

    Now that you have your Premier Agent Website all set up with the correct information, a cool theme and color scheme, the perfect homepage slideshow, an […]

  8. Map Listing Widget

    Adding Widgets to Premier Agent Websites

    Zillow’s Premier Agent Websites come with the ability to easily add real estate and text/HTML widgets. Widgets are tools and content that can bring additional value […]

  9. agent website

    Setting Up Your Premier Agent Websites

    Zillow’s Premier Agent Websites are popping up all across the Internet. Agents all over the country are raving about the new WordPress-powered IDX sites. Setup is […]

  10. You Tube Happy Agent

    Zillow Launches Premier Agent Websites

    Let’s face it.  As a real estate agent, your time is valuable. Your job requires you to have expertise in sales, marketing, the financial and legal […]

  11. Online Listing Flyers

    How to Create Online Listing Flyers

    While teaching a class this week on Postlets, and showing agents how easy it is to create Zillow listings over on Craigslist, I discovered a way […]

  12. Zillow Facebook Listings App

    Facebook Apps Enhance Business Pages

    Having a Facebook real estate business page is no longer a questionable requirement, it is essential. In today’s market and economy, having niche Facebook business pages […]

  13. Zillow Mobile Apps

    Zillow’s Mobile Real Estate Apps Help Sell Homes & Generate Business to Agents

    The Zillow Mobile App is one of the most popular real estate apps across every platform, including iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and […]

  14. advice

    Zillow’s Advice and Discussion Tips

    Zillow Advice is a free service on Zillow that allows consumers to ask questions, get advice, start discussions, connect with real estate professionals, and more. Today, […]

  15. Zillow Agent Hub

    Time-Saving Tool for Agents: Zillow’s Agent Hub

    Zillow’s Agent Hub provides members easy access to multiple time-saving features.  The Hub helps real estate agents better manage their contacts, reports, inventory and information. Agent […]